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Independent reading
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Independent reading


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  • 1. Independent Reading Third Marking Period
  • 2. The Book
    • Any grade level appropriate book, 200 pages
    • Not on the curriculum for 9-12
    • Must be approved by Monday
    • After Monday, required to have with