DelMonte Foods Reduces Travel and Improves Collaboration with Microsoft Web Conferencing Solution: Case Study


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DelMonte Foods Reduces Travel and Improves Collaboration with Microsoft Web Conferencing Solution: Case Study

  1. 1. Microsoft Office Live Meeting Customer Solution Case Study Food Company Reduces Travel, Improves Collaboration with Web Conferencing Solution Overview “Live Meeting is empowering our employees by giving Country or Region: United States Industry: Consumer goods manufacturing them an easy-to-use conferencing application that helps them be more productive.” Customer Profile Jonathan Wynn, Manager of Advanced Technology and Collaborative Services, Del Monte Foods Based in San Francisco, California, Del Monte Foods manufactures a range of food and pet products, which it distributes and San Francisco-based Del Monte Foods makes premium-quality sells throughout the United States. The company has 8,400 salaried employees branded food and pet products in the United States. The company’s and around 9,000 seasonal workers. sales and marketing employees must meet regularly to collaborate Business Situation on sales presentations and to discuss other projects. In order to Recently, video conferencing had become reduce travel, Del Monte used Microsoft® Office Live Meeting more popular among Del Monte IT managers and salespeople, but they (2005), a hosted Web conferencing service. Recently, more IT required more advanced conferencing managers and salespeople in the company began using video features. conferencing, and these users needed features that were more Solution collaborative and interactive. To that end, Del Monte deployed the The company recently deployed the newest version of Microsoft® Office Live Meeting 2007 release of Office Live Meeting. The new solution has for hosted Web conferencing. enhanced video capabilities and improved conferencing tools, Benefits which are helping the company save travel time and improve  Enhanced video capabilities security.  Improved collaboration  Reduced travel  Increased security  Ease of use
  2. 2. Situation That’s why we need an enterprisewide online Del Monte Foods, based in San Francisco, conferencing solution.” California, is a leading provider of premium- quality branded food and pet products Del Monte has been using Microsoft Office throughout the United States. The company, Live Meeting (2005), a hosted Web with total annual sales of more than U.S.$3.4 conferencing service, for the past several billion in fiscal year 2007, has more than 20 years. “Live Meeting is a great solution for our brands and 2,500 products that it sells in sales employees,” says Wynn. “It’s highly grocery stores, mass merchandisers, and visual and gives them the ability to discuss other retail outlets. and collaborate on important sales documents in real time. The organization employs 8,400 salaried and close to 9,000 seasonal workers. Because of “Like most companies today, we want to its widely dispersed work force, manage our budget carefully, which means communications technology is critical for the being mindful of travel costs,” says Wynn. company. Approximately 3,500 Del Monte “For that reason, video conferencing is salaried employees use the company’s becoming even more important to how we do messaging and collaboration products, which business.” are managed on a rapidly expanding Windows®-based IT infrastructure. For Additionally, Del Monte is increasingly example, employees use the Microsoft® developing new products and working on new Exchange Server 2007 messaging system to marketing campaigns. As a result, the send and receive e-mail messages and company’s sales force frequently needs to Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 to meet together for last-minute meetings. share sales presentations and other “They also need more conferencing important documents on the company’s capabilities, because these meetings involve portal sites. Many Del Monte employees also sharing more video and other media during use Microsoft Office Live Communications presentations,” says Wynn. Server 2005 to communicate through instant messaging (IM) and take advantage of Del Monte is also increasing its use of Office presence, a feature that helps users quickly Live Meeting–based technical “webinars”— and easily determine the online availability of online training seminars that instruct colleagues. company employees how to install software. “We’re using Live Meeting for more software Many Del Monte sales and marketing support now,” says Wynn. “Because of that, employees need to collaborate regularly on we are interested in more interactive features new sales presentations and other customer- that give us a better ability to answer related documents. This is challenging, workflow questions in real time, for example.” considering the geographic reach of the company. “We have major offices in San Solution Francisco and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, In June 2007, Del Monte decided to become along with 40 factories and more than 12 an early adopter of Microsoft Office Live sales offices,” says Jonathan Wynn, Manager Meeting (2007). This upgraded version of of Advanced Technology and Collaborative Office Live Meeting offers a number of new Services, Del Monte. “Getting together for features designed to improve the Web planning meetings is obviously difficult. conferencing experience.
