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Jj204 assignment

  1. 1. JJ 204 TEKNOLOGI WORKSYOP 2 TUGASANTASK 1 1.1. Draw and label a schematic drawing of how you would check the core diameter of an external V-thread. 1.2. Using ‘best’ wire sizes determine the distance of the wire for M 20 x 2.5 ISO metric thread. 1.3. Why is the three-wire method is one of the best method of measuring the pitch diameter of a V thread? 1.4. With the aid of a labelled diagram, briefly explain how you would use an optical comparator to check the thread angle of 60o
  2. 2. JJ 204 TEKNOLOGI WORKSYOP 2 TUGASANTASK 2 1. Calculate for a 36Tgear of 5 mm module and 20o pressure angle, (a) plug size (b) distance over two plugs placed in opposite spaces, (c) distance over two plug s spaced 10 teeth apart. 2. State three (3) characteristics of the following gears i. helical gear ii. spur gear 3. Sketch and name six (6) parts of a spur gear
  3. 3. JJ 204 TEKNOLOGI WORKSYOP 2 TUGASANTASK 3 1. Explain why present-day standards relating to surface texture are very important to industry . 2. List and explain the types of defects found on surfaces. 3. Explain the following terms: a) roughness b) waviness c) lay
  4. 4. JJ 204 TEKNOLOGI WORKSYOP 2 TUGASANTASK 4SOALAN 1In detail, what is the NC, CNC and the DNC.SOALAN 2List FIVE advantages and disadvantages of a computer numerical controlsystemsSOALAN 3Describe 3 method of controlling machine (CNC) below. a) Machine tool b) Machine control unit (MCU) c) Control systemSOALAN 4Write a program to cut the components as shown below using the G90 and G91. 30 J20 70 35 30 45 60
  5. 5. JJ 204 TEKNOLOGI WORKSYOP 2 TUGASANTASK 5 1. Explain the term nonconsumable electrode. 2. What does the term inert signify? 3. List the gases used for shielding a welding arc. 4. Explain how TIG welding electrodes are shaped. 5. How far should the electrode extend beyond the nozzle of the TIG torch? 6. Explain why MIG welding is classified as a semiautomatic process.
  6. 6. JJ 204 TEKNOLOGI WORKSYOP 2 TUGASANTASK 6 1. Give an advantages and disadvantages of RP 2. Explain what the meaning of additive 3. Explain what the meaning of fused, stereo lithography, selective laser sintering, ballistic and laminated 4. Describe every process for the Generic RP Process Sequence below, CAD solid model Model repair and modification Produce STL file Slicing the file Final build file Fabrication Post processing 5. Explain rapid tooling uses.