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“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
“Thinking Outside the Box
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“Thinking Outside the Box


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“Thinking Outside the Box: On-Line Solutions for Your Association”

“Thinking Outside the Box: On-Line Solutions for Your Association”

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • From a Goodwill Survey
  • Transcript

    • 1. “Thinking Outside the Box: On-Line Solutions for Your Association”<br />
    • 2. Today’s Speaker<br />Michael Shollenberger<br />CEO, AuthWire LLC<br />Sean Hill<br />CTO, AuthWire LLC<br />Founder of two successful software start-ups<br />Former IT executive with Goodwill Industries International <br />Expert in Open Source and Non-profit software solutions <br />
    • 3. Topics<br />Constituent Management<br />Online membership dues processing<br />Web sites management/donations<br />Online voting<br />Conferences/Seminars – signups and payments<br />Continuing education/ online courses<br />
    • 4. The Challenge<br />Budget/resources<br />Lack of integrated information systems<br />Consolidated and standardized reporting <br />Cost effective donations management<br />So many solutions, vendors and technologies<br />
    • 5. How do you manage your data?<br />Spreadsheets<br />Index cards/paper<br />Access Database<br />Online tool<br />Outlook<br />QuickBooks<br />Proprietary software <br />We’re not tracking our data<br />
    • 6. Constituent Management “Where it all starts” <br /><ul><li>Establish a core system to manage your constituent data
    • 7. Everything you need to know about all of your constituents – donors, board members, staff, volunteers and clients – all in one place.
    • 8. Choose a solution that is expandable as your needs grow
    • 9. Know how you are going to use it, only implement what you need
    • 10. Start with a good set of quality and accurate data
    • 11. Go for cloud-based solutions to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • 12. Choose a multi-tenant solution for data consolidation and reporting
    • 13. Compare licensing and support costs
    • 14. Flexibility to meet your businesses’objectives, needs, and structure
    • 15. Examples (Salesforce, CiviCRM)</li></li></ul><li>Online Dues Processing<br />Analyze cost structures <br />One-time and recurring donations processing<br />Integrated receipts and communications (email, mail)<br />Pledges<br />Personal campaign pages<br />Reporting<br />Examples (, Paypal, SkipJack)<br />
    • 16. Web Site Management & Donations<br />Content Management system<br />Membership Dues Processing integration<br />Employee directory integration<br />Online donation integration<br />Examples (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla)<br />
    • 17. Online Voting<br />Ease of use/minimal training<br />Security<br />Examples (, Survey Monkey)<br />
    • 18. Conferences & Seminars<br />Event listings integrated with your site<br />Online or offline registration (paid or free)<br />Find and communicate with current and past participants<br />Simple or complex fee structures<br />Examples (Cvent, CiviCRM)<br />
    • 19. Continuing Education & Online Courses<br />Standards compliant (Scorm, AICC)<br />Registration and payment<br />Forums, Lessons, Quizzes<br />Examples (Moodle, Blackboard)<br />
    • 20. Open Source Advantages<br />Predictable, measurable cost<br />Reliability<br />Stability<br />Standards based<br />Flexibility and extensible<br />Community support and accountability<br />Consistent feature upgrades <br />
    • 21. Authwire Solution<br /><ul><li> Web Based Training
    • 22. Course Registration
    • 23. Continuing Education
    • 24. Web Site Management
    • 25. Donations
    • 26. Constituent Management
    • 27. Online Voting</li></ul>We partner with open source vendors to help non-profits reduce software license and credit card processing fees, while re-directing revenue to open source vendors to fund their missions. <br /><ul><li> Membership Dues
    • 28. Shopping Cart
    • 29. Credit Card Processing</li></li></ul><li>Q&A<br />Questions and answers<br />