Recruiting Presentation June 09


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  • Please contact Andrea Toth at with updated statistics. Customize these stats to speak to the industry/client.
  • Recruiting Presentation June 09

    1. 1. Resources Global Professionals<br />Introducing Resources Global <br />Professionals<br />June 2009<br />
    2. 2. A New Kind of Business Partner<br />We are a publicly-traded, global professional services firm with a Big Four heritage.<br />Founded in 1996 as part of Deloitte.<br />Management buy-out (1999) and initial public offering (2000). NASDAQ: RECN.<br />Selectively acquired Big Four service lines in Europe and Asia/Pacific.<br />We partner with business leaders and their teams to plan and execute initiatives as well as support day to day operations.<br />Working collaboratively with our clients, we provide:<br />2<br />PROJECT CONSULTING<br />Project scoping, approach, management and execution<br />PROJECT SUPPORT<br />Subject matter or functional expertise for specific projects<br />OPERATIONAL SUPPORT<br />Management level expertise for day-to-day operations<br />
    3. 3. Resources Snapshot<br />3<br />RESOURCES SNAPSHOT<br />Our track record of success has been achieved through an uncompromising commitment to value-based relationships with our clients.<br />100%<br />of our top 50 clients have remained so for three years running<br />74%<br />of the Fortune Global 50 have been our clients<br />90%<br />of the Fortune 50 have been our clients<br />18<br />years average experience for our professionals<br />3,700+<br />Professionals serving clients in over 66 countries<br />$840M<br />revenue in fiscal year 2008<br />The 5<br />top securities firms are all Resources clients<br />8 of 15<br />of the top insurance firms are Resources clients<br />16 of 20<br />of the top banks are Resources clients<br />45<br />of the Fortune 50 have been Resources clients<br />81<br />of the Fortune 100 have been Resources clients<br />327<br />of the Fortune 500 have been Resources clients<br />536<br />of the Fortune 1000 have been Resources clients<br />37<br />of the Fortune Global 50 have been Resources clients<br />63<br />of the Fortune Global 100 have been Resources clients<br />210<br />of the Fortune Global 500 have been resources clients<br />
    4. 4. Enterprise Wide Capabilities<br />4<br />Enterprise-Wide Initiatives<br /><ul><li>policyIQ® document </li></ul>management software<br /><ul><li>Mergers & acquisitions
    5. 5. Outsource transition
    6. 6. Business process reengineering
    7. 7. Transformation programs
    8. 8. Shared services
    9. 9. Operational excellence
    10. 10. IFRS implementation
    11. 11. Sarbanes-Oxley</li></ul>Program Management ▪ Project Management ▪ Change Management<br />Human <br />Capital<br />Legal & Regulatory<br />Procurement & <br />Supply Chain<br />Information Management<br />Audit, Risk & Compliance<br />Finance & Accounting<br /><ul><li>Internal & IT audit co-sourcing
    12. 12. Fraud/forensic audits
    13. 13. Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
    14. 14. Contract/counter- party audits
    15. 15. Compliance/ regulatory
    16. 16. Corporate governance
    17. 17. Organizational development
    18. 18. Policies & procedures
    19. 19. Training & communications
    20. 20. Compensation & benefits redesign
    21. 21. HR systemimplementations
    22. 22. Mergers, acquisitions & restructurings
    23. 23. Commercial transactions
    24. 24. Contracts drafting & analysis
    25. 25. Regulatory compliance
    26. 26. SEC Filings & corporate governance
    27. 27. Litigation management & support
    28. 28. Real estate transactions
    29. 29. Investigations
    30. 30. Financial reporting
    31. 31. Restatements
    32. 32. General accounting
    33. 33. Financial planning
    34. 34. Financial analysis
    35. 35. Shared services
    36. 36. Accounting standards
    37. 37. M&A integration
    38. 38. Controls remediation
    39. 39. Current state assessment
    40. 40. Strategic sourcing
    41. 41. Commodity management
    42. 42. Capital procurement
    43. 43. Inventory rationalization
    44. 44. Contract management
    45. 45. Logistics & warehousing
