Microsoft Windows Azure - Cast Iron Software Engineering Company Speeds to Market Case Study


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Microsoft Windows Azure - Cast Iron Software Engineering Company Speeds to Market Case Study

  1. 1. Windows Azure Customer Solution Case Study Leading Integration Company Speeds to Market with Cloud-to- Cloud Interoperation Overview “Using the Cast Iron cloud integration Country or Region: United States Industry: Software engineering solution, customers can go live on the Windows Azure platform faster than they Customer Profile Cast Iron Systems provides could wrestling with interoperability issues application integration solutions that help organizations connect themselves.” many kinds of business software. The Mountain View, California–based firm employs Cast Iron Systems specializes in helping 100 people. organizations connect Internet-hosted (cloud) Business Situation applications with on-premises applications. When When Microsoft announced the Microsoft announced the Windows Azure™ Windows Azure™ platform, Cast Iron wanted to enhance its platform, Cast Iron set out to enhance its Cast integration solution with better Iron Integration Solution with Windows Azure connectivity to other public and private cloud offerings and to platform connectivity. Using the Service Bus and on-premises data. Access Control Service, Cast Iron created the Solution needed connectors in just one day. Faster time- Cast Iron used the Service Bus to-market enabled Cast Iron to supply a timely and Access Control Service, developer services that run on solution to an urgent need. Its enhanced product the Windows Azure platform, to can help customers host applications off- quickly provide broad connectivity with other data premises without concerns about interoperability sources. with on-premises data. With the Cast Iron Benefits Integration Solution, companies can now use • Faster time-to-market application data wherever it resides and scale • Time savings for customers • Improved scalability workloads without worrying about overloading the communications infrastructure.
  2. 2. “Without the Situation Solution Cast Iron Systems, whose tagline In mid-2009, Cast Iron began Service Bus and is “The #1 SaaS and Cloud working with the Windows Azure™ Integration Company,” provides team at Microsoft to demonstrate Access Control a simple way to connect that Windows Azure applications Service, we would software-as-a-service (SaaS), or could communicate with virtually “cloud”-based, applications with any application running in any have had to create one another and with on- environment, hosted or on- premises applications. For premises. Windows Azure is a our own service example, using the Cast Iron cloud services operating system bus infrastructure, Integration Solution, an that serves as the development, organization can link Microsoft service hosting, and service which would have Dynamics® CRM Online data with management environment for the an on-premises SAP financial Windows Azure platform. taken months.” application so that any changes Windows Azure provides Rishi Vaish, Vice President of made to the customer developers with on-demand Engineering, Cast Iron Systems relationship management data is compute and storage to host, reflected in the financial system. scale, and manage Web Cast Iron has helped companies applications on the Internet reduce integration costs by up to through Microsoft® data centers. 80 percent. The company is based in Mountain View, To create this anything-to- California, and has 100 anything interoperability, Cast employees. Iron used the Service Bus and the Access Control Service features “Research shows that of Windows Azure. Using these integration difficulties are the services simplifies the task of major reason why organizations building applications and services are hesitant to pursue the that bridge cloud and on- hosted-services computing premises deployments. model,” says Chandar Pattabhiram, Vice President of The Service Bus is an Internet- Product and Channel Marketing scale enterprise service bus that for Cast Iron Systems. “Our makes it easy to connect mission is to help cloud applications over the Internet. customers and providers get past Services that register on the those difficulties so that they can Service Bus can easily be deploy business solutions discovered and accessed across wherever it makes sense, on- any network topology. Access premises or in the cloud.” Control Service provides an easy way to control Web applications and services while integrating with standards-based identity
  3. 3. providers. Authorization decisions Service rules can easily and can be pulled out of the flexibly be configured to cover a application and placed in a set of variety of security needs and rules that can transform incoming different identity-management security claims into claims that infrastructures. applications understand. One-Day Development “We liked the Service Bus Using the Service Bus and because it uses a nonproprietary Access Control Service, Cast Iron interface to address message was able to extend its Cast Iron queues in the cloud,” says Rishi Integration Solution to include Vaish, Vice President of Windows Azure platform Engineering for Cast Iron connectivity in just one day. “Our Systems. “It gave us an easy philosophy is that we do not want way to connect to the Windows to write any code to solve Azure platform, from any other integration problems,” Vaish cloud or from behind a says. “Using drag-and-drop customer’s firewall. Without the controls, we were able to use the Service Bus and Access Control Service Bus and Access Control Service, we would have had to Service to add Windows Azure Figure 1. Cast Iron create our own service bus platform connectivity to our demonstrated SAP-to- infrastructure, which would have existing Cast Iron Integration Amazon EC2 connectivity taken months. Our customers Solution. It took us one day to using the Service Bus and also would have had to invest in a understand the services and Access Control Service. similar development effort. Using another day to build the Azure the Service Bus and Access connection capability. No code Control Service, they can simply writing was required. Plus, there subscribe to these services and is no requirement to maintain the connect their various applications infrastructure.” immediately.” Cast Iron used Access Control Service to make sure that only authorized users can access service queues. With Access Control Service, Cast Iron was able to avoid the complicated programming that is normally required to secure applications that extend beyond organizational boundaries. With its support for a simple declarative model of rules and claims, Access Control
