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Pizza hut 1st feb

  2. 2. BackgroundThe world-renowned Pizza chain, globally known as ‘Pizza Hut’, wasinitiated in the year 1958 by brothers Dan and FrankCarney in their hometown of Wichita, Kansas.Pizza Hut Inc., commonly referred to simply as ‘Pizza Hut’, is an American restaurant chain and internationalfranchise that offers a variety of delicious Pizzas alongside othermouth-watering menu items including a wide range ofStarters, Soups & Salads, Pastas, Sandwiches ,Desserts and Beverages.
  3. 3. FRANK CARNEY & DAN CARNEY Opened the first hut
  4. 4. BackgroundPizza Hut Inc., commonly referred to simply as ‘Pizza Hut’,is an American restaurant chain and internationalfranchise that offers a variety of delicious Pizzas alongside othermouth-watering menu items including a wide range ofStarters, Soups & Salads, Pastas, Sandwiches ,Desserts and Beverages.
  5. 5.  The first Pizza Hut restaurant was only small, with enough room for 25 seats  The building looked like a hut... Pizza hut was bornPizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. There are more than 6,000 Pizza Hut restaurants in United States, and5,600+store located in 94 other countries across the World.
  6. 6. PIZZA HUTS VISION Pizza Huts vision is to be the worlds bestquick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value, so that theymake every customer in every restaurant smile. To achieve their vision, they are focused on three worldwide strategies:
  7. 7. OUR VISIONBe the Best EmployerDeliver operational excellenceAchieve Enduring Profitable Growth
  8. 8. PIZZA HUTS MISSION STATEMENT Pizza Hut serves millions of pizzas everyday to millions of customersworldwide. But our plans are like our pizzas - BIG!
  9. 9. OUR MISSIONTo be the most lover n trusted restaurants of the world Our Passion Great People Great Pizza & Great Time
  10. 10. Pizza Hut Pakistan Pizza Hut initiated its operations in Pakistan with its firstrestaurant way back in 1993. The journey that started then continues to this day, as the chain consists ofover 43 outlets spread all across Pakistan, and isarguably the largest restaurant chain in Pakistan. Karachi – the business hub of the nation – also servesas the most populous consumer focal point for Pizza Hut in Pakistan. The team at Pizza Hut has launched various amazing flavorsand toppings during our time here In addition to our beloved and timeless classics, and continually strivesto deliver new and ever-better tastes.
  11. 11. Pizza Hut Pakistan The critically acclaimed topping, Chicken Tikka, whichhas swept the world since its creation, was introduced for thefirst time in Pakistan. Our Customers prefer us because of our innovativeproducts and concepts, and the consistently high level ofservices and standards that we set and meet every day. This is the mantra we uphold in all our restaurants, touchingthe lives of hundreds and thousands on a dailybasis.
  12. 12. Fun Facts in Pizza Hut History Pizza hut are the worlds largest user of cheese, one oftheir secret recipes is the Insider pizza and that alone uses a pound of cheese.on each pizza. Over the course of a summer it is estimated that Pizza hut uses a Pizza Hut uses more than 300100 million pounds of cheese.million pounds of cheese annually. To make that amount of cheese requires 360 million gallons ofmilk. Pizza Hut purchases more than 3 percent of all cheese production in theUnited States , which requires a herd of about 170,000 dairy cows toproduce it. They also use 700.000.000 pounds of pepperoniand 525.000.000 pound of tomatoes in one year.
  13. 13. Fun Facts in Pizza Hut History In 2010 Pizza hut history was made again, when they were thefirst national pizza franchise to allow their customers to order onlinein Spanish.Ringo Starr (the drummer of the Beatles) played in a Pizza Hutcommercial in 1995, together with The Monkees.Gorbachev (the former president of the USSR) also played in a PizzaHut commercial.Pizza Hut sponsored a pizza delivery to theinternational space station.One of the bad guys in the movie Spaceballs is called Pizza the Hutt. The oldest Pizza Hut that is still functional is in Wichita,Kansas.
  15. 15. PRODUCT LINE Starters Soupes & Salads Pastas Sandwiches Pizzas Desserts Beverages
  16. 16. STARTERS CHICKEN WINGS ▲Oven baked hot & spicy chicken wings. Rs. 170 for 6 Pcs. Rs. 320 for 12 Pcs.