    46. 46. Review/redesign
    47. 47. Implementation
    48. 48. Stabilization and optimization
    49. 49. Process improvement
    50. 50. Business analysis
    51. 51. IT governance
    52. 52. Reporting and data analysis</li></ul>Our wide array of expertise allows us to support both your functional and enterprise-wide initiatives.<br />
    53. 53. 5<br />Our Global Footprint<br />United States<br />Atlanta<br />Austin<br />BaltimoreBirmingham<br />Boise<br />Boston <br />Charlotte<br />Chicago <br />Cincinnati<br />Cleveland<br />Columbus<br />Dallas<br />Denver<br />DetroitHartford<br />Honolulu<br />Houston<br />Indianapolis<br />IrvineJacksonville<br />Kansas City<br />Las Vegas<br />Long Island<br />Los AngelesLouisville<br />Milwaukee <br />MinneapolisNashvilleNew York<br />Orange County<br />Orlando<br />Parsippany<br />Philadelphia<br />Phoenix Pittsburgh<br />Portland<br />Princeton<br />Raleigh<br />Richmond<br />Sacramento<br />St. Louis<br />San Antonio<br />San Diego<br />San Francisco<br />Seattle<br />Silicon Valley<br />South Florida<br />Stamford<br />TampaTulsa<br />Walnut Creek<br />Washington, DCWoodland Hills<br />Canada<br />CalgaryMontreal Toronto<br />MexicoMexico City<br />Tijuana<br />AustraliaMelbourneSydney<br />ChinaBeijingHong KongShanghai<br />IndiaBangaloreMumbai<br />JapanNagoyaTokyo<br />Singapore<br />TaiwanTaipei<br />BelgiumBrussels<br />DenmarkCopenhagen<br />FranceParis<br />GermanyDüsseldorfFrankfurt<br />IrelandDublin<br />ItalyMilan<br />Luxembourg<br />NetherlandsAmsterdam<br />Den Haag<br />Eindhoven<br />NorwayOslo<br />Stavanger<br />SwedenStockholm<br />SwitzerlandZurich<br />United KingdomBirminghamCheadleEdinburghLeicesterLondon<br />Global capability with an emphasis on local execution.<br />
    54. 54. 6<br />Our foundingvision<br /><ul><li>Our founding members saw the emerging </li></ul> professional trend of the 1970s+ as <br /> partners within a Big 4 public accounting<br /> and consulting firm<br /><ul><li>Capitalized on growing demand by clients for </li></ul> intellectual capital and expertise to support <br /> the execution of their internal initiatives<br /><ul><li>Envisioned a global firm to engage professionals</li></ul>as dedicated, yet variable client resources<br /><ul><li>Designed a business model to support a new kind</li></ul>of professional service. Our business model provides<br /> superior value to our clients, a solid return to <br /> shareholders, and a pioneering career opportunity <br /> for today’s accomplished professionals<br /><ul><li>Created a culture that provides professionals with the </li></ul>opportunity for variety combined with control <br />Emerging professional trends<br />1970s+: Institutional professionals<br /><ul><li> Recruiting on campus, groomed within corporations</li></ul>and consulting firms<br /><ul><li> New professions, such as information management and supply chain management
    55. 55. 1990s: begin hiring / firing cycle</li></ul>2000s+: Migrant professionals<br /><ul><li> Highly accomplished in their fields
    56. 56. Mergers, downsizing, and outsourcing driving lay-offs every 3-5 years
    57. 57. Escalating pressure to respond to a changing economic </li></ul> and regulatory environment<br /><ul><li> Long-term advancement and retirement in question</li></li></ul><li>7<br />Key Differentiators<br />Resources occupies a unique space in the professional services landscape. <br />
    58. 58. 8<br />Your Career Opportunity: Achieve Professional and Personal Goals<br />Our professionals are self-directed in serving clients and managing their careers.<br />Client& professional <br />relationships<br />Stayrelevant<br />Lifestyle<br />Professionalpath<br />Share client experiences and lessons learned in ourglobal professional community:Professional service teamsLocal practice eventsPractice groupsIndustry networksResources AcademyResources IQ<br />Team with colleaguesto proactively buildclient relationships:<br />Develop deep client relationshipsTarget new kinds of clients and projects<br />Positioned within the Global 1000,identify and address problems you want to solve within:<br />IndustriesFunctionsInternal InitiativesOperations<br />Choose when and where to workto set and achievelifestyle balance goals:<br />Time on / time offYes or no to overtimeLocal work or global travel <br />
