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Strategic Management Plan 2

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Goodner kh smp2

  1. 1. SMP2: VISION, PHILOSOPHY, & MISSION 1 Strategic Management Plan SMP2: Vision, Philosophy, & Mission Linking Media Programs to Learning K. Hope Goodner Georgia Southern University
  2. 2. SMP2: VISION, PHILOSOPHY, & MISSION 2 Philosophy In support of the Wilkinson County School District’s mission, Higher Levels of Learning – Every Student, Every Day, the Wilkinson County Middle High School Media Center holds a philosophy to support each student’s highest level of education by providing access to all forms of media in an environment that promotes willing engagement in the independent and supported learning processes. With this in mind, the media center aims to provide each student with appropriate knowledge, skills, tools, and support to be successful in all of their educational endeavors, whether they are required or extracurricular. As a productive part of the school environment, the Wilkinson County Middle High School Media Center collaborates with classroom teachers to provide students with the necessary 21st Century skills and knowledge to make knowledge readily accessible; provides staff with resources to use in and out of the classroom to increase student achievement; and constantly evaluates itself through student, staff, and community surveys to determine where improvements can be made. Through the inclusion of diverse media formats, current technology, strategic planning, and ongoing reflection, the media center and staff desire to open the doors of the media center as a nucleus for learning of all sorts. With the roles of the 21st Century Librarian in mind, this will be achieved by providing a 21st Century learning environment, fostering a love of reading and writing, and promoting the effective use of information and communications technology. In the media center, students will have a broad access to information, while maintaining an ethical use of that information as outlined in the Standards for The 21st Century Leaner, found at the American Association of School Librarians’ website.
  3. 3. SMP2: VISION, PHILOSOPHY, & MISSION 3 Mission Empowering and Inspiring Learners to Maximize Their Educational Experiences
  4. 4. SMP2: VISION, PHILOSOPHY, & MISSION 4 References AHS Library Media Center - Mission Statement. (2013). Retrieved February 20, 2014, from ondetailid=7218 American Association of School Librarians (2009). Empowering learners: Guidelines for school library programs. Chicago, Ill: American Association of School Librarians. New Canaan High School Media Center (2013, April 3). NCHS Library Media Center - Mission & Philosophy. Retrieved February 20, 2014, from id=32925& Standards for the 21st-Century Learner | American Association of School Librarians (AASL). (2014). Retrieved February 20, 2014, from guidelines/learning-standards Wilkinson County Middle High School Media Center (2013, September 28).wilcomediacenter [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Welcome. Retrieved February 20, 2014, from