  4. 4. The Service Bus provides the integrate with applications familiar, enterprise service bus running in another cloud. The application pattern, while helping other is cloud-to–on-premises to solve some of the hard issues systems—cloud-based that arise when implementing this applications are able to integrate pattern across network, security, with on-premises applications and organizational boundaries at running behind a firewall without Internet scale. “When customers having to open any ports in the connect to applications behind firewall. another company’s firewall, they usually have to work with those As an example of the latter, Cast companies’ IT organizations to Iron has demonstrated use of the open up service bus ports,” Service Bus to connect an Vaish says. “With the Service Amazon EC2 application with an Bus, you don’t have to do this, SAP application running behind a because the request comes from customer firewall (Figure 1). No behind the firewall.” firewall ports had to be opened for the data to be synchronized Usage Scenarios reliably and securely. Account With the Service Bus connectivity updates were picked up from to the Windows Azure platform, SAP by Cast Iron, and data was the Cast Iron Integration Solution put in a dynamically created delivers expanded integration queue. Another Cast Iron runtime options. One is cloud-to-cloud— running in Amazon EC2 polls for applications running in one cloud changes in the queue and are able to securely and reliably updates the custom application with the changes. No programming was required to demonstrate this use-case, which was implemented in less than a day. Benefits Using the Service Bus and Access Control Service, Cast Iron was able to expand the capabilities of its Cast Iron Integration Solution with only one day’s development work, handily beating competitors to market. With this solution, its customers, too, can speed to market with applications that connect to the
  5. 5. “We can focus on Windows Azure platform and then Time Savings for Customers scale those applications With the Cast Iron Integration delivering services endlessly. Solution enhanced with Windows Azure platform connectivity, Cast rather than on Faster Time-to-Market with New Iron can help its customers, coding integration Integration Solutions including SaaS providers and Cast Iron used the Service Bus corporate IT departments, quickly interfaces. We and Access Control Service to move their applications to that enhance its Cast Iron Integration platform. “Using the Cast Iron were able to create Solution with cloud-to-cloud data cloud integration solution, the SAP-to-Amazon exchange capability in one day, customers can go live on the with no code-writing. “Without Windows Azure platform faster EC2 solution in just the Service Bus, we would have than they could wrestling with had to spend months to create an interoperability issues one day.” interface to the Windows Azure themselves,” Pattabhiram says. Sumit Kapoor, Technical platform,” Vaish says. “Our “We can tell customers, ‘If Alliance Manager, Cast Iron customers would have had to you’re looking at the Windows Systems invest the same effort, plus Azure platform for your next- develop the messaging generation applications, we infrastructure and the integration already have the connectivity middleware.” covered. We can connect the Windows Azure platform to your Sumit Kapoor, Technical Alliance on-premises applications, your Manager for Cast Iron Systems, customers’ on-premises adds, “We can focus on applications, or any cloud-based delivering services rather than on applications.’” coding integration interfaces. We were able to create the SAP-to- Improved Scalability Amazon EC2 solution in just one Now that the Cast Iron Integration day. There is a growing number Solution can take advantage of of cloud environments, both the Service Bus to connect to a public and private, and data broader range of applications sitting on on-premises over the Internet, customers are infrastructures. Using the Service able to scale their infrastructures Bus, we can connect all these endlessly to keep pace with environments.” need. “There’s no worry about overloading the communications infrastructure,” Vaish says. “Microsoft handles that for us. This is very important for customers that do not know how their workloads will grow over time. We’ve removed one more
  6. 6. For More Information barrier that was keeping them Windows Azure Platform For more information about from the cloud.” The Windows Azure platform Microsoft products and provides an excellent foundation services, call the Microsoft for expanding online product and Sales Information Center at service offerings. The main (800) 426-9400. In Canada, call components include: the Microsoft Canada • Windows Azure. Windows Azure Information Centre at (877) is the development, service 568-2495. Customers in the hosting, and service United States and Canada who management environment for are deaf or hard-of-hearing can the Windows Azure platform. reach Microsoft text telephone Windows Azure provides (TTY/TDD) services at (800) developers with on-demand 892-5234. Outside the 50 compute and storage to host, United States and Canada, scale, and manage Web please contact your local applications on the Internet Microsoft subsidiary. To access through Microsoft data information using the World centers. In addition, Windows Wide Web, go to: Azure serves developers’ connectivity needs through the following services. For more information about 〉 The Service Bus connects Cast Iron Systems products and services and applications services, call (650) 230-0621 or across network visit the Web site at: boundaries to help developers build distributed applications. Additional Resources: Download: Windows Azure 〉 The Access Control Service Tools and SDK provides federated, View: Architecting and claims-based access Developing for Windows Azure control for REST Web services. • Microsoft SQL Azure. Microsoft SQL Azure offers the first cloud-based relational and self-managed database Software and Services Software Azure Services • Windows and Platform • Windows Azure − Windows Azure Platform • Service Bus − Windows Azure Access Control Service • − Access Control Service Service Bus This case study is for informational This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. THIS SUMMARY. Document published November 2009 Document published November 2009
  7. 7. service built on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 technologies. To learn more about the Windows Azure platform, visit: