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  • 1. August 20, 2010Dear Parents/ Guardians:A school library is a very special place. This is where we share and enjoy books anddevelop reading habits that will be with us throughout our lives. We allow students tocheck out books not only to reinforce their studies, but also for enjoyment at home. Yourchild will be bringing books home on a regular basis. You can help your child by takingan interest in the books he/ she brings home, and taking time to listen to him/her readthem aloud.Please help us by protecting and returning the books on time. If a book is lost or damagedwhile in your care, you will be asked to pay for the book. You can help by providing asafe place at home for the book and a safe way to carry the book between home andschool such as a book bag or a plastic bag. We will be sharing important book care ruleswith your child. Please ask your child about these rules and reinforce them at home. Assoon as you sign and return the form at the bottom of this letter, your child will be able toborrow library books. Thank you for your cooperation.Sincerely,Yolanda CastilloPrincipalI accept responsibility of caring for and returning on time the books my child borrowsfrom the library.Student’s Name:__________________________________Parent/Guardian’s Name:____________________________Parent/Guardian’s Signature: