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  • Our project is called The MSHRM TROUP. The MSHRM TROUP has endeavored to explore the surrealist movement and surrealist groups as a tribe; in doing so we have set ourselves the task of creating two surreal photography images and documented the journey. Almost every step of the way can be either read, seen, watched or heard on multiple media platforms. The hub of most of our work is available to be seen on our Tumblr as well as Vimeo and Flickr. We have not only taught ourselves the aesthetics of surrealist art but put them into practice in individual work as well as in the group production of the final two pieces.
  • The MSHRM TROUP is a tribe of creative individuals that relate to the tribal aspect of a surrealist groups by exploring ideas themed to surrealism and surrealist artists. MyTribe urges for a sense of belonging and self identity and we have therefore decided to share our creative media content as a group for other people to explore. Through artworks of inspirational artists, we as a group apply our creative thoughts into producing the final artefact.
  • By leveraging diversified new digitized media vehicles such as vimeo, tumblr, flickr and facebook we have produced an artifact that is distributed on multiple media platforms. In this regard MSHRM TROUP is putting convergence culture and theory into practice. Henry Jenkins Convergence Culture discusses the relationship between three main idea, media convergence, participatory culture and collective intelligence. In order to satisfy the brief, we have responded to these three points of discussion by using multiple media platforms in producing our artifact, creating work that others can participate with and using the collective intelligence of our group as well as those who have already looked into surrealism to finish off the project. This image above is a cloud we drew according to the relationship between props, location, models, media platforms and so on.
  • A quick look into the journey a viewer might be able to have when stumbling across our project. They may start off at our Flickr page. From here they might browse around the photostream and through a link on an image, which can be found as notes if the cursor hovers over the area, they find themselves on our Tumblr page.
  • From here, they can browse through pages and pages of content regarding the process we went through to create our final two images. There area also tags that batch certain themes such as ‘noose’ and ‘studio’ as well as group members names to see posts unique to the individual. This is a post exploring Manuel Alvarez Bravo, a photographer from Mexico considered to display characteristics of surrealism by often suggesting dreams and fantasy in his work.
  • For example, the brainstorming. Robert and Shanna Parkeharrison; a creative duo who have used photography and mixed media to produce conceptual and thought provoking images.
  • There are posts reviewing William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch and a 90s band Placebo’s A Song To Say Goodbye; two primary sources from which our ideas grew from.
  • From here we started brainstorming and sketching, all of which are available to view online.
  • Reviewed other artists for inspiration. Here is writing on Donigan Cuming and Michael Ticcino.
  • We also searched and blogged our location hunting for each shoot finally settling with Marysville and the building 5 studio space.
  • Read up on photographers that inspired us and put those aesthetics into practice in our own work. Here I looked briefly at photographer Bill Brandt.
  • There are detials on how we produced our props for the shoot. One including a visit to a taxidermist to see if she could make a deer head for us as well as our struggle with finding props such as the noose and the trampoline.
  • Links from the Tumblr site can lead to our Vimeo page where all our video content is held. Posts on brainstorming, props, experimental video work, interview with the model and behind the scenes footage of the shoot can be seen here.
  • All of our content can be located from a final webpage built on weebly seen here. Above each final picture is a cloud of links that lead to all of the other websites we used.
  • A here is the outcome.
  • And the other image.
  • MSHRM TROUP Presentation

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