Microsoft Windows Azure - OCCMundial Case Study


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Microsoft Windows Azure - OCCMundial Case Study

  1. 1. Windows Azure Customer Solution Case Study Job-Listing Web Site Scales Up Solution, Reduces Costs by More Than U.S.$500,000 Overview “With Windows Azure we’re saving up to Country or Region: Mexico Industry: Online job board $400,000 in hardware costs, plus at least a couple hundred thousand dollars for the Customer Profile A full service job-listing Web site staff that it would take to run that based in Mexico, gathers more infrastructure.” than 15 million unique visitors The job-listing Web site and posts more than 600,000 positions at more than 7,000 connects job seekers with opportunities and companies each year. optimizes hiring processes for businesses. Business Situation Headquartered in Mexico City, To scale up its OCCMatch helps to fill more than 600,000 positions a year in algorithm to match more resumes and job listings, Mexican and international job markets. To provide needed to better value to its customers, the company increase its computing capacity while avoiding the costs of developed a recommendation system it calls expanding its physical OCCMatch to match job openings to candidate infrastructure. resumes. wanted to scale up its Solution OCCMatch recommendation system to connect After evaluating solutions from Google and Amazon, 1.5 million resumes with 80,000 job listings, but its decided on existing computing infrastructure lacked capacity the Windows Azure™ operating system to host OCCMatch on to meet the demand. To avoid significant the Internet in Microsoft® data hardware and other infrastructure costs, centers. used the Windows Azure™ Benefits platform to host OCCMatch through a Microsoft® • Easy scalability • Reduced costs data center, providing easy solution scalability • Enhanced customer value and enhancing value for customers.
  2. 2. “For OCCMatch to Situation managers can post listings and Headquartered in Mexico City, search resumes. grow like we provides an online link between job seekers To better connect applicants and expect it to, we and opportunities, while opportunities, the company would have had to optimizing hiring processes for launched a recommendation businesses. The largest online job system called OCCMatch, an expand our current site in the Mexican employment algorithm that uses data mining market, has and other models to match job infrastructure at internationalized its job listings openings to candidate resumes least tenfold. It through its association with based on parameters such as and location, job requirements, skills, would be almost, both based in and education. In the first three the United States. months after the launch, the impossible to do gathers more OCCMatch recommendation that cost- than 15 million unique visitors system helped 45,000 users, annually, and posts more than matching resumes and job effectively.” 600,000 positions each year at opportunities more than 10,000 more than 7,000 companies times every day. inside and outside of Mexico. Although OCCMatch worked is built on successfully, constraints in Microsoft® ASP.NET technology computing and storage capacity and hosted through the limited the recommendation company’s own data center, an system’s power. The company infrastructure of several dozen needed to scale up OCCMatch to physical servers running on the connect as many as 1.5 million Windows Server® 2008 operating resumes and 80,000 job system and using Microsoft SQL opportunities; to do so, it would Server® 2005 data management need significantly more software to manage core content computing and storage capacity information on the site. than it had available. “For OCCMatch to grow like we The company developed visual expect it to, we would have had search features based on the to expand our current Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 infrastructure at least tenfold,” Internet browser, using the says Eduardo Pierdant, Chief Microsoft Silverlight™ 2.0 browser Technical Officer at plug-in on the home page to “It would be display job listings. On the site almost impossible to do that cost- home page, job seekers can effectively.” search through and apply for more than 65,000 open job knew that opportunities every day. On OCCMatch would help to separate pages, candidates can differentiate its services and post resumes, and hiring provide better value for its customers. It needed to expand
  3. 3. After evaluating several cloud computing solutions, including Google App Engine and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), chose the Windows Azure™ cloud services operating system. Windows Azure is a development, service hosting, and service management environment hosted on the Internet in Microsoft data centers. The company had developed the OCCMatch recommendation system with the Microsoft Visual C#® development tool using the Microsoft Visual Studio® development system, so developers could easily implement and scale OCCMatch in the Windows Azure OCCMatch while avoiding the environment. “We are very used costs associated with developing to Visual Studio,” says Eduardo and managing a complex Flores, Development Manager at technology infrastructure. At the “Developing same time, it wanted to empower for Windows Azure is almost the its developers to continually same as what we were already enhance the algorithm and deliver doing.” even more detailed job matches. “With the Solution is using a software-plus-services