Educ1751 assignment one: Using Blogs in the Classroom


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Educ1751 assignment 1
by Keffa Heaney and Sam Huggins

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Educ1751 assignment one: Using Blogs in the Classroom

  1. 1. Using Blogs in the Classroom Click here -> ->
  2. 2. Blogs are easy to create! Click here -> ->• or enter blogger into a google/yahoo/bing search engine and click through• A Google account is required to use this web tool• Ensure students alter preferences for the location and time zone of their posts
  3. 3. How is Blogger Relevant???• Blogger & Intellectual Quality Intellectual Quality – Engaging Students in creation: NSW Quality • Bloom’s Taxonomy’s highest order learning Teaching Model – More emphasis placed on process of Learning Environment Significance Learning: • Shows students emphasis must be placed on process for students to experience success – Allowance for facilitated deep learning: • Teacher reviewing progress can provide suggestions/inspirations for continued discovery • In the case of PD/H/PE stage six assignment teacher/student contact can be maintained over the six week summer break, to provide inspiration and encouragement
  4. 4. Blogger as a reflection tool Intellectual Quality• Can aid teacher’s encouragement of Learning Environment Significancestudent metacognition – At the end of lessons, students have five minutes to respond questions set by the teacher that require: • reflection on the class, • key points to remember from the lesson, • Specifics that aided or hindered learning in the class• Students engage in the creation of knowledge and documents and begin to gain insight into their own learning.
  5. 5. Blogs in Conjunction with Intellectual Essays/Written Assignments Quality• Provides students with the opportunity Learning Significance Environmentto learn the importance of timemanagement and process in the preparationof an assignment of a high standard.• A teacher has the ability to reward marks for process and not just focus on product. – Achieved by stipulating a percentage of the finial marks based on a blogged journal to be maintained of student progression throughout the assignment. – Blogger will automatically log date and time, allowing monitoring of time management.
  6. 6. How is Blogger Relevant??? Intellectual Quality• Blogger & Significance NSW Quality Teaching – Using contemporary technology skills to Model Learning Significance engage student interest in the task Environment – Learning internet and multimedia skills that are relevant to the current globalization of communication • Video diary= Skype job interviews, Uploading documents= job applications/resume submissions/electronic submissions of quotes or other employment data
  7. 7. Accessing Students on Intellectual Quality Their Level! Learning Environment Significance• Many students already maintaintheir own blogs, such as facebook statusupdates, so this is heavily related to currentsocial trends to document personal experience. – For those who do not, they are expanding and improving their ICT skills.
  8. 8. How is Blogger Relevant??? Intellectual• Blogger & Learning Environment Quality – Teacher’s ability to mark student NSW Quality Teaching work/progress remotely Model Learning Environment Significance – Student’s uninterrupted access to their diary – Students have to ability to access their own diary to reiterate what knowledge and content they have already accessed – Prevents students from ‘lying’ and falsely filling in their diaries with incorrect dates (e.g. Writing out the while diary a day before its due) because it automatically provides the time and date – A students’ lack of access to internet/computer outside of school is a disadvantage
  9. 9. Easier for Teacher!! Intellectual Quality• The teacher can have online Learning Significanceimmediate access to student blogs, Environmentallowing – Continued monitoring, – Progressive, more efficient and effective marking, – Marking and observation without interrupting student access• Students can provide teacher/lesson feedback on teaching strategies, to ensure content and teaching methods are resulting in student learning
  10. 10. Without Student Blogs Intellectual Quality• Paper-based blogging allows Learning Environment Significancestudents to falsely complete theirdiary system, as students fill in their owndates of entry. Meaning they are able to make a whileprocess diary the night before the assignment is due.• As opposed to collecting work books periodically – Lots of paperwork to transport – Students unable to continue work without access to books. – Less efficient and effective method of studying due to large amounts of resources.
  11. 11. Blogger and the Visual Arts SyllabusAll Visual Arts students are required to maintain a diary NSW BoS Visual Arts 7-10 Syllabus CLICK HERE (NSW BoS Visual Arts Syllabus pg.17-18)Using Blogger to facilitate this satisfies the syllabus ICT & cross content curriculum by(NSW BoS Visual Arts Syllabus pg.17-18) : Learn and practise Allows students to learn to use a digitally manipulating practise researching multimedia tool to images, inserting into documents or electronically present information uploading to their Blog Digital record of Developing skills in collation and selection contemporary of research to inform technology skills; creative decisions Blogging, uploading photographic/video of a developing project, hyperlinking
  12. 12. Disadvantages.• Limitations include: – Disadvantage for students who may have limited online access outside of the school environment. – Students ability to place privacy on blogs. Ideally only the teacher would have viewing access to the students blogs, but this may be subject to student hacking if they possess sufficient skills.