How to install a Word Press plugins

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A short tutorial on how to load a wordpress plugin

A short tutorial on how to load a wordpress plugin

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  • 1. WordPress Plugins How to Install
  • 2. WordPress Plugins Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress.
  • 3. WordPress Plugins Plugins offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their site to their specific needs.
  • 4. WordPress Plugins Use a Free download manager to keep your plugin files organized.
  • 5. WordPress Plugins Use a Free Zip program to unzip your wordpress plugins
  • 6. WordPress Plugins Get Organized Crete a folder called Blogs on your hard drive then create another folder called Plugins
  • 7. WordPress Plugins Download your new plugin and unzip into your Blogs/Plugin Folder
  • 8. WordPress Plugins Fire up your FTP program
  • 9. WordPress Plugins Your Server Click on wp-content to access your content folders
  • 10. WordPress Plugins Your Server Click on plugins to access your plugin folder
  • 11. WordPress Plugins Drag and drop your plugin from your computer to your plugin folder Your Hosts Computer Your Computer
  • 12. WordPress Plugins Login to your Wordpress Admin pannel
  • 13. WordPress Plugins Go to your Plugin menu
  • 14. WordPress Plugins Click on Activate to make your plugin live
  • 15. WordPress Plugins Many plugins have their own administration page so make sure you read the instructions.
  • 16. WordPress Plugins Some plugins also have a folder and a separate php file. Make sure you upload both.
  • 17. WordPress Plugins Example Adding 1 Pixel Audio Plugin www.1pixelout. net/
  • 18. WordPress Plugins Many plugins just require a snipet of code to work.
  • 19. WordPress Plugins Example Adding Audio to your post Create a folder on your host called audio
  • 20. WordPress Plugins Example Upload your mp3 file to this audio folder. For how to create audio files with free audio editing software visit:
  • 21. WordPress Plugins Example Now all you have to do is add a simple code snipet to make the plugin work on pages or posts. [audio:name_of_mp3_file.mp3]
  • 22. WordPress Plugins You can also adjust the colors of the player in the admin section under the option tab
  • 23. WordPress Plugins The Secret to getting plugins to work best for you is to read the instructions and any posts.
  • 24. WordPress Plugins For more great WordPresss tutorials visit: