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The rapid growth of software developer Aztecsoft meant its disparate IT infrastructure could no longer scale to provide effective support to the business and employees. The consolidation of human resources, finance, and project management data was critical to speed up processes and better support client needs. Working with Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner e4e, Aztecsoft rolled out business management solution Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 4.0. It gives users in any department the tools to manage business processes from start to finish, using a single view of up-to-date, accurate data. Even in the early development phase, the business has achieved a significant increase in operational efficiency.

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Microsoft India - Aztecsoft Case Study

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics Customer Solution Case Study Software Company Increases Efficiency in Early Stages of Solution Rollout Overview “We need solutions that don’t just grow with us, but Country or Region: India Industry: Software Engineering ones that fuel this growth. Microsoft Dynamics AX can scale to our needs and help us continue to expand Customer Profile Based in India, Aztecsoft is a global even when we have 10,000 employees.” software engineering services company Nataraj Narayan, Chief Information Officer, Aztecsoft that provides full life-cycle product engineering, independent testing, and The rapid growth of software developer Aztecsoft meant its professional and engineering services. disparate IT infrastructure could no longer scale to provide effective Business Situation support to the business and employees. The consolidation of Aztecsoft needed to implement a solution that would integrate human resources, human resources, finance, and project management data was finance, and project management into a critical to speed up processes and better support client needs. unified system. Working with Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner e4e, Aztecsoft rolled Solution out business management solution Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 4.0. It The company worked with Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner e4e to implement gives users in any department the tools to manage business Microsoft Dynamics™ AX version 4.0 processes from start to finish, using a single view of up-to-date, business management software. accurate data. Even in the early development phase, the business Benefits has achieved a significant increase in operational efficiency.  Deeper insight into business data.  20 per cent efficiency increase.  Seamless integration.  Manual processes reduced.  Supports future growth.
  2. 2. Situation Business information comes to Aztecsoft India-based Aztecsoft is a global software from a variety of sources, including its engineering services company that provides geographically dispersed clients. Human full life-cycle product engineering, resource, financial, and project management independent testing, professional services, data was stored in several places, hindering and sustained engineering services to a quick retrieval of information. In addition, number of industries. Typically, these include employees had to transfer data to different software product vendors, business and applications manually, a process that was consumer portals, and mobile and wireless cumbersome and time-consuming. companies. A leader in its field, Aztecsoft has developed and tested the most complex According to Nataraj, the company was keen software in the world. It is ranked 83rd in the to reduce the time spent on system prestigious “Software 500” list of fastest maintenance. The business needed a more growing companies, and is among the world’s efficient business management solution to “Top 100” most innovative service providers. streamline processes and make information more accessible. “We are leaders in the The company’s success is reflected in its software engineering services industry,” dramatic business growth. Aztecsoft has Nataraj says. “We wanted a more scalable IT expanded from 200 employees in 2002, to system that reflected this philosophy and 2,400 today. These people are employed to could grow with the company.” manage and provide value to a rapidly- increasing customer base, but the growth has Solution also placed new demands on the company’s Integration was a key factor in the company’s IT infrastructure. search for a new, global management solution. HR, finance, and project Disparate IT systems posed a number of management were to be consolidated into a challenges. Applications running the single system. The solution would also need company’s human resources (HR), finance, to access and combine information from a and project management data struggled to number of existing business applications, scale with business growth, affecting the way making it available in one place. employees worked. To support the business into the future, an integrated system, which Nataraj says: “We required a solution that helped senior managers to view and analyze offered ease of implementation and data seamlessly, was vital. maintenance, while increasing efficiency. Other solutions relied on specialist expertise Nataraj Narayan, Chief Information Officer, to implement and manage the software, even Aztecsoft, says: “We were growing so fast, it after deployment.” was essential that we found a way to make our business data flow from one application With the help of Microsoft® Gold Certified to another to maintain our efficiency and Partner e4e, Aztecsoft chose to deploy continue to provide world-class services to business management solution Microsoft our customers.” Dynamics™ AX 4.0. Nataraj says: “We already had a strong relationship with Microsoft
  3. 3. through our expertise in Microsoft projects, and accelerate processes using technologies and products. When workflow tools. They will be able to verify investigating available solutions, we looked project or customer details, check related for three main components: robust software, accounting data, and take advantage of extensive user benefits, and strong integration with Microsoft SQL Server™ 2005 integration with our existing applications. Reporting Services to produce advanced Microsoft Dynamics AX fitted the bill reports quickly. perfectly.” Benefits Microsoft Dynamics AX is being implemented The success of early implementation has in four phases, with project completion paved the way for a raft of new benefits. expected by the end of 2007: Employees will now work from one system, rather than multiple applications, and can  Phase one: HR update and access important information  Phase two: Finance faster than ever. Nataraj says: “The Microsoft  Phase three: Project management Dynamics AX solution will give us complete  Phase four: Business control of our business, from sales pipeline, intelligence/dashboard reports to ordering and financial-management workflows.” Nataraj says: “We wanted to follow a step-by- step implementation to take full advantage of Consolidated System Increases each phase. We are so confident in Microsoft Employee Performance Dynamics AX that we’re planning to The solution brings a consistency to the discontinue our use of many of our old business, integrating with numerous applications.” applications to bring a single set of data into one, easy-to-use system. As a result, When fully rolled out, the solution will help employees can work in a way that’s far more employees manage their customers’ projects efficient and can satisfy customer —from the architecture of solutions, design, requirements faster. and development, through to testing and implementation. Up-to-date information People’s responsibilities are more captured at all stages will be held in the transparent, and work is easier to action and Microsoft Dynamics AX solution. Employees complete. They no longer have to re-enter from across the organization will be able to data into disparate systems or spend time access and analyze the same set of data manually consolidating information to from a single location, using familiar, easy-to- understand a project’s status or analyze use tools similar to their Microsoft Office business trends. Nataraj says: “IT system applications. administrators are also able to easily manage and maintain the standardized system, Integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint® leading to increased operational efficiency in Server 2007 will help people create, access, terms of time, cost, and resources and share documents and data drawn from management.” Microsoft Dynamics AX, track progress of
  4. 4. Integrated Infrastructure Improves automatically, saving time and reducing the Workflow for Finance Staff risk of errors being made in employees’ pay. Finance employees can manage the business more cost-effectively with a clear view of Clear View of Data Supports Informed available resources and individual Business Decisions department budgets. They can also Business information is more visible to senior consolidate reports quickly, helping them to employees and managers, who use a single verify accounts data against project details. sign on to view consolidated data from across Invoices are generated faster and more the business. Real-time information is accurately, while employees can forecast the available through enhanced reporting cost of future projects, and better measure features, and is now more accurate than ever revenues and profitability. before. Automation of key processes saves many Data can be presented to users in a hours for these employees. Nataraj says: “dashboard” view, showing business “People no longer have to complete accounts processes from start to finish, including all receivable and accounts payable processes the steps in between. The various manually because Microsoft Dynamics AX departments can access data and reports offers secure, automated features that and manipulate the view to show information perform these tasks faster and more in a way that’s specific to their needs. accurately.” Scalable System Accommodates and Fuels Business Growth In turn, authorized members in other A scalable infrastructure to support the departments can access and use financial organization’s rapid growth was vital to the and accounts data. This offers additional business. Nataraj says that based on the insight into their projects, alerting them to success of the past 12 years, a dramatic potential financial issues that can be expansion in future is inevitable through resolved before they become problems and enhanced customer service and a helping them to meet cost targets. strengthening professional reputation. Smoother Operation Saves Time for “Aztecsoft has grown significantly in both Human Resources Team employment levels and clients,” he says. “We The HR department no longer works on a need solutions that don’t just grow with us, standalone system. HR professionals can but ones that fuel this growth. Microsoft share and distribute information to Dynamics AX can scale to our needs and help employees using SharePoint sites that us continue to expand even when we have incorporate data captured in Microsoft 10,000 employees.” Dynamics AX. This integration can also be used to update employee information, such Supports a Future of Mobile as attendance history, and add performance- Technology based insight to employee records. In A growing demand for mobile technology is at addition, payroll information is updated the forefront of the minds of senior Aztecsoft staff, who realize the benefits of anytime,
  5. 5. For More Information anywhere access to critical applications and Microsoft Dynamics For more information about Microsoft data. The company’s plan to roll out a mobile Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, products and services, call the Microsoft solution in the near future is also fully adaptable business management solutions Sales Information Center at (800) supported by a Microsoft Dynamics AX that enables you and your people to make 426-9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft infrastructure. business decisions with greater confidence. Canada Information Centre at (877) Microsoft Dynamics works like familiar 568-2495. Customers who are deaf or The technology integrates easily with Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office, hard-of-hearing can reach Microsoft text Windows Mobile®-based technology, and which means less of a learning curve for your telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) Aztecsoft employees will be able to access people, so they can get up and running 892-5234 in the United States or (905) operational data from handheld devices while quickly and focus on what’s most important. 568-9641 in Canada. Outside the 50 away from the office. Sales and support And because it is from Microsoft, it easily United States and Canada, please contact teams, for example, will be able to access key works with the systems that your company your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access project details while on the road and update already has implemented. By automating and information using the World Wide Web, go the system from any location. Nataraj says: streamlining financial, customer relationship, to: “Microsoft software takes us closer to our and supply chain processes, Microsoft customers. I’m confident that we can extend Dynamics brings together people, processes, For more information about e4e products the Microsoft Dynamics AX system into the and technologies, increasing the productivity and services, call +91 806 618 3317 or mobile space to help people operate more and effectiveness of your business, and visit the Web site at: efficiently through a more flexible working helping you drive business success. environment.” For more information about Aztecsoft For more information about Microsoft products and services, call +91 802 573 Dynamics, go to: 8005 or visit the Web site at: Software and Services − Microsoft SQL Server 2005  Microsoft Dynamics − Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 − Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 − Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007  Microsoft Server Product Portfolio − Windows Server 2003 − Microsoft Exchange Server 2005 This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published August 2007