Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Volume Licensing Datasheet


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Volume Licensing Datasheet

  1. 1. Microsoft Online Services s+ s Solutions that work the way people do
  2. 2. P . 02 MICROSOFT ONLINE SERVICES In the past decade, the world we live in has been transformed by the Web. At the same time, how we use our PCs and mobile devices has become increasingly sophisticated, with on-demand information at our fingertips at all times. This radical shift in how we use technology led to the concept of in-the-cloud computing in which people have rapid, online access to software and services. Microsoft® is committed to combining the best aspects of Microsoft Online Services is a set of services that can cloud-based services with the best aspects of software. help you incorporate Software-plus-Services in your We call this approach Software-plus-Services, and it is business. As your IT strategy evolves to include the the next logical step in the evolution of computing that many benefits of in-the-cloud computing, Microsoft helps organizations manage IT costs and drive business can help you extend the capabilities and functionality results that combine the value of software and services of your existing technology investments. on-premise, hosted, or partner-hosted. Across the industry, Software-plus-Services is ever-present as a strategy for business success. It is a shift toward designing IT infrastructure that works the way people do: online, on-demand, and on the go. Software + Services When you combine the ever-growing power of devices and the increasing ubiquity of the Web, you come up with a sum that is greater than its parts. Software-plus-Services is that greater sum. It all adds up to a commitment from Microsoft to deliver ever more compelling opportunities and solutions to consumer and business customers—and to our partners.
  3. 3. P . 03 MICROSOFT ONLINE SERVICES Microsoft Online Services Benefits Microsoft Online Services gives you the flexibility to determine how and where you deploy and manage your IT infrastructure and line-of-business (LOB) applications. Whether you need on-premise software, hosted (in-the-cloud) software, or even a hybrid solution, you can do the following: Combine on-premise and Deploy solutions rapidly Microsoft hosted services Whether you are responding to changing market Microsoft and its partners offer software and conditions or updating your IT infrastructure, services that can be deployed for a broad range Microsoft can help you get your infrastructure up of scenarios. and running quickly. Ensure you have the most current Lower your up-front investment Microsoft product versions Save money on hardware and software expenses, Receive automatic updates to the latest features since Microsoft manages the IT infrastructure for and functionality without paying for new you, allowing you to reallocate your budget to software licenses. other business-critical projects. Ease migration Get secure and reliable access By using Microsoft Online Services, customers Microsoft’s investment in a global network of migrating from a different platform can data centers gives you around-the-clock and transition their users without the high up-front secure access to all of your business-critical hardware costs. collaboration services. Initially, Microsoft services have been stand-alone services and offered through traditional Microsoft Volume Licensing. Now we are offering a new subscription licensing program to provide better agility and flexibility for transactional customers. See page 6.
  4. 4. P . 04 MICROSOFT ONLINE SERVICES Microsoft Online Services Offerings Software Microsoft Add Online Services On-Premise Online Services to On-Premise Servers Desktop PC and Microsoft Business Productivity Online Communication and Collaboration Server Applications Standard Suite (BPOS-S): • Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services • Microsoft Exchange Online • Microsoft Exchange Hosted Archive • Microsoft Office SharePoint® Online • Microsoft Exchange Hosted Continuity • Microsoft Office Live Meeting • Microsoft Exchange Hosted Encryption • Microsoft Office Communications • Microsoft Office Groove® Enterprise Services Online • Microsoft Office Live Communications Server (LCS) Public Instant Messaging Connectivity (LCSPIC) Microsoft Business Productivity Online Deskless Worker: Security • Microsoft SharePoint Online • Microsoft Forefront™ Online Security for Exchange • Office SharePoint Online • Microsoft Forefront for Office Communications Server • Microsoft Forefront Client Security Extra Storage Available • Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server • Microsoft Exchange Online Extra Storage • Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint • Microsoft Office SharePoint Online • Microsoft Forefront Server Security Management Console Extra Storage Reference Azure™ Services Platform • Microsoft Learning Solutions Coming Soon • Microsoft Virtual Earth™ online mapping platform PURCHASE OPTIONS Available through Option A: Add services to the Available through Microsoft Volume Enterprise Agreement (EA) , Enterprise Microsoft Volume Licensing Licensing Subscription Agreement (ESA) or Campus and School Agreement (CASA) Option B: Subscribe to services online through the Microsoft Online Subscrip- tion Program (MOSP) Azure: Available through MOSP 2009 Available through Volume Licensing 2010 PA RT N E R S Microsoft Certified Microsoft Volume Licensing: Microsoft Certified Partners for Licensing Partners for Licensing Microsoft Certified Partners for Solutions, LARs, or Distributors Solutions, Large Licensing Solutions, LARs, and Account Resellers Enterprise Software Advisors (LARs), Enterprise Microsoft Online Subscription Program: Software Advisors, Microsoft Quickstart Partners or Distributors