  17. 17. STARTERS SPICY WEDGES ▲Crispy potato wedges covered with spicy herbs & seasonings. Rs. 105
  18. 18. BEHARI CHICKEN SPIN ROLLS ▼ 4 pieces of spin rolls, rolled in Tortilla bread, stuffed with our special behari chicken chunks, sweet corn and jalapenos. Served with a sauce for dipping. Rs. 245STARTERS
  19. 19. GARLIC BREAD Four pieces of freshly baked French bread with garlic butter & herb toppings. Rs. 105 GARLIC BREAD SUPREME Four baked pieces of garlic bread smothered with melted, real mozzarella cheese. Rs. 145 S GARLIC MUSHROOMS TSliced mushrooms, oven baked in garlic butter, served piping hot with garlic bread. Rs. 145 A R T E R S
  20. 20. SOUPS AND SALADS SWEET CORN AND CHICKEN SOUP ▲A prelude to a perfect meal - our very own thickchicken soup with sweet corn, chicken and fresh vegetables. Rs. 85
  21. 21. SOUPS AND SALADS MEXICAN TOMATO BEAN SOUP ▲A rich combination of our creamy tomato soup, corn, red kidney beans, cabanossi, fresh vegetables andboiled macaroni. A little on the spicy side – this one is quite a treat! Rs. 85
  22. 22. SOUPS AND SALADS SALAD BAR ▲ A scrumptious variety of garden fresh vegetablesthat will tempt you to create your very own favourite salad topped with our classic dressings. Rs. 270 per visit
  23. 23. PASTAS LASAGNA FLORENTINE ▲ Classic layers of lasagna noodles filled with richmeaty sauce and topped with Alfredo spinach sauce and mozzarella cheese. A hearty dish for a hearty appetite! Rs. 309
  24. 24. PASTAS CREAMY TOMATO PENNE ▲ Penne pasta covered in a rich and flavorful tomatocream sauce, tender chicken strips and mushrooms.Topped with mozzarella cheese and freshly chopped parsley. Rs. 309
  25. 25. FETTUCCINE ALFREDO ▼ We mix fettuccine noodles with Chicken strips and a rich and creamyAlfredo sauce and top it off with mozzarella cheese and freshly chopped parsley. Rs. 309 PASTAS
  26. 26. SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE ▼ A dish of hearty and meaty sauce With mushrooms, served overSpaghetti noodles, topped with mozzarella cheese. Rs. 309 PASTAS
  27. 27. SANDWICHES PHILLY STEAK SANDWICH ▲Succulent philly steak shavings, lettuce, cucumber,tomato, mustard, mayo, mozzarella and parmesan cheese on our signature sandwich bread. Rs. 349
  28. 28. MEXICAN CHICKEN SANDWICH ▼ A hearty sandwich of our ownmarinated spicy chicken breast fillets, garlic mayo,lettuce, cucumber, tomato and mozzarella cheese. Rs. 299SANDWICHES
  29. 29. TUNA MELT SANDWICH ▼ Here’s a treat for seafood lovers! Tuna, black olives, onions, lettuce, jalapenos,parmesan and mozzarella cheese served on our famous bread. Rs. 289SANDWICHES
  30. 30. DIFFERNERT TYPES OF BASESThis one made Pizza A ring of soft meltedHut famous! This is cheese is bakedthe perfect thick and right into the crust.tasty golden crust, The pizza you‘llcrispy on the outside, want to eatsoft and chewy on the backwards!inside. Our thin crust is An exciting twist to perfectly baked so the stuffed crust pizza, you can taste the now enjoy a spicy delicious flavor of seekh kebab baked each of your favorite into the crust. toppings along with a crispy crunch.
