Outline Text Effect in Photoshop


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How to put an outline around text using photoshop for a nice effect for just about anything

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  • nevermind...tic with photoshop. Reclosed it and opened it. It wasn't letting me do it for whatever reason. Got it now. Thanks.
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  • what does that mean 'go select modify expand' where is that?
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  • Just having a go Miguel. I am not a photoshop expert and these are just ways I have found to do things that were hard to understand and that lots of people asked me about. I have been told 10 different ways to do it but in the end it is not how you do it just that you do it. As for a quote here is an Australian one. Just ave a go Mate!

    I know plenty of people that were one thing and became another and in fact know a shoemaker did very well playing the guitar. Not a fiddle I know but exploration of your talents can bring up some amazing things.

    Its all about the journey not the destination.!
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  • Once you create the new layer you need to fill it in with the color of the outline you want say black. Then if the layer you choose to fill in is on top drag it down one so it is behind the original layer and you have the text outline.

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Outline Text Effect in Photoshop

  1. 1. Step 1 To begin, we are going to start with a New Document. I started with a new canvas shaped 500×200. The background doesn’t matter at this point.
  2. 2. Step 2 Start off with typing out your text. I choose yellow text, but the font- color is something that can be changed at anytime.
  3. 3. Step 2
  4. 4. Step 3 To add a customized outline to your text, We are first going to create a new layer. Move this newly created layer, behind your text layer.
  5. 5. Step 3
  6. 6. Step 4 Now that we have created a new layer, we are now going to make a selection around your text layer. To do this, we are going to hold down Ctrl, and click on the text-layer icon. (the little image on the left side of your layer.) At this point, your text should be selected. Go Select Modify Expand. Enter 2px.
  7. 7. Step 5 You should now see the selection around the text expand outwards by 2px. Next, pick a color you would like to outline your text with, and fill in the new layer. I choose black. You can use the brush or bucket
  8. 8. Step 5
  9. 9. Step 6 This outline effect also works with other colors and gradients. Different Fonts. It will also work for your logos and buttons. There are many things you can use this photoshop text effect for. I probably use this outline effect more than any other photoshop effect.
  10. 10. For more great Photoshop tutorials, free graphics, video tutorials visit: www.msiphotoshop.com