Microsoft Windows Azure - Platform Discussion With MGX2010 GM Presentation


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  • DevelopersTrial subscriptions allow you to investigate content and develop applications without paying data royaltiesSimple transaction and subscription models allow pay as you grow access to multi-million dollar datasetsConsistent REST based APIs across all datasets facilitate development on any platformVisually build and explore APIs, preview resultsOData queries and payload support for static datasets; OData payloads for dynamic data Automatic C# proxy classes provide instant object models and eliminate the need to write tedious XML and web service codeInformation WorkersIntegration with PowerPivot to easily work with the data in Microsoft ExcelSimple, predictable licensing models for acquiring contentComing soon: ability to consume data from SQL Server, SQL Azure Database, and other Microsoft Office assetsContent ProvidersInstant publication of data (web services, structured data, media, reports, and more)Our cloud or yours? Able to host data in Azure or connect to your data center (provider SLA terms / quality metrics are met)
  • Let’s discuss how we move beyond positioning to driving marketing campaigns, developing leads and engaging customers in more qualified and scenario specific sales discussions. This builds upon the Journey to the Cloud (JTTC) campaign – one of most important campaigns landing starting in Oct to help drive pipeline and drive scenario-specific solution sales discussions. This will frame the broader story with a virtual event but land it regionally around the globe in 100+ events. (more details in appendix) This is anchored around the specific journey the customer is taking, and about the choices they make when starting this journey.First choice is who they want to run: themselves, Microsoft or service provider We are unique in providing the software for all three kinds and giving customers control/flexibility of how to distribute their applications across them. Next, each organization typically has a different starting point in terms of investing in the cloud, each of these paths has a different set of motivations and benefits. We will discuss three of these briefly as the most common ones we’ve heard from customers.“Move” – customers here have existing applications that they are interested in moving entirely to the cloud as a general strategy for reducing costs, getting greater efficiencies, greater scale, etc by consolidating their application portfolios. For this path they need to understand how to take some applications or portfolios of applications and move them to the Azure platform. Examples: Kraft, Kelly Blue Book, Archtetype. “Enhance” – customers here are planning on running applications both on premise and in the cloud, running critical workloads on premise but when additional capacity is needed allowing the application to extend to the cloud or take advantage of new / differentiated capabilities of the cloud. Examples: Dominos, Siemens, Associated Press.“Transform” - customers here are planning on new initiatives to assist with business transformation, taking advantage of new capabilities that are uniquely unlocked by the cloud (i.e. crossing org boundaries, getting visibility across end-to-end processes, etc). Examples: 3M, Gcommerce, tradefacilitate.It should be noted that these are not sequential steps, nor are these meant to imply any sort of maturity curve. These are just three different starting points that customers/partners may take in their journey to the cloud. For each of these three general starting points, there are more specific sales scenarios that we’ll be focusing on driving for FY11. “Data Center Extension” – Standardize departmental / Shadow IT applications“Application maintenance” – move existing legacy apps to cloud to free up focus on other areas“Application Extension” – run applications both on premise and in the cloud (High performance computing, hybrid on/off premises applications)“New Application Development” – Large net new applications, standardize new development“Storage in the cloud” – enable archive and 3rd party data distributionFinally no matter which path you are on in your journey, and no matter which specific scenario is right for you, we provide a comprehensive platform to support any of these three paths. This includes both the foundational cloud OS as well as the higher-level application services that you compose into your application.