  31. 31. •SUPREME▲A delicious combination of 6 tasty toppings:beef pepperoni, cabanossi, beef, onions,green peppers and mushrooms.•CHICKEN SUPREME ▲Spicy chicken, chicken fajita, smokedchicken, onions, green peppers,olives & mushrooms.Regular Rs. 529 / Large Rs. 769(Pan or Thin)Large Rs. 869(Stuffed Crust or Seekh Kebab StuffedCrust)•SUPER SUPREME ▲Enjoy a delightful blend of beef pepperoni, smoked chicken, cabanossi, beef,onions, green peppers, olives & mushrooms with double the amount of topping.Regular Rs. 559 / Large Rs. 809(Pan or Thin)Large Rs. 909(Stuffed Crust or Seekh Kebab Stuffed Crust) PIZZA’S
  32. 32. CHICKEN TIKKA ▲A specially developed recipe for Pakistan – topped with chicken tikka andonions.CHICKEN FAJITA ▲An authentic taste of Mexico, marinated chicken, onions and green pepperswith special herbs and spices.THE EURO ▲A scrumptious combination of mushrooms,green peppers, cabanossi, smoked chicken,tomatoes & olives.FAJITA SICILIAN ▲A delicious blend of fajita chicken, onions,green peppers, green chillies and lots of cheese.AFGHANI TIKKA ▲A new addition - topped with Afghani Tikka chunksand onion on a special creamy pizza sauce.Regular Rs. 509 / Large Rs. 749(Pan or Thin)Large Rs. 849(Stuffed Crust or Seekh Kebab Stuffed Crust) PIZZA’S
  33. 33. SHAWARMA PIZZA ▲An innovative treat- sure to become a housefavorite! This pizza boasts of loads ofLebanese style meat, onions, olives,tomatoes, jalapenos and mozzarella cheese.Specially garnished with a shawarmasauce,this one’s sure to excite!.Regular Rs. 549 / Large Rs. 779(Pan or Thin)Large Rs. 879(Stuffed Crust or Seekh Kebab Stuffed Crust)BEHARI CHICKEN PIZZA ▲Another sizzling innovation! Beharimasala marinated chicken chunks, onion, green chillies - topped with loads ofmozzarella cheese and specially garnished with fried onion, ginger juliennes,parsley and a wedge of lemon!Regular Rs. 549 / Large Rs. 779(Pan or Thin)Large Rs. 879(Stuffed Crust or Seekh Kebab Stuffed Crust) PIZZA’S
  34. 34. MEAT LOVERS ▲A combination of three delicious types ofmeat - pepperoni, beef & cabanossi.Regular Rs. 509 / Large Rs. 749(Pan or Thin)Large Rs. 849(Stuffed Crust or Seekh Kebab Stuffed Crust)HOT & SPICY ▲For those who like it hot – green chillies,beef, onions & tomatoes.Regular Rs. 509 / Large Rs. 749(Pan or Thin)Large Rs. 849(Stuffed Crust or Seekh Kebab Stuffed Crust) PIZZA’S
  35. 35. CHEESE LOVERS ▲A massive layer of melted 100% real cheese.Regular Rs. 529 / Large Rs. 769(Pan or Thin)Large Rs. 869(Stuffed Crust or Seekh Kebab Stuffed Crust)VEGGIE LOVERS ▲A colorful medley of tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, black olives & green peppers.Regular Rs. 509 / Large Rs. 749(Pan or Thin)Large Rs. 849(Stuffed Crust or Seekh Kebab Stuffed Crust) PIZZA’S
  36. 36. PROCESSReady to cook frozen food Initiator Processing martial Delivery to Serving customer counter
  37. 37. DESSERTSSTRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE ▲ Lemon Cheesecake ▲A scrumptious strawberry flavored Rich and creamy New York stylecheesecake, generously topped with cheesecake garnished with smoothstrawberries and thick strawberry chocolate sauce. The classic you justsauce; garnished with sauce and have to have!whipped cream. A sweet way to end Rs. 195the day!Rs. 195
  38. 38. DESSERTS ICE CREAM ▼ Two scoops of ice cream (strawberry, chocolate or vanilla) topped with your choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce, withCHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE ▲ wafers.A chocolate lovers dream! This Rs. 105dark chocolate cheesecake comeswith real chocolate chunks and istopped with dark chocolateshavings, garnished withwhipped cream and a drizzle ofchocolate sauce.Rs. 195
  39. 39. DESSERTSTRIPLE TREAT ▼ BROWNIE A LA MODE ▼ CHOCOLICIOUSHave your cake and eat it A spectacular serving of the BROWNIE ▼too! Three easy-to-eat sized ultimate brownie, topped with A rich and decadent treatslices of our scrumptious arch chocolate sauce, served made with the finestLemon, Strawberry and with a scoop of vanilla ice chocolate, perfect endingChocolate cheesecakes. A cream, topped with a cherry! for your meal.treat for the whole family! Rs. 205 Rs. 155Rs. 290
  40. 40. BEVERAGES Hot TeaSOFT DRINK ▲ Rs. 50Rs. 85 Serves 1Rs. 260 Pitcher Serves 4 COFFEE Rs. 70 CAPPUCCINO Rs. 70FRESH LIME ▲ MINERAL WATERRs. 85 Serves 1 Rs. 50 Small ORANGE JUICERs. 260 Pitcher Serves 4 Rs. 95 Large Rs. 85
  42. 42. PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATIONPizza Hut products can be differentiatedon the basis of following attributes.Reliability of productFeaturesof product (presentationpackaging etc.)Style (product’s look and feel to buyer)Symbols or trade mark of Pizza Hut
  43. 43. SEASONALLYThere is very little seasonally is present in theproduct of Pizza Hut. If you analyze the trend ofsales for Pizza Hut, it will be clear that that salehave been increased duringSummer vacation.At week endsAfter mid nightAt special events e.g. Eids , New year nightIndependence Day etc.
