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  • Both artists use everything at their dispoasl to make art. Proving to all of us that art can be made out of anytihng, no matter of how much money you have to spend on supplies. This is truly inspiriing. This example is Aminah from her unwitten love letter series: evicted , 2011
  • Her Father taught her to make hogmawg.The button and needle work she learned from her Mother are evident in her rag paintings and RagGonNons- her word for complex works of art that can come in many forms but often include buttons, men's neckties, and other found objects.
  • Family storeis were very importante theme running threw her artwork Visited Africa in 1979 did she created a large body of work entitled Afrikan Pilgrimage: The Extended Family. The series reflects the anguish and loss brought by the African slave trade
  • during the Civil rights movement Influenced by the Harlem Renaissance 1920-1950. Harlem was an upper middle class neighborhood rich with avant-garde culture. Home to many artists and jazz musicans like Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, and Langston Hughes
  • Made in thememeory of her and her family gathering on the roof for a picnic, they would tell stories, and eat. When she was a child she used to sit on a blanket and dream of flying out over the tops of the buildings threw the city.
  • FaithRinggoldAminahRobinson

    1. 1. Faith Ringgold & Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson
    2. 2. Aminah RobinsonBorn February1940 ColumbusOhioPaintings, drawings, clothpaintings, woodcuts, books andsculptures.
    3. 3. Aminah’s Creative Process
    4. 4. Aminah’s Material PrefrencesTies, Buttons, Fabric, assorted found objectsItems of symbolic significanceSome items passed down to her by her family
    5. 5. Influence of FamilyHog Mawg Rag GonNons
    6. 6. FamilyAminah brings to life her ownmemories of growing up onthe eastside of Columbus,Ohio.The stories handed downto her by her family eldersare also an important sourceof inspiration for her.
    7. 7. Unwritten Love Letter SeriesAminah used envelopes that came to her in mail,unfold them, die them, and make them into artwork.She embellished then with drawing, stamps,buttons, cloth, and beads.
    8. 8. Faith RinggoldBorn 1930, Harlem NYPainter, sculptor, teacher,author of numerous awardwinning childrens books..
    9. 9. Faith RinggoldFabric artsOriginator of African Americanstory quiltsFeminist, anti-racist activistPolitical Paintings in the 1960’sduring the Civil rightsmovement
    10. 10. Soft Sculptures
    11. 11. Groovin’ 1996
    12. 12. Sugar Hill,Harlem NY The neighborhood where Ringgold grew up.Sugar Hill, had been a hub for African Americancultural, professional, and commercial achievers in theHarlem Renaissance and thereafter.
    13. 13. Faith Ringgold -Activism
    14. 14. Tar Beach #2