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Abby, Austin, Pd.4


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  • 1. Climate Change:Global Warming
    By: Abigail Dickerson and Austin Mininger
  • 2. What is the Greenhouse Effect??
    Carbon dioxide concentration is increasing, due to the burning of fossil fuels, this process is known as the man-made greenhouse effect.
    Erudite scientists suggest that without our knowledge, energy sources that we use are causing global warming .
  • 3. Greenhouse Effect, Climate Change, Global Warming
    Carbon Dioxide is increasing from fossil fuels being burned, and this will make the temperature warmer, hence the term “Global Warming.” This happens because the air gets so much more dense because it is filled with various greenhouse gasses, such as Carbon Dioxide.
  • 4. Primary Causes of Global Warming
    Increased greenhouse effect causes global warming, but this would be the man-made greenhouse effect, because as fossil fuels burn the air gets denser from Carbon Dioxide.
    When waste is dumped into the dams and rivers all the Carbon Dioxide actually cause the river to steam, when it hits the drop off. This is an effect of various molecules of Carbon Dioxide colliding causing extreme heat.
  • 5. Possible Consequences of Global Warming
    Mass extinction of marine animals, and plants in the oceans
    Earth would experience major droughts
    Spread of disease… insects with sicknesses like malaria will migrate North
    More hurricanes because of warmer waters
    Polar ice caps melt, raising sea levels higher
    Problems with food/plant growth
    Economic crisis from trying to fix everything!!!
  • 6. Global Warming and Economy
    Trying to find alternate energy sources to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is EXPENSIVE. Plus, building all these new wind based power stations or hydro power stations costs millions of dollars. Right now, we don’t have that extra money to mess around with…. We’re not even 100% sure it would work that well!
    Plant growth and therefore the economy of food, would be effected by Global Warming because the increase in temperatures over a short amount of time like this would not allow for adaption, and crops wouldn’t be able to survive.
  • 7. Fighting Global Warming
    To fight Global Warming basically means to conserve as much energy as possible, releasing less carbon dioxide.
    Here’s some ways to help:
    Drive “smart’ energy efficient cars
    OR us public transportation, or carpooling systems
    Insulate your home so your AC/ heater has to do less work.
    Buy energy efficient appliances
    Use fluorescent bulbs.
    Try to save electricity… turn the lights off when you’re not in the room!
  • 8. Arguments on Global Warming
    With global warming, and all other subjects, there are two basic arguments. “For it,” or “Against it.” In this case, the “for it” is agreeing that humans are the cause, and vice versa for the “against it” argument.
    To be more specific, some scientists think that even though this quick warming seems unusual, it’s happened before, because Earth has always had cycles like this. Contradicting arguments say that this warming has been too quick to be a normal cycle, and it IS mankind’s fault.
  • 9. Our Opinions on Global Warming
    Working together to form an opinion, we decided that Global Warming is caused by humans. The extra carbon dioxide being drained to the oceans doesn’t come naturally from the atmosphere… it’s from our cars. We agree that “Global Warming” could be a cycle, but that our involvement most likely speeds it up, and makes it reach a higher temperature.
  • 10. Sources
    Our notes!