  3. 3. The new features include the following: demonstrated the product and the new features to them and they began using it  Advanced media integration, such as the soon after.” ability to bridge voice over IP (VoIP) and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Benefits audio capabilities. With Office Live Meeting (2007), Del Monte  The ability to share Windows Media® video has an online conferencing solution that files and Adobe Flash demonstrations. provides enhanced video capabilities and an  The ability to record all multimedia improved conferencing experience, saving elements from a meeting, including instant the company valuable time previously spent messages, slide presentations, the video on travel. The solution also features conference, and all shared video files in increased security and is easy for Del Monte high fidelity. The full recorded meeting can employees to use. then be viewed in the future.  New audience feedback tools, such as a Enhanced Video Capabilities “The video and audio new survey feature that gives presenters Del Monte is already taking advantage of the are really improved with the ability to query meeting participants solution’s enhanced video features to provide and automatically send the results to those users with a more interactive meeting [the new version of] Live attendees using e-mail. experience. “The video and audio are really Meeting. In terms of  Virtual breakout rooms and “handout improved with [the new version of] Live distribution” (file transfer). Meeting,” says Wynn. “In terms of software software training, we’ll training, we’ll be able to be much more be able to be much Security has also been enhanced in the new hands-on, and we can record meetings and version of Office Live Meeting. For example, make them available for employees who more hands-on, and we IT administrators and meeting presenters can can’t attend. We recently used the solution to can record meetings use Microsoft Forefront™ virus-scanning do a 50-person IT summit for employees all technologies for increased protection of over the United States, with video, slides, and and make them Office Live Meeting documents and other PSTN audio. It was very effective.” available for employees files before they are distributed to attendees. Wynn also likes the fact that the solution now who can’t attend.” Office Live Meeting also integrates with features webcam integration. “We have Jonathan Wynn, Manager of Advanced Microsoft Office Communications Server portable computers that have built-in video Technology and Collaborative Services, Del 2007, a new unified communications cameras,” he says. “So I can conduct a Live Monte Foods solution that offers built-in Web conferencing Meeting conference from my house, or from a functionality. When Del Monte implements hotel room if I need to. I don’t have to be in that solution in early 2008, the company will my office to share important information with have the ability to choose between deploying our employees.” and managing Web conferencing on-premise through Office Communications Server 2007 Improved Collaboration or hosted through the Office Live Meeting Because Office Live Meeting (2007) contains service. new collaborative and organizational tools, Del Monte has improved conferencing Del Monte deployed Office Live Meeting to a capabilities overall. “Live Meeting now gives small group of users in July 2007. “We Del Monte presenters the ability to quickly studied who was using Live Meeting the most ‘flip’ through documents and conduct within the company; they were sales and impromptu polls during a meeting,” says marketing employees,” Wynn says. “We then Wynn. “They can also publish the poll results
  4. 4. in real time, which really boosts the documents, the material is out of my hands collaboration and interaction and makes at that point,” says Wynn. “Now, with the meetings more dynamic.” enhanced security of the solution, I can better protect documents that are being uploaded Del Monte presenters are also using virtual through SharePoint. It gives me the insurance breakout rooms for even better collaboration. I need as an IT manager.” “It’s powerful for a presenter to be able to use the new breakout room feature of Live Ease of Use Meeting, because it gives attendees the The new version of Office Live Meeting is also chance to gather in separate ‘rooms’ to easy to use, says Wynn. “The user interface brainstorm. It really broadens the appeal of has been streamlined and our employees the meeting and makes it more effective.” have given us a lot of positive feedback about usability so far,” he says. He also mentions Reduced Travel that the solution is fully integrated with the Because of the new conferencing and Microsoft Office Outlook® messaging and “It’s powerful for a collaborative advantages of Office Live collaboration client, which Del Monte presenter to be able to Meeting (2007), Del Monte will be able to employees use heavily. “Office Outlook is our have fewer in-person meetings. “Live Meeting primary information worker tool, and because use the new breakout gives us a way to effortlessly reduce our of the integration, users can quickly and room feature of Live travel,” says Wynn. “It will take away the lost easily set up a Live Meeting from within that time and inconvenience of flying across the application.” Meeting, because it country for important meetings. When I fly gives attendees the from Pittsburgh to San Francisco, it takes As a result, deployment has been an easy more than eight hours before I even get to process, adds Wynn. “Fast, easy adoption of chance to gather in the Del Monte office there; that is a new technologies is important, because there separate ‘rooms’ to completely lost work day. I won’t have to do are only four of us in the IT department,” he that anymore.” says. “We don’t want employees to be brainstorm. It really constantly calling us for technical assistance. broadens the appeal of The reduction in travel will help Del Monte Live Meeting is empowering our employees lower travel-related costs, too. “When a Del by giving them an easy-to-use conferencing the meeting.” Monte employee flies to a meeting in San application that helps them be more Jonathan Wynn, Manager of Advanced Francisco, it’s never just one person on that productive.” Technology and Collaborative Services, Del trip,” Wynn says. “It’s always multiple people Monte Foods taking multiple flights and staying in separate hotel rooms, which gets expensive. Live Meeting helps us lower those costs.” Increased Security With the new integrated security in Office Live Meeting (2007), Del Monte IT administrators will be able to take advantage of the company’s existing security infrastructure, which includes Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server and Forefront Security for SharePoint. “If one of our company’s brokers is presenting a Live Meeting, and he has uploaded a presentation with a bunch of
  5. 5. For More Information Microsoft Office System For more information about Microsoft The Microsoft Office system is the business products and services, call the Microsoft world’s chosen environment for information Sales Information Center at (800) work, providing the programs, servers, and 426-9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft services that help you succeed by Canada Information Centre at (877) transforming information into impact. 568-2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can reach Microsoft text For more information about the Microsoft telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) Office system, go to: 892-5234 in the United States or (905) 568-9641 in Canada. Outside the 50 United States and Canada, please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access information using the World Wide Web, go to: For more information about Del Monte Foods products and services, call or visit the Web site at: Software and Services  Microsoft Office − Microsoft Office Live Meeting This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published October 2007