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Social media101 webinar_0812


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Get Connected. Get Customers. Social Media 101 August 29, 2012 Presenter: David Glass
  • 2. Who is Main Street Hub?• The only full-service Social Media Management company focused exclusively on small local businesses.• Low-cost, full-service “do-it-for-you” solution for local businesses to grow, engage and motivate customers online• Have worked with over 2000 small local businesses• We do all the work, so you can stay focused on running your business• Featured in: “Main Street Hub will do it all for you when it comes to social media…this includes growing your fan base, • New York Times posting status updates, responding to messages and • Forbes Magazine comments from customers, and more.” • Inc. Magazine Wall Street Journal • Wall Street Journal 2 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 3. Social media facts Customers are increasingly talking about businesses online, whether businesses want them to or not: • 7 out of 10 consumers look online first for local business information1 • 80% of consumers say that they are more likely to try new things based on friends’ suggestions made in social media2 • 81% of consumers say it’s important for businesses to respond to reviews1 • 51% of Facebook users and 64% of Twitter users are more likely to buy the products and services from businesses they are a fan of, or follow2 • 65% of business owners using social media said it helped them stay engaged with current customers and 61% said they gained new customers3 • 8 out of 10 consumers are likely to seek the opinions of others online before buying goods or services and 64% of them have changed their minds because of those opinions4Sources:1. Neilsonwire2. .Crowdspring3. Mashable: Chadwick Martin Bailey Research Firm Study 24. Time: Business Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 4. CUSTOMER REVIEW WEBSITESWhere your customers are going to compare you to your competition 4 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 5. The importance of customer reviewsAllows businesses to create relationships with their customers. Not Advertising  Conversation  More CredibleBusinesses can: • Respond to feedback • Increase customer service • Get new ideas for products, services, packages • Promote specific brands, products or services • Run specials to entice customers to do business with you and act NOW • Spread word of mouth through friend-to-friend recommendations • Stay top of mind to encourage repeat business • Cultivate the relationships with your target market • Increase customer trust and brand loyalty 2 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 6. Which customer review sites are the most important? Yelp and Google+ Local Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 7. Claim your Google+Local listing1. Create a Google Account2. Find your business and select“Manage this page” 7 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 8. Claim your Google+Local listing3. Choose “Edit my business information” and select “Continue” 8 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 9. Claim your Google+Local listing5. Enter in basic business information 6. Enter in business details such as distance, times, product details, promotions and photos and video. 9 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 10. Claim your Google+Local listing7. Validate your listing. Choose the method of contact you prefer to validate your listing and select“Finish” 10 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 11. Unlock your Yelp page1. Searchfor yourbusiness2. Unlock yourbusiness 11 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 12. Unlock your Yelp page 3. Enter in your business information and select “Continue” 4. To verify your business account, you will begiven a Pin code, select “Call me Now” and enter the code when prompted. 12 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 13. Setup your Yelp page Fill out your businessinformation completely Sell yourself hereCustomer Reviews• Respond to all reviews left about your business• Be polite and eager to please – people are watching• Overwhelm the negative with positive• Go the extra mile for “influencers”• Four stars is average – go for five 13 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 14. MaintenanceIt is very important that once you setup each one of these sites that you constantly monitorand maintain each one. Make sure to: • Scour sites for new reviews daily • Respond to every review either publically or privately • Keep promotions up to date • Update “About Business” info as your business or menu changesRun Promotions and AnnouncementsGive customers a reason to pick up the phone and call you in the moment they’relooking to spend money.• Create a special promotion just for customer review websites so you can track the business you get from these sites.• You can target a specific type of clientele• Use to fill slow days or times• Don’t want to discount? Add an announcement that is something you already offer 14 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 15. Responding to a positive review Responding to positive customer reviews can improve your online reputation and be used to encourage word of mouth. 15 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 16. Responding to a negative review Turning the negative into a positive 16 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 17. SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITESGrow, engage and motivate fans and followers 17 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 18. Facebook What is Facebook? Friend to friend network Friend Customer x245 Friend Friend Friend Local Business Customer x245 Friend Friend Friend Customer x245 Friend Friend 18 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 19. Facebook: create engaging postsTypes of posts:• Product promotion• Pop culture base• Question-based posts• Contests or Giveaway 19 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 20. How businesses should use Facebook Grow, engage and motivate Healthy and growing fan base Leverage positive review to drive business on Facebook This promotion got 28 likes and, no doubt, several takers 20 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 21. What is Twitter?What can implementing Twittermean for your business?