Sales professionalism
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Sales professionalism



An introduction to sales professionalism

An introduction to sales professionalism



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Sales professionalism Sales professionalism Presentation Transcript

  • By: Mohamed
  • Contents • Companies Challenges in the 21st Century. • Attitudes about selling (selling myths). • Old image Vs. New image of sales people. • What makes professional sales person? • Sales person attitude, Knowledge and skills. Contents -------------- ------------- -------------- ---------------Sales professionalism
  • Companies Challenges in the 21st Century • Increase number of companies (National, Multinational ) • Increase number of sales persons (Indoor, Outdoor) • Customers become more sophisticated • Diversified marketing communication tools (Internet, Social network, SMS…etc.) • Finally market becomes very tough.Sales professionalism View slide
  • Attitudes about selling ‘Selling myths’ • Sales people are born and not made. • Sales people must be good talkers. • Selling is a matter of knowing the right techniques or tricks. • A good salesperson can sell ice to an Eskimo. • People generally do not want to buy.Sales professionalism View slide
  • Old image Vs. New image of sales people • Personal selling is the oldest profession in the world. • All profit and non profit organizations use personal selling. Old Image New Image Bad Good Pushy , Knocking doors , Persuasive, Highly low educated , Good talker educated , Good listener ,Sales professionalism
  • If the customer is king, The second most important person in the kingdom must be the person who has a direct interaction on a daily basis with the king.Sales professionalism
  • What makes professional sales person?Sales professionalism
  • Think • Have you met professional sales person before? Yes No • From your point of view, what makes him so professional? Give three characters?Sales professionalism
  • Skills Attitude KnowledgeSales professionalism
  • Attitude Attitude • Attitude is the most important character for professional sales person. • Attitude is the way you look at things mentally. • Positive attitude is reflected on others around you.Sales professionalism
  • Attitude 1- Attitude Positive Vs. Negative AttitudeSales professionalism
  • Characters of successful sales person • No one pattern or mould • The most important characters are::  Enthusiasm  Sincerity  Determination  Pleasant voice  Smart appearance  Sense of humor  Intelligence  Energetic  Good listenerSales professionalism
  • Does professional sales person Born or Made?Sales professionalism
  • Knowledge Competitors Product knowledge knowledge Territory Customer knowledge knowledge Industry knowledge Knowledge is powerSales professionalism
  • Knowledge Product knowledge • It gives sales person self-confidence. • It help him to answer any inquiry from customers. Competitors knowledge • Considerable promotional advantage. • Strengths and weakness of competitor’s product. Customer knowledge • Where the business comes from. • Who are the potential customers (80/20 principal).Sales professionalism
  • Knowledge Territory knowledge • Information concerning three elements in the territory: Geography, Economics & Commerce Industry knowledge • Information about general aspects and basics of industrySales professionalism
  • Skills Selling skills Negotiation skills Communication skillsSales professionalism
  • Selling Skills Skills include: • Customers prospecting. • Probing customers to learn about their needs. • Making a product’s sales presentation. • Handling customer’s response. • Closing the sales.Sales professionalism
  • Communication Skills Skills include: • Share of intended meaning with customers • Listening behavior • Speaking behaviorSales professionalism
  • Negotiation Skills Skills include: • Bargaining with customer. • Reaching agreement.Sales professionalism
  • Conclusion • Professional sales person is the most effective way in customers communication. • Sales person performance directly affects on organization’s performance. • Sales person professionalism can be acquired through knowledge and skills. • Sales person professionalism is born through attitude.Sales professionalism
  • ThanksSales professionalism