  •  SQL AzureDynamic partitioning Reserved Capacity, Premium SLADistributed queriesReporting serviceAnalysis serviceData cleansing serviceWindows Azure AppFabricService Bus v2Caching service Hosting serviceIntegration service“Dallas”Billing, PayoutsEnhanced marketplacePublication Experience
  • Make GMs aware of what has already been delivered and what is available now
  • Sales contests are set up to reward everyone for qualifying the customers via a cloud assessment package delivery that creates an inventory of apps and a roadmap of how/when to take them to the cloud priming not just the first sale but a way to repeat sales with that customer. In addition RBI incentive is also set up specifically for SQL Azure to reward taking a sale to closure (RBI).Global Ad Campaign that are aimed to move our customer fromFrom:I’ve mostly been thinking about using the cloud to streamline what I do today, and I’m not sure MS is the right cloud partner for business.  To:I believe MS is leading the thinking about where the cloud is going next, and that makes me want to be on them for my cloud computing investments.” We will do this by investing heavily in global ad campaigns that will Own & dominate media environments to reach the CIO, CIO-1 and also use Digital environments, sponsorships, News Cycle & blogger strategy will align to private and public cloud scenariosWe will invest in driving customer, partner and field enablement with Windows Azure Platform University and Black belt Airlifts as a part of our Windows Azure Platform RoadshowJourney to Cloud global Campaign will launch in Q2 and with that you will get – Messaging, Virtual Launch Experience, Workload guidance, and sub offer integration (Event in a box)Lastly – there will be other demand gen campaigns we will run – like Mission Critical, Custom development which will have cloud messaging integrated in them
  • Perception TargetAt Microsoft, we’re focused on helping those customers that want to make a move gain the benefits of cloud services on their terms; leveraging and extending their existing investments, their existing datacenters, their existing applications and transitioning the right pieces to take advantage of cloud computing in ways that can:Move workloads to the cloud to reduce costsEnhance existing investments with cloud-based improvementsBuild transformative applications that create new business opportunities
  • Demand Gen online marketing
  • Microsoft Windows Azure - Platform Discussion With MGX2010 GM Presentation

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Windows Azure Platform Discussion<br />Zane Adam<br />July 19, 20010<br />
    3. 3. Discussion Agenda<br />Quick update on STB cloud positioning and WPC news<br />Positioning Microsoft against key competitors - how we differentiate/win<br />How do we…<br />Decrease sales cycle to avoid late close<br />Increase run rate of breadth sales<br />Increase revenue per deal<br />Increase SQL Azure attach<br />How to prioritize and make choices on where to focus<br />
    4. 4. SOFTWARE<br />PLATFORM<br />INFRASTRUCTURE<br />AS A SERVICE<br />AS A SERVICE<br />AS A SERVICE<br />IT as a Service<br />
    5. 5. INFRASTRUCTURE<br />PLATFORM<br />SOFTWARE<br />CUSTOMER &<br />PARTNER APPS<br />AS A SERVICE<br />AS A SERVICE<br />AS A SERVICE<br />ITas a Service<br />
    6. 6. announcing<br />Microsoft<br />Service Provider<br />Customer<br />
    7. 7. Cloud Computing Landscape<br />SaaS<br />PaaS<br />IT as a SERVICE<br />IaaS<br />CUSTOMER<br />SERVICE PROVIDERS<br />GLOBAL PROVIDERS<br />
    8. 8. “Information Marketplace for IWs and Developers” <br />Discover, acquire, and consume structured and blob datasets to power any application – on any platform and any screen size<br />Easy to consume REST-based APIs for content<br />Unified billing & provisioning platform and built-in security / authorization model<br />Partner driven ecosystem and global reach to deliver data and functionality to developers and information workers<br />Marketplace lets you set your price, terms, and use our cloud to deliver web services and data to the world!<br />Partner incentives model drives additional revenue opportunities<br />Rich Experiences and Insight on your data for Information Workers<br />Easy information discovery, real–time data access<br />Differentiated Experiences on data in Office, Dynamics, SQL Server BI<br />Ability to easily combine and analyze both public and private data<br />
    9. 9. The Journey to the Cloud<br /><ul><li>Shift application workloads to the cloud to reduce costs
    10. 10. Provision just in time—what you need, when you need it, where you need it
    11. 11. Scale rapidly up/down to meet business needs
    12. 12. Build upon existing LOB investments
    13. 13. Create new composite solutions taking advantage of cloud capabilities
    14. 14. Share information securely and reliably across on/off premises
    15. 15. Rapidly create new solutions to take advantage of new business opportunities
    16. 16. Share information easily across boundaries
