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  • 1. TASK Plan a seven-day-tour of Majorca
  • 2. AIMS:
    • To practise the oral comprehension skill by listening to different recordings
    • To provide the necessary input to enable them to create a real task
    • To learn how to recommend things
    • To learn things about foreign countries, as well as their own country
  • 3. LEVEL : Intermediate students GROUP: 4 students pair work
  • 4. INTRODUCTION This lesson allows students to practise their listening skills by listening to people giving recommendations about their own country (what to visit, what to eat and drink, where to stay...). It also gives them the opportunity to put what they hear into practice. They will be encouraged to talk and recommend things to visit and to do in their own country.
  • 5. STEP 1: Warm up A) Ask the students what they know about Ireland. Where exactly is it? What’s the capital city? What language/s do people speak there? When did it become independent? Why do tourists go there? B) They read information about Ireland and check their answers.
  • 6. STEP 2: Listening 1
    • They listen to a young couple asking a friend what places to visit in Ireland. She suggests a route. They mark the route on the map.
    • They answer some questions about the tour of Ireland.
  • 7. STEP 3: Recommending and advising
    • They listen to some friends recommending things about an Irish city. While they listen, they number the topics below in the order they hear them.
    • They listen again and complete a chart with the expressions used to ask and give recommendations.
  • 8. STEP 4: Final task
    • TASK 1
    • In groups they plan a tour of Majorca. They write it down.
    • They explain the tour to the other groups (with a map).
    • The class decides which tour is the best.
    • TASK 2
    • In pairs they act out a conversation recommending and advising.
    • They swap roles.
    • They record the two conversations with audacity.
  • 9. STEP 5: Evaluation of the task
    • TASK 1: Each group hands in a written version of the tour, including the map.
    • B) TASK 2: Each pair records their conversations with audacity.