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Hughes Animal Presentation
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  • 1. The Common Octopus By Mr. Hughes S
  • 2. What a Common Octopus Looks LikeS Soft, bag shaped body with eight rubbery arms.S Can change color to match its surroundings.S Can weigh up to 3 pounds and can be 30 inches long.S Did you know an octopus has 240 suckers on each arm?
  • 3. A Common Octopus’s HabitatS Lives near the shore.S Likes to live alone.S Makes a den out of small spaces like a cave, rock, or even a tin can.S Did you know that a common octopus has no bones so it can fit in small spaces?
  • 4. A Common Octopus’s Diet S Its diet includes crabs, lobsters, clams, and shellfish. S Examines food with suckers and then carries food to its mouth. S Sprays poison on its food to paralyze or kill it. S Did you know that a common octopus cleans up its den with its siphon after it eats?
  • 5. How a Common Octopus Protects Itself S Big fish and moray eels are its enemies. S It does not fight, instead it tries to hide or escape. S Sprays ink to distract enemies. S Did you know that octopuses turn black when they are trying to escape?
  • 6. How a Common Octopus ReproducesS Female octopuses mate when they are 2 years old.S Lays 100,00 eggs at a time.S Eggs take four to six weeks to hatch.S Did you know that a female octopus dies after her eggs hatch?