Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Subscription Program Datasheet


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Subscription Program Datasheet

  1. 1. Microsoft Online Subscription Program s+ s Bring the benefits of Microsoft Online Services within reach
  2. 2. P . 02 MICROSOFT ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM In the past decade, the world we live in has been transformed by the Web. At the same time, how we use our PCs and mobile devices has become increasingly sophisticated, with on-demand information at our fingertips at all times. This radical shift in how we use technology led to the concept of in-the-cloud computing in which people have rapid, online access to software and services. Cloud computing is also changing how we think about Microsoft Online Services is a set of services that can software. Traditionally, software has been installed, help you incorporate Software-plus-Services in your used, managed, and supported locally. But with cloud business. As your IT strategy evolves to include the many computing, it is clear that using hosted software can benefits of in-the-cloud computing, Microsoft can help provide some real benefits to organizations. you extend the capabilities and functionality of your existing technology investments. Microsoft® is committed to combining the best aspects of cloud-based services with the best aspects of Starting in April 2009, you can now subscribe to licenses software. We call this approach Software-plus-Services, for the new Microsoft Business Productivity Online and it is the next logical step in computing evolution Standard Suite (BPOS-S). This offer gives you access to that helps organizations manage IT costs and drive the most commonly used hosted services: Microsoft business results that combine the value of software and Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint® Online, services on-premise, hosted, or partner-hosted. Across Microsoft Communications Server Online, and Microsoft the industry, Software-plus-Services is ever-present as Office Live Meeting—at affordable pricing. For more a strategy for business success. It is a shift toward information, visit designing IT infrastructure that works the way people do: online, on-demand, and on the go. Software + Services When you combine the ever-growing power of devices and the increasing ubiquity of the Web, you come up with a sum that is greater than its parts. Software-plus-Services is that greater sum.
  3. 3. P . 03 MICROSOFT ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM Introducing the Microsoft Online Subscription Program MOSP is very flexible and is ideal for any type of organization that wants to add online services to its portfolio. Its many benefits include the following: Try before you buy License only the service you need With MOSP, 20 users can try out the service Pay online with a credit card or purchase order. for 30 days. With a low minimum purchase of five licenses, you can acquire the licenses you need—and then add more if you need them later on. Predictable costs Low up-front investment Pay as you go licensing is guaranteed for each 12- Because Microsoft manages the IT infrastructure, month subscription term, and suites start as low as you can quickly deploy the service you need. $15 per user per month with monthly billing options. As a result, you can reallocate internal IT resources to other project priorities. Access to most current product versions Simplified license management Online Services are hosted by Microsoft and You can easily manage subscriptions and delivered from the cloud, so you benefit from configure all Online Services in one place. always using the most current version. Work with a qualified partner Microsoft Quickstart channel partners help to configure and deploy a solution that best meets your business needs. It all adds up to a commitment from Microsoft to deliver ever more compelling opportunities and solutions to consumer and business customers—and to our partners.
  4. 4. P . 04 MICROSOFT ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM Three scenarios. One solution. Scenario one: A small company with 15 to 20 users wants to invest in technology infrastructure. 01 Although it recognizes the value of Microsoft communications products, the Limited capital up-front investment is too high and too complex—particularly because the company does not have an internal IT department. By purchasing online services and no internal through MOSP, the company can do the following: IT departments • Access online services with predictable, monthly per-user subscription costs. • Deploy services rapidly. • Purchase and administer assets online. Scenario two: A company with many remote employees plans to upgrade its Microsoft Exchange 02 Server messaging infrastructure. Many of its users do not need a full Microsoft Remote Office 2007 license because they do not work in an office. And the company wants to reduce the time and expense spent travelling to meetings. By subscribing employees to BPOS-S online through the MOSP, companies can do the following: • Reduce the risks and costs of upgrading to new versions of software. • Save money by licensing only the users who need it. • Get a completely managed online solution for Web conferencing. Scenario three: A midsize business has a dedicated IT department, but wants to spend its time 03 on value-added projects rather than routine IT management. Consulting with a Overburdened Microsoft Quickstart partner, the company opts to subscribe to Microsoft-hosted and partner-hosted services to do the following: IT departments • Remove the hassle of installing or upgrading new software. • Obtain partner-assisted configuration and transition services. • Ensure that disaster recovery scenarios are in place. • Access always-available services that do not require any management. Get started today! Go to © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.