  44. 44. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATIONAt Pizza Hut we are proud of thequality of our food and passionateabout providing a vast selection forour customers to choose from. Wehave put together all the nutritionalinformation you could need so thatyou can balance your menu choicesand have the full picture of whatsin your Pizza Hut favorites !
  45. 45. MANAGMENT
  46. 46. MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT1) For the purpose of managing as well as maintaining machines there is GPM (General Purpose Maintenance) person available at every pizza hut outlet.2) He know how to repair MACHINE, HOW TO change temperature and incase of any failure how to temporary make the machine work.3) There is one IT person available to check system or software failure. This enables Pizza Hut to be prepared for any small breakdown affecting there business at any particular time. They have made a proactive management
  47. 47. MATERIALS MANAGEMENT1. Since pizza hut has most of its inputs( vegetables, cheese ,topping sauce, imported vegetables) perishable, it has to be stored at a particular level of temperature.2. This is done by Restaurant Support System of YUM Restaurants.3. Whenever the things are taken from their Bills are issued to a particular outlet and these bills are paid monthly.4. This has reduced loss due to spoilage by a great extent.
  48. 48. PHYSICAL EVDINCEa) Cleanliness , speed , quality and transparencyb) Attractive interiorsc) Extra care is given to make the joints children friendlyd) Various entertainment -Play areas for kids -music
  49. 49. QUALITY MANAGEMENT To ensure stringent international bench-marks in the quality ofproducts and services at all its restaurants across the world, Pizza Huthas a mystery shopper program in which an unknown official visits a restaurant and evaluates it on certain defined parameters called C.H.A.M.P.S. that stand for Cleanliness, Hospitality, Accuracy, Maintenance, Product quality and Speed. Based on the report submitted by the official, This is the most important for a food chain like Pizza Hut. All the employees’ back of-the-house i.e. the kitchen assistants are trainedaccordingly. They are given extra classes in order to meet the quality standards set by Pizza Hut around the world. This strategy is important in order to satisfy the CHAMPS. This strategy is strictly implemented in Pizza Hut in order to fulfill the quality standards.
  50. 50. ENVIONRMENTMICRO•Competitors•Supplier•CustomerMACRO•P•E•S•T
  51. 51. Micro environmentCompetitors Suppliers customers
  52. 52. competitorsPizza trackItalian pizzaPapa geno’sLFCDomino’s pizza
  53. 53. SuppliersPizza Hut is supplied by acorporation called "Yum!,"which uses many differentsuppliers from around the world, and does business with several restaurant chains worldwide
  54. 54. CustomersPizza hut attracts its customers by evolving its menu according to the needs of its customers Pizza hut has introduced a range of productswhich are suited to the pakistani people palateBeside offering vegetarian pizzas it also offers non-vegetarian pizza.
  55. 55. Macro environmentPolitical Economic Technological Social factors factors factors factors
  56. 56. 1. As we know that political factors consists of laws government agencies and pressure groups that influence and limit various organizations and individuals in a given society2. There are not many political factors in Pakistan affecting Pizza Hut as is lack of competition.
  57. 57. 1. As we know economic factors are those factors that affect consumer buying power and spending pattern2. . In our survey we came to know that most of the people in the beginning of the months spend more and they visit pizza hut very often. When the inflation rate increases the cost of raw material also increases and this leads towards high prices of the products and vice versa
  58. 58. 1. Pizza hut is a multinational and it is basically originated from America so the organization is overwhelmed by western culture. Every country has cultural norms, values, beliefs and religion which can affect the organization.
  59. 59. 1. Baking and heating oven have improved our service efficiency2. People can order pizzas online through internet3. organization can advertise their products with much more faster pace4. New vehicles have made their service more efficient
  60. 60. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHSGood quality foodBrand identityISO certifiedFull service dine in as well as delivery servicesBirthday parties
  61. 61. SWOT Analysis WEAKNESSESParking facilitiesAdvertisings are very lessStill fewer outletsNo CSR (corporate social responsibility, a conceptwhereby organizations take responsibility for theimpact of their activities)Mostly in urban
  62. 62. SWOT Analysis OPPORTUNITIESMore outlets should be openMore attractive environmentAttractive offers should be introducedDiversify in products for taste as McDonalds
  63. 63. SWOT Analysis THREATSMany competitors entered in PAKISTAN likein Multan Pizza track, papa genos etcCharges low price then pizza hutEthnic foods
  64. 64. THANKS FORLISTENING!!!!!!!!