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  1. 1. POLITEKNIK SULTAN SALAHUDDIN ABDUL AZIZ SHAH Mechanical Engineering Department LAB SHEETProgramme Diploma Engineering in MechanicalCourse Code J4102 : Mechanical Workshop Practices 4Title CNC TurningLab. No. J4102/JKM/L01.S01 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE (SO) : Upon completion of this laboratory, students should be able to: i. Conduct programming and operate CNC lathe machining works in actual or by simulation ACTION NAME & DESIGNATION SIGNATURE DATE Mohd Sharizan Mohd Sharif Prepared by: 20/09/2010 Course Lecturer Zulkhairi Checked by: 23/09/2010 Course Coordinator Zalaida Approved by: 24/09/2010 Programme Leader THEORY : CNC Turning machines and convertional turning machines each have the same basic components, such as the main motor, the spindle, the bed, the tool turret, the headstock, the cross-slide, the carriage and the way systems. However, CNC Turning machines, in addition, are outfitted with a computerized control and servomotors to operate them. Manual CNC Turning can be very versatile and productive machine tools, but when coupled with a CNC, they become the ‘high tech production turning machines’ of the machine shop. Additionally, repetitive operations such as turning, facing and boring are ideal machining applications for CNC Turning machines. CNC Turning machines can also be designed to include a variety of optional components and features. These options are basically designed to reduce setup time, part handling and cycle time. For J4102/JKM/L01.S01 | 24/09/2010 1/ 4
  2. 2. instance, one option for minimizing part handling time is to add a part loading magazine or a robot arm.The maximum spindle speed (RPM) of a CNC Turning machines can also very depending on the need orapplication. The factors that determine the spindle speed range selected can include the type of part materials,the part sizes and the annual part production quantities to be machined. Another factor that influences thespindle speed range is the type of tool cutter material that will be used, such as HSS, coated carbide,diamond and ceramic. High-production turning machines can be designed with dual chucks that enable a part to bemachined on both ends. Also, live tooling can be incorporated that allows milling and drilling at variousangles. Other options may include a second or third turret, a bar feeder, a parts catcher, a steady restfollower and a tool setter.APPARATUS : CNC Tuning Machine TNA300, Aluminium rod Ø19mmSAFETY PRECAUTION :There are several key factors to avoid or prevent any accident in the lab. 1. Work habits 2. Security self 3. Security when using the equipment 4. Housekeeping work 5. Focus attention and calm at work 6. Placing the cleanliness and neatness of dressPROCEDURE :A) CNC Turning Operating.  Switch on main  Select monitor.  On NC  Press HI to program.  On pump E) Simulation.B) Setting Reference Point  Select mode ‘ ON AUTO’  Set feed rate to 10%  Press M/C lock ( compulsory )  Mode selection switch at reference point  Press graphic  Off pump  Press H3 to trace  Off NC (about 10 second)  Press H5 to program  Do again step A  Press start button  Press ‘Dry Run’. ( base on programC) Edit File request )  Select edit  Increase feed override to …….  Choose file  Set rapid traverse to 25 .  Select file – input  Select monitor  Press H2 to search file.  Select file  Press H2 (to active program to input )D) Work Setting.  Claim work piece  Measure length work piece to …………( LW + 106)  Select edit button  Choose programming by press ……….. on screen  Go to G59 – change Z dimension. Total work piece + 106 = input……….. J4102/JKM/L01.S01 | 24/09/2010 2/ 4
  3. 3. Drawing Data T 0303 T 0404 T 1111 DATA REQUIRED FOR PROGRAM BUILD – UP 1. Program Number : O4433 4. Metal Working Data Facing 2. Rough Part : Feed : 0.25 mm/min Diameter = 20mm Cont cutting rate : 250 mm/min Length = 50mm Speed limit : 2000 rpm 3. Tools Roughing Facing : T0303 Feed 0.4 mm/min Cont cutting rate 250 mm/min Roughing : T0303 Speed limit : 2000 rpm Parting off : T1111 Parting off Feed 0.10 mm/min Cont cutting rate 300 mm/min Speed limit : 2500 rpm 5. Work piece Zero Point : 200 mm J4102/JKM/L01.S01 | 24/09/2010 3/ 4
  4. 4. TASK 1. Write the programming based on drawing information given 2. Key-in the programming to machine 3. Run the simulation on graphic profile 4. Run the machine to get the productREFERENCES : 1. Bawa. (2004). Manufacturing Process 1. McGraw-Hill 2. Bawa. (2004). Manufacturing Process 2. McGraw-Hill 3. Che Abas Che Ismail (2000). Rekabentuk Pembuatan Terbantu Komputer. UTM 4. S.K. Krar,J.W.Oswald.(1976) Technology of Machine Tools. McGraw-HillEVALUATION : NO ITEM MARKS (%) 1 Practical Task 60 2 Lab Report 40 Total Mark 100 J4102/JKM/L01.S01 | 24/09/2010 4/ 4