• More customer feedback• Direct customer interaction• Real time engagement• More word of mouth 21 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 22. Twitter: create interactionsWays to use Twitter• Give customers a pleasant surprise: say thanks• Reach new people in real time• Communicate relevant business updates• Integrate Twitter into your Facebook page and website• Integrate into offline marketing 22 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 23. Twitter: best practices• When creating a Twitter page Handle = Business Name Ex: @thestinkingrose• Same types of posts as FB Information is condensed into 140 characters• Trending topics Using #tags (hashtags) for brand promotion• Twitter etiquette o Frequency of posts o Re-tweeting o Follow backs o Mention special buzz words 23 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 24. CHECK-IN WEBSITESReward your customers for spreading word of mouth about your business 24 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 25. FoursquareWhat is Foursquare?The ultimate mobile check-in siteCustomers can: • Check-in at a place of business and tell all their friends that they are there (integrates with Facebook and Twitter) • Claim deals and promotions • Leave tips/feedback for other patronsBusiness owners can: • Run promotions around check-ins • Run loyalty programs around check-ins 2 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 26. TRAVEL REVIEW WEBSITESWhere your potential clients are going when they are traveling to your city 26 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 27. TripAdvisorWhat Is TripAdvisor?Similar to review sites such as Yelp andGoogle+Local but focused on travelers.Businesses can:• Claim their profile• Customize and optimize their online profile• Respond to all reviews• Link to Social Media profiles 27 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 28. PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITEStrengthen and extend your existing professional network 28 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 29. LinkedinWhat Is Linkedin?Site used to build your professional networkBusinesses can:• Create and optimize their profile• Get recommendations from happy clients• Grow their referral and business network• Engage with their connections 29 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 30. COMMON MISTAKESCommon social media mistakes and how to avoid them 30 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 31. Common mistakes: customer review websitesWhat to avoid• Not responding to reviews• Leaving out important information about business or services• Typos and grammatical errors in profile• Out-dated promotions• Responding to reviews in a defensive manner 31 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 32. Common mistakes: Facebook & TwitterWhat to avoid• Lack of relevant, related content• Putting out one-way posts and not getting engagement• Posting too often or spamming• Having a FB “profile” and not a “business page”• Not posting often enough 32 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 33. TIME AND RESOURCESSocial Media Management can be a full time job 33 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 34. Who has the time?Setup and polish profiles • Customer Review 4 - 5 hours • Facebook & Twitter 3 hours • Foursquare 1 hour • LinkedIn 2 hoursChecking for updates • Customer Review 3x/day (3 minutes x 4 sites) = 18 hours/month • Facebook & Twitter 3x/day • Foursquare 1x/day • LinkedIn 1x/dayResponding to reviews ¼ - 1 hour for each reviewPosting Content • Facebook & Twitter 2x/week (¼ - 1 hour x 2 sites) = 4 - 16 hours/month • LinkedIn 2x/week (¼ - 1 hour x 2 sites) = 4 - 16 hours/monthNot to mention responding to posts, comments & tweets, creating promotions, makingcontributions, requesting reviews or recommendations Average of 50-75 hours each month 34 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 35. What does social media cost?50-75+ hours per month on average to make social media effective & profitable.No training or expertise:• Recent college grad $10/hour  $500-750/month• A server or other employee $7/hour  $350-525/monthExperienced:• Independent consultant $20-100/hour  $1000-7500/month 35 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 36. Why work with Main Street HubWe do EVERYTHING for you• Increase visibility and exposure online• Increase revenue through new and repeat business• 24/7 monitoring• Fast response time• Simple and informative reports• Increased word of mouth Client Dashboard• Significant cost savings compared to competitors Simple Reports 36 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 37. What you getProtect Your Reputation - Spread Word of Mouth - Attract More Customers!• Build and optimize your profiles on Yelp, Google, Facebook, Twitter and more• Reply to positive reviews and postings to build long term relationships• Reply immediately to negative reviews and postings to control damage• Design offers and promotions to spread the word of mouth across all social media platforms and create customer loyalty and grow business• Get more reviews from customers on the websites that matter most to you and your business• Make announcements about special offers• Get more customers from your competitors! Our industry specific plans are tailored to your business needs Most plans start at $249/month 37 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 38. We deliver results Typical Client Results After 90 Days After 180 Days Increase in monthly Yelp Traffic 43% 61% Increase in Facebook Fans 259% 330% Increase in Facebook Word of Mouth 353% 610% Increase in Twitter Followers 266% 500% Increase in monthly Foursquare Check-ins 191% 244%Length of partnershipWe do not have a long-term contract. Our clients partner with us for 90 days . After that, we work on a month-to-monthbasis Our clients love us! Main Street Hub has redirected our online marketing towards social media which helped my business increase revenue by 20-30% within the first 6 to 8 months. I see so much flow of business due to my Yelp reviews and Facebook, and it puts me in a better position than my competitors. Main Street Hub goes out of their way to produce what you need when it comes to social media. The investment I made in them pays for itself tenfold. Gary & Chris Schaller The Car Doctor Mountain View, CA 38 Get connected. Get Customers.
  • 39. Get Connected. Get Customers. Contact Us: 888.900.0920 Twitter: @MainStreetHub