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Design Of A Pill Sized 12 Legged Endoscopic Capsule Robot Hadi
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Design Of A Pill Sized 12 Legged Endoscopic Capsule Robot Hadi


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Mo Sho kh. lihul Ha i d Iw i La o to a b ra ry De t. o Ele tro sa Ap lie P ic p f c nic nd p d hys s Inte is ip ry Gra ua Sc o o Sc nc a Eng e rd c lina d te ho l f ie e nd ine ring To kyoInstituteo Te hno g f c lo y
  • 2. Brief Introduction The design of a swallowable (11mm diameter by 25mm long), 12- legged endoscopic capsule for locomotion in the lower gastro intestinal tract (large bowel), which is expected to be useful for both distending deflated colon tissue and also for navigating the sharp corners of the splenic flexure found in the colon.
  • 3. DESIGN OVERVIEW Sid a levie o the12 g e c p ule e ng w f -le g d a s . Front view of the capsule showing a 32 mm diameter circle
  • 4. Sid vie o thec p ules w m to g a , le ds re , le ho e e w f as ho ing o r, e rs a c w g ld r, le a p . Thea w s wthed c n o tra la n o the g nd ins rro s ho ire tio f ns tio f nut a thero tio l m ve e im a to thele -ho e nd ta na o m nt p rts g ld r.
  • 5. KINEMATIC ANALYSIS The values AD, OD, OC and ξi are related by the law of cosines: Sid vie o thes t-fo w r m c nis e w f lo llo e e ha m s w a itsd s n p ra e rs ho ing ll e ig a m te
  • 6. a In thec s dp s n (d rk line thele isc m le ly ins ethe ) lo e o itio a ) g o p te id b d (ind a db theb d b rd r line oy ic te y oy o e ). b In thisc s in the“lo e ” o itio thele re a o id the ) ae c sd p s n g m ins uts e bd o y.
  • 7. re c n fo ea thenut: a tio rc t Thes m tio o the e um a n f s 6re c n fo e o thenut: a tio rc s n Theto uew h m t rq hic us b a p dto thele d s re to e p lie a c w o rc m W: ve o e A Fre b d d g mo them c nis e o y ia ra f e ha m s w fo e a to ue . ho ing rc s nd rq s
  • 8. Considering the schematic shown in MAXIMUM LEG LEVER ARMS This Figure , we can Write: where, Differentiating the above equation the maximum value of the distance between the leg tip and the horizontal axis: Line schematic of slot-follower mechanism used for calculating the position where the the corresponding position of the leg tip reaches maximum distance from the nut along the longitudinal axis: capsule wall.
  • 9. Software Simulation The Matlab plot showing the permissible AD and ODi combinations, providing a design tool for both leg opening angles and leg placement positions on the outside of the capsule body