Internet Personal Branding


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How to \'brand\' yourself on the internet and how to use social networks to promote your own brand.

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Internet Personal Branding

  2. 2. WHAT IS NEW / SOCIAL MEDIA? What distinguishes New media from traditional media is not the digitizing of media content into bits, but the dynamic life of the "new media" content and its interactive relationship with the media consumer. Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media use web-based technologies to transform and broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues. Social media have been modernized to reach consumers through the internet. Social media have become appealing to big and small businesses. Credible brands are utilizing social media to reach customers and to build or maintain reputation. Businesses also refer to social media as user-generated content (UGC) or consumer-generated media (CGM). A common thread running through all definitions of social media is a blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value. * Source : Wikipedia
  3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA CAN TAKE MANY DIFFERENT FORMS AND APPLICATIONS; SUCH AS Communication : Blog, social networking, events Collaboration : Wiki, social bookmarking, social news Multimedia : Photo & Video sharing, Livecasting, presentation sharing Review and Opinions : Product / Business review, Community Q&A Entertainment : Virtual worlds, games, etc Brand Monitoring : Brand monitoring & analysis
  5. 5. PERSONAL > ONLINE PRESENCE !"#$%&'$()*+)#,$-&&.*#$%&'"/#*01 Website Blog Forums Trade / News / Articles LinkedIn Facebook / Twitter
  6. 6. LINKEDIN Profile LinkedIn Profile is your online profile / resume. This details your work experience, skills and achievements. Your profile should be an overview of your resume. You can control if other users view your brief / full detailed profile. Great for job search, business collaborations, consulting offers, etc. LinkedIn Profile Recommendations is slowly Recommendations replacing the need for offline references. Business contacts, colleagues, partners and clients can leave their recommendation of your services. Receiving quality recommendations helps professionals maintain a good credibility of their work for future references. Providing potential employers / clients evaluate the candidate.
  7. 7. LINKEDIN Connections LinkedIn Connections allows you to maintain a list of your business contacts. Unlike personal social sites, you want to maintain a gaining as many friends as you can. These business connections will need to be maintained for long term relationship job search, business collaborations, introductions, etc. LinkedIn Jobs are slowly becoming a better Jobs substitute of online job sites. You can post a vacancy or search for jobs yourself. Many businesses are using LinkedIn to browse for potential candidates in their new hire. Therefore, maintaining a healthy LinkedIn profile with good recommendations are helpful to future / potential employers.
  8. 8. LINKEDIN Groups LinkedIn Groups are essentially a group of professionals. Groups can start discussions, post job vacancies, announce activities, etc. Suitable for trade associations, groups of sub-industry professionals. Eg. Mobile Marketing Association, Telecom Professionals, etc. LinkedIn Answers is a forum that allows its members post Answers any questions in search of answers. Great for search of business partners, collaborators, research for info, knowledge sharing, etc. Multiple categories are available to post questions ranging from Business Operations, Legal to Start Ups and Small Businesses.
  9. 9. LINKEDIN Company LinkedIn Company is a new feature for corporations to publish their activity on this business networking site. Similar to LinkedIn Profile, this allows the right personnel to maintain a clear presence of the corporation on LinkedIn. Companies can post updates and announcements, jobs, news and even stock information. Individual users can choose to these companies, the personnel movements, etc. LinkedIn automatically monitors and reports headcount updates for members connected to these companies. LinkedIn Applications hosts several useful external Applications applications for business professionals. Eg. SlideShare / Google Presentations (sharing presentations & documents), Files (Cloud document hosting), Events (manage conferences, forums, meetups, etc), Polls, Blog Link / Wordpress (link your blog feeds to LinkedIn), Trip It (Travel & location aware services), etc. Enhancing your LinkedIn profile with presentations, whitepapers, location aware services could help open new doors of opportunities.
  10. 10. EXTERNAL ENGAGEMENTS Social Media Facebook : Twitter : Professional profile for industry news and announcements YouTube : video presentations / showcase Others : Blogging (Opinions, thoughts, discussions), Livecasting (Streaming of Q&A / discussions / presentations) Self Promotion Trade Associations / Groups : Guest Blogs, whitepapers, presentations, case studies, portfolio. Business / Networking events : Meetups, Conferences Online forums : Moderator, Contributor Generate Leads & Opportunities Google AdSense : Purchase keywords associated with yourself / industry E-Books : Whitepaper, Research papers, e-books Online Job Search, LinkedIn Others : Jobstreet, JobsDB, Recruiters, etc
  11. 11. CASE EXAMPLE How Stephen Davies markets his business on SlideShare Stephen Davies has received more than 30,000 views of his presentations in the past four years! URL : How Job Seekers Are Using Social Media for Real Results URL : 5 Rules for Professional Social Networking Success URL : 13 Essential Tips for Landing a Job on LinkedIn URL : Google Ads Help Job Seeker Find Work Job seeker bought ad space on Google of top advertising executives in the Ad Agencies he wants to work for. When the Ad Execs their own names, the job link appears at the top of the results. This landed him a phone call, subsequent interview and a job offer. URL :
  12. 12. PERSONAL > DELIVERABLES Online Presence Personal (Resume) References LinkedIn Recommendations Literature / Articles / Portfolio LinkedIn / SlideShare Case Studies, Portfolio Blogs, Articles, Whitepapers, eBooks, etc. Interview, Q&A sessions, WebEx, etc. Networking / Interaction Online group discussions, forum moderation / participation, Industry associations / publications, etc. Self Promotion Guest blog, conference speakers, meetups / network sessions Google Online Ads
  13. 13. Creating the best PERSONAL > ONLINE CONSULTING Description Amount (RM) online presence for your professional LinkedIn Profile 1,000 self. Personal Profile (100% complete) A complete Recommendations LinkedIn profile with activities and Groups members / Company follow engagements. Additional Services tbd Relevant social Discussions / Q&A engagement media presence on Facebook, Twitter, SlideShare / Google Presentations YouTube, Blog / Wordpress Creation / Links FourSquare, etc. Facebook / Twitter / YouTube, etc Healthy online activity on blogs, External Online Presence tbd trade sites, forums, Guest Blogs / Whitepaper / etc. Presentations / Forum Google AdSense Monthly Maintenance 100
  14. 14. THANK YOU Slides prepared by Winnie Chen Winnie Chen-Head for further details contact +60 (12) 339 6488