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2 minute tech tips indepth
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2 minute tech tips indepth


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  • 1. 2 minute Tech Tips
  • 2. Today we will learn about…
    Museum Box
    QR Codes
    Go Animate
    Plus extra fun stuff!
  • 3. Animoto
  • 4.
    Animoto allows you to create an engaging video from simple pictures, text, and audio.
    It is SIMPLE!
  • 5. Simple steps
    Log on to
    Create a FREE account
    Click the “Create Video” box
    First, select a style (that’s the background). Stay away from the PRO backgrounds. They cost money.
    Next, follow the simple steps to upload photos/video, select music, and finalize your product.
    Free videos can only be 30 seconds long.
  • 6. Ideas for use in school
    Highlight pictures of students for an end-of-year video.
    Create short slideshow of student art projects/work samples.
    Promote school teams or clubs with a video.
    Embed video for a jet TV announcement.
  • 7. Museum Box
  • 8.
    Museum Box is an online animated display case.
    It mimics a diorama, yet allows viewers to see all 5 sides of the individual boxes.
    For a good example search “Georgetown” then “John Calvin” or “Atlantic Slave Trade.”
    I’m trying to get an account for LHS.
  • 9. Ideas for use in school
    Create a biographical box of famous people studied in class.
    Highlight a specific time period with photos, audio, video, or text.
    Use for differentiation on class projects.
  • 10. QR Codes
    Why are QR codes SO COOL?
    Anyone can make them.
    They can be linked to anything.
  • 11. What are QR Codes?
    QR codes are two dimensional bar codes.
    They can be scanned by a smart phone or iTouch.
    The scan will immediately link students to a web page, a phone number, an e-mail address, or a text message.
    They are easy to create and you choose where they link.
  • 12. Get a scanner…
    Use the following website to find a scanner for your device.
    The website allows you to specify your device and select a scanner that will work.
  • 13. Scan it…
    Once downloaded, open the bar code scanner on your device (The camera will be activated).
    Center the code in the frame provided.
    Once the code is read, the link will activate.
  • 14. Make a code…
    There are several websites that generate codes if this one doesn’t suit your needs. Just Google “QR code generators”
  • 15. QR codes in Google
    For links to websites, try Google
    Paste in the URL of the website you want to QR and click “Shorten”
    Then paste the shortened URL into the address window and add .qr to the end
    A QR code will appear
    Copy the image and use it as you wish.
  • 16. Ideas for use in school
    Add the code to student artwork to provide further information about the work.
    Print the code on a handout to link students to a website.
    Create a scavenger hunt of QR codes that leads students from one place to the next.
    Use a QR code to link students to online surveys or quizzes.
    Demonstrate a sports drill by linking to a video demonstration.
  • 17. Go Animate
  • 18.
    Summer Reading animation
    A FREE animation program that features scenes, characters, props, and music.
    It’s a fun way to create animation, or bring new life to an old project.
    Fairly simple to use.
    Online tutorial keeps getting better.
  • 19. Ideas for use in school
    Students could replicate a story’s scene in go animate.
    Have students create a storyboard and then turn it into animation.
    Create biographical sketches of historical and/or literary figures.
  • 20. Evernote
  • 21. Evernote
    Evernote syncs notes between your computer(s) and phone.
    It works like Diigo and Dropbox combined, but better!
    If you have a smart phone you can take photos, notes, or record audio on the go.
    It might be my new favorite thing!
  • 22.
    Go to the website and follow the steps within Evernote to set up an account.
    Download the software
    Create an account
    Starting adding stuff!
    Save web content
    Link all your devices
  • 23. Organize your life!
    The main page looks like this.
  • 24. Ideas for use in school
    Take pictures to use in the classroom.
    Make folders for school and/or personal use.
  • 25. Thank you for attending the session!
    An online version of the PowerPoint can be found at