  5. 5. P . 05 MICROSOFT ONLINE SERVICES Microsoft Online Services Additional Offerings For dynamic hosted solutions that combine the power of rich desktop PC-based applications with the flexibility of fully hosted Internet services, subscribe to the new Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite. Stand-Alone Services Microsoft Exchange Online Microsoft Office Communications Online Provide employees access to their e-mail, calendar, and Get the power of unified communications no matter contacts from anywhere, using any Internet capable where you are. Office Communications Server online device. Users can rapidly deploy, flexibly expand, and delivers streamlined communications for your users so design Exchange Online to be securely administered that they can find and communicate with the right person using a powerful yet simple remote Web-based console. immediately, from the applications they use most.* Microsoft SharePoint Online Microsoft Office Live Meeting Share documents, contacts, calendars, and tasks through Connect with colleagues and customers through a single location. Based on Microsoft Office SharePoint real-time meetings, training sessions, and events using Server 2007, SharePoint Online delivers rich team only a PC with Internet connection. With hosted Web collaboration capabilities that you can use to flexibly and conferencing and services, you can collaborate with efficiently collaborate with team members, find others without the cost and hassle of travel. organization resources, search your Intranet site, and manage content and workflow. Suites NEW Microsoft Business Productivity Microsoft Business Productivity Online Online Standard Suite (BPOS-S) Deskless Worker Suite Subscribe if you want dynamic hosted solutions that This suite is ideal for segments of an organization combine the power of rich desktop PC-based applica- that would like basic messaging and collaboration tions with the flexibility of fully-hosted Internet services. capabilities such as e-mail or read-only access to This suite offers significant cost savings for the most SharePoint Server. commonly used hosted services: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Communications Server Online, and Office Live Meeting. Extra Storage for BPOS-S Exchange Online SharePoint Online Includes a 500MB mailbox for e-mail, calendar, contacts, Gives users read-only access to portals along with the and Outlook™ Web Access Light along with antivirus and capability to fill out forms. anti-spam capabilities. * Office Communications Online requires the separate purchase and installation of Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2. Limited Time Offer: Receive one licensed copy of Office Communicator 2007 R2 at no cost with each trial or paid subscription license to Office Communications Online. The software may only be used with Office Communications Online, and all rights to use the software terminate when the underlying subscription license expires or on the release of the next major new version of Office Communications Online, whichever comes first.
  6. 6. P . 06 MICROSOFT ONLINE SERVICES Microsoft Online Services Two Ways to Purchase Initially, Microsoft Online Services have been stand-alone services and offered through traditional Microsoft Volume Licensing. Now we are offering a new subscription licensing program to provide better agility and flexibility for transactional customers. We recommend that customers with an Enterprise Agreement or Campus and School Agreement continue to add services through their existing agreement for simplicity and valuable cost savings. Microsoft offers two easy ways to add Online Services through Microsoft Volume Licensing: Option one: Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite 01 Organizations with an existing Enterprise Agreement (EA), Enterprise Add Online Services Subscription Agreement (EAS) or Campus and School Agreement (CASA) can purchase Online Services through existing Volume Licensing agreements through Microsoft to obtain optimized price advantages for volume purchases. Contact your Volume Licensing Microsoft Account Manager or Local Reseller for more details. Add Software or Online Services to On-Premise Servers Organizations can purchase online services with any available Microsoft Volume Licensing agreement. Contact your Microsoft Account Manager or Local Reseller for more details. Option two: Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite 02 The new MOSP is ideal for any organization with five or more desktop PCs. Microsoft Online Subscribe to only the software you need and receive guaranteed pricing for a 12-month term. To subscribe, please visit Subscription Program More than 2,000 Microsoft valued Quickstart channel partners can assist you with ordering, providing a quote, or offering additional services. Visit to find a partner in your area. Get started today! Go to © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.