model to computing power elected to connect OCCMatch with the Web deploy OCCMatch using a site. For its Web site of Windows Azure, MapReduce framework, a infrastructure, the company has software framework originally we can provide introduced by Google and widely deployed Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2005, and Silverlight better service for used on the open source 2.0 in its on-premises data community, which supports center, and it is using Windows more customers parallel distributed computing of Azure computing and storage large data sets on clusters of than we ever could computers. The company resources to run the OCCMatch algorithm. with our current planned to host the framework on an external, Internet-based Running as many as 200 infrastructure.” network, an application delivery instances of Windows Azure system sometimes referred to as simultaneously, Eduardo Flores, Development Manager, “cloud computing.” can execute millions of
  4. 4. OCCMatch operations in parallel— OCCMatch up to three times a with as much processing power week and match up to 1.5 million as needed. The system resumes against 80,000 job compresses and uploads files to offers. And with the ability to a Blob Storage container, and easily scale up computing then it selects information from capacity, the company has the resumes and job listings to be flexibility to enhance the processed based on specific OCCMatch algorithm. criteria. Reduced Costs The resulting matches are With Windows Azure, distributed to other parts of the expects to Web site, and e-mail alerts are avoid more than U.S.$500,000 in automatically sent to job capital investments and applicants or hiring managers infrastructure support costs. The (Figure 1). With the vast company can pay for storage and computing power and high computing power as it needs it, availability of Windows Azure, rather than maintaining a peak- can process up load infrastructure that would be Figure 1 – When the to 1.5 million resumes two to underutilized during off-peak OCCMatch three times per week. periods. recommendation system connects job openings to “With Windows Azure we’re candidate resumes, match Benefits saving up to $400,000 in alerts are automatically By hosting its OCCMatch hardware costs, plus at least a sent to job applicants or recommendation system with couple hundred thousand dollars hiring managers by e-mail. Windows Azure, for the staff that it would take to has enhanced run that infrastructure,” says its ability to provide better service Pierdant. “We can use that to more customers, without investment instead to focus on having to face challenges such as product development.” hardware costs or infrastructure reliability. The company can scale Enhanced Customer Value up OCCMatch easily and Instead of working on efficiently, enhance the job- infrastructure and scalability seeking and recruiting experience issues, can for its customers, and reduce focus on developing a more costs, even as the computing complex algorithm, which will requirements of its solution grow. provide more targeted matches between resumes and job Easy Scalability listings. That will improve the job When it was hosted on-premises candidates’ experience and at’s data reduce hiring time and costs for center, OCCMatch could recruiters. “With the computing compute 25,000 resumes against power of Windows Azure, we can 20,000 job offers. Using Windows provide better service for more Azure, the company can now run customers than we ever could
  5. 5. For More Information with our current infrastructure,” Windows Azure For more information about says Flores. Platform Microsoft products and The Windows Azure platform services, call the Microsoft provides an excellent foundation Sales Information Center at for expanding online product and (800) 426-9400. In Canada, call service offerings. The main the Microsoft Canada components include: Information Centre at (877) • Windows Azure. Windows Azure 568-2495. Customers in the is the development, service United States and Canada who hosting, and service are deaf or hard-of-hearing can management environment for reach Microsoft text telephone the Windows Azure platform. (TTY/TDD) services at (800) Windows Azure provides 892-5234. Outside the 50 developers with on-demand United States and Canada, compute and storage to host, please contact your local scale, and manage Web Microsoft subsidiary. To access applications on the Internet information using the World through Microsoft data Wide Web, go to: centers. In addition, Windows Azure serves developers’ connectivity needs through For more information about the following services. products and 〉 The Service Bus connects services, visit the Web site at: services and applications across network boundaries to help Additional Resources: View: Download: Windows developers build Azure Platform Training Kit distributed applications. 〉 The Access Control Service View: Architecting and provides federated, Developing for Windows Azure claims-based access control for REST Web services. • Microsoft SQL Azure. Microsoft SQL Azure offers the first cloud-based relational and self-managed database service built on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 technologies. Software and Services • Technologies • Windows Azure − Microsoft ASP.NET − Blob Storage • Microsoft Visual Studio − Microsoft Visual C# − Microsoft Visual Studio This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published November 2009
  6. 6. To learn more about the Windows Azure platform, visit: