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5fmartin 5fmartin Presentation Transcript

  •  temperature changes even with heat  Cooling and heating in unsaturated air is called dry adiabatic rate  If the air is saturated it cools slow then when its not saturatedweatherimages/animations
  •  Air comes when elevated terrains mountains, act like a wall to air flow This makes the air toAscendMetric Mechanic - Surface Turbulance
  •  A front is mostly based on cold and warm air cold acts as a wall As warm air is letting warm air riseWeather dictionary View slide
  •  Convergence is lifting the air Lifting air forms in the atmosphere They all flow together http://apollo.lsc.vsc.edu/class es/met130/notes/chapter11/ of_warm.html View slide
  •  Localized convection lifting comes when pockets of air form Also when the heatings earths surface warms up This makes the pockets density  http://rst.gsfc.nasa.gov/Se lower ct14/Sect14_1c.html
  •  Air temperature increases with high When you go on top of hill the air get colder When you on flat ground the air is warmer Atmospheric Stability and Instability
  •  When condensation comes in the air tiny bits of particulate matter  Water vapor occurs toohttp://www.drea  This is called mstime.com/st condensation nuclei ock-photo- condensation- background- image1951030
  •  Clouds are up high in the sky and they are thin  They may come in patches or as delicate veil  Cloud are like sheets that can cover the hole sky or most of it http://www.easttenne sseewildflowers.com
  •  They are often madehttp://scienceprep.org up of ice crystals /clouds.htm  All high clouds are thin And white  Clouds of made up of fluffy masses
  •  Middle clouds are sheets are light gray that cover the sky, sun, and moon  They are in the middle range that’s why they are called middle clouds  They run about 2000 to http://www.srh.noaa.g 6000 meters ov/key/?n=low_clouds
  •  They are fog like layers This type of cloud is made when air is forced upwards Low clouds occur along a mountain  Google range
  •  These clouds my cause rain showers and thunderstorms  These clouds are powerful  They have great amount of rangehttp://www.uwgb.edu/dutchs/EarthSC102Notes/102Clouds.htm
  •  It’s a blanket of fog  Its were its warm and moist air  They also can form on cool, clear ,calm http://www.allstar.fiu. nights edu/aero/fltenv3.htm
  •  Water in the liquid below 0  Water will freeze if it touches a solid object http://www.rmutph  Clouds freeze nuclei ysics.com/charud/s , ice, and liquid pecialnews/6/cloun water d/cloud_precip.htm
  •  Water is a respect is to supersaturated With will respect to ice Droplets are made from bigger clouds  http://en.wikipedia.o rg/wiki/Cloud
  •  The meaning for rain is drops of water  Snow flakes are very low temperature  Snow flakes usually melt melt before hitting ground http://zahiym5tlc.ed ublogs.org/
  •  Sleet is small particles  hail is small or big pieces of Ice  Glaze covers some thing very little http://keep3.sjfc.edu/st udents/scm03254/e- port/msti%20260/glossar y.html
  • b