    59. 59. 9<br />Your Professional Colleagues<br />Connect with accomplished professionals:<br /><ul><li>We recruit professionals who demonstrate talent, integrity, enthusiasm and loyalty
    60. 60. Entrepreneurial and self-directed in serving clientsand managing their careers
    61. 61. 20 years experience within corporations and consulting firms
    62. 62. Able to think in new and unique situations
    63. 63. Problem-solvers
    64. 64. Adaptable, with sound business judgment
    65. 65. Client service focused
    66. 66. Able to team with clients and colleagues</li></li></ul><li>10<br />Your Professional Culture<br />Work within an entrepreneurial culture:<br /><ul><li>We reward innovation and teamwork
    67. 67. We work together as a team with a minimum of top down management
    68. 68. We benefit from local differences and global opportunities </li></li></ul><li>11<br />Your Professional Service<br />Solve client problems with<br />the support of a global community<br /><ul><li>The client controls the initiative… </li></ul> the direction, methodology or approach,investment, and outcome.<br /><ul><li>The client service team scopes and monitorscomplex situations that may span processes, systems, and people.
    69. 69. You work alongside the client’s teamto execute plans, solve problems andtransfer knowledge.
    70. 70. While at the client site, your client service teamcan help you access the resources andintellectual capital of our global community.</li></li></ul><li>12<br />Your Professional Community<br />Stay relevant by sharing insights:<br /><ul><li>We continually adapt and learn to stay ahead in our rapidly evolving marketplace.
    71. 71. We continually develop new venues for sharing professional insights:
    72. 72. Local practice
    73. 73. Bi-annual business meetings
    74. 74. CPE events
    75. 75. On-line communities
    76. 76. SAP, Oracle/PeopleSoft, Hyperion, Project Management, Supply Chain, Audit, Risk & Compliance, Accounting & Finance
    77. 77. Practice groups
    78. 78. Finance & accounting
    79. 79. Information management
    80. 80. Supply chain management
    81. 81. Human Capital
    82. 82. Legal
    83. 83. Internal audit
    84. 84. Policy and content management
    85. 85. Industry networks
    86. 86. 8 industry networks
    87. 87. Resources Academy
    88. 88. IFRS Certification
    89. 89. On-line resources
    90. 90. Live classroom training</li></li></ul><li>13<br />Your Annual Compensation<br />Our total rewards package:<br />Engagements<br /><ul><li>Local operations team to support your needs
    91. 91. Opportunity to direct & manage your career
    92. 92. Hourly rate with time and a half for overtime
    93. 93. Bonus for identifying new clients and needs
    94. 94. Bonus for referring new consultants
    95. 95. Choose the amount of time you spend in your professional practice and in personal pursuits</li></ul>Annual<br /><ul><li>Local advocate to support your career and compensation goals
    96. 96. Paid holidays, personal time off and family leave
    97. 97. 64 hours training per year
    98. 98. Professional development stipend</li></ul>Long-term<br /><ul><li>HR service center to support your needs
    99. 99. 10,000 hour reward/ 20,000 hour reward
    100. 100. Stock purchase plan
    101. 101. 401K plan
    102. 102. 529 college savings plan
    103. 103. Flexible spending account
    104. 104. Medical, prescription drug, vision, dental, life</li></li></ul><li>14<br />The Value of Our Career Opportunity<br />Our Global Professionals:<br /><ul><li>Belong to a prestigious, pioneering organization
    105. 105. Work in an entrepreneurial and collegial culture
    106. 106. Network within a global professional community
    107. 107. Be positioned to work within the Global 1000
    108. 108. Serve as a new kind of business partner. Business from the inside out.
    109. 109. Direct your own career to achieve professional and personal goals
    110. 110. Enjoy lifestyle and work-style balance
    111. 111. Stay professionally relevant in a flattening world</li>