    17. 17. Gain new business insight that provides a competitive edge</li></ul>MOVE<br />ENHANCE<br />TRANSFORM<br />New Application Development<br />Storage <br />in the Cloud<br />Application Extension(HPC, Hybrid)<br />Data Center Extension<br />Application Maintenance<br />
    18. 18. Roadmap Forward<br /><ul><li>Windows Azure: new platform infrastructure improvements
    19. 19. SQL Azure: expanded enterprise capabilities and tools for management, migration and synchronization; new reporting and analytics capabilities delivered as a service
    20. 20. AppFabric: new building block services (caching, messaging, hosting…) and common application model
    21. 21. “Dallas”: New partners, new content, enhanced marketplace and publication experience</li></ul>2011<br />2010<br />
    22. 22. Resources to help Accelerate Sales-- Available NOW --<br />Playbook<br />Key sales scenarios<br />Partner strategy<br />Readiness plan<br />Field portal: //SQLAzure<br />Updated every month<br />Key areas like Top Content, campaigns, programs, roadmap<br />Evidence<br />
    23. 23. Resources to help Accelerate Sales<br />Marketing<br />Sales Investment<br />Co-Funding<br />SMSG Incubation (WE filter)<br />12 Windows Azure Platform SSPs & TSP focused on enterprise adoption <br />DPE ISV Advisors<br />40 WW headcount focused on managed ISV SaaS adoption<br />Sales contests [3.2M]<br />Largest sales contests for FY11 to drive Cloud Assessments and reward closed sales <br />$3.75M of BIF<br />Enterprise Standardization<br />SaaS ISV Adoption<br />HPC in the Cloud<br />Regional Events<br />Partner Readiness<br />Campaigns<br />Global Ad Campaigns <br />Gain thought leadership<br />Journey to the Cloud<br />Messaging, virtual event, subsidiary plug in, workload guidance<br />Windows Azure Platform Roadshow<br />Drive customer, partner and Field Enablement<br />Demand Generation Customer Campaigns <br />Not Global Ad funded<br />
    24. 24. Backup<br />
    25. 25. “Journey to the Cloud Campaign” Overview<br />Market Challenge:<br /><ul><li>Microsoft is being out-visioned by competitors in the cloud computing space
    26. 26. Microsoft’s current positioning and messaging in this space lacks clarity, credibility and differentiation</li></ul>Implications:<br /><ul><li>Microsoft has a complete and versatile cloud computing strategy, but this is lost on customers
    27. 27. Awareness of Microsoft’s cloud computing strategy is low and may potentially stall sales</li></ul>Opportunity:<br /><ul><li>We need to present and clarify our cloud computing strategy and demonstrate that Microsoft is a leader in cloud computing</li></ul>Solution:<br /><ul><li>Share MSFT cloud strategy and drive adoption of key workloads (mapped to ad campaign solutions) through practical guidance.
    28. 28. Capture press and analyst mindshare through positive coverage & endorsement.
    29. 29. Drive local customer connections through subsidiary-led in person events and TDM/IT Manager focused campaigns.
    30. 30. Drive compound results through integrated campaign execution – advertising, communications, digital, and field events.</li></ul>1: Oct Catalyst Virtual Event<br />2: 100+ Subsidiary Events<br />3: Ongoing Digital Dialog (Ad Campaign)<br />
    31. 31. “Catalyst” Virtual Event: Journey to the Cloud<br />Oct 6, 2010 Virtual Event Goals:<br /><ul><li>Create a “must-see” event that reaches critical mass of key constituencies—answers critical questions in peoples’ minds, an immersive experience, interactive, enticing, creates buzz
    32. 32. Highlight the full MSFT cloud computing story
    33. 33. Provide additional break-out video content to complete experience on hosted platform
    34. 34. Provide ongoing portable content for social media/marketing campaign support
    35. 35. Capture press and analyst mindshare; drive positive coverage & endorsement</li></ul>Existing Virtual Hosting Platform<br />Virtual Event<br />Sub Events<br />
    36. 36. Subsidiary Events Strategy<br />Objective: Enable subsidiaries to communicate Microsoft’s cloud computing vision and enabling technologies to Enterprise customers in order to instill confidence and generate demand for these technologies. Audience: ITDMs, IT Managers, Dev Managers<br />Planned Events<br />Cross Org Effort<br /><ul><li>CMG (event lead)
    37. 37. STB (Core Infra & App Plat)
    38. 38. Developer
    39. 39. IW
    40. 40. Enterprise Mktg</li></ul>Planned Reach<br /><ul><li>Across the A13
    41. 41. 100+ in-person events
    42. 42. 10,000+ attendees</li></ul>Corp provides:<br /><ul><li>Content & offers section of CLE
    43. 43. Event assets & materials
    44. 44. Presentations
    45. 45. Surveys
    46. 46. Leave behinds
    47. 47. Readiness materials
    48. 48. Corp speakers for large events</li></ul>Subsidiary provides:<br /><ul><li>Customer confirmation
    49. 49. Event orchestration
    50. 50. Local speakers
    51. 51. Featured customers for panel
    52. 52. Local partner participation & sponsorship
    53. 53. Event metrics & reporting</li></li></ul><li>Stay Updated<br />Know More about Windows Azure-<br />Know more about Microsoft Cloud Services-<br />Request for an Enterprise Cloud Assessment workshop- email us at<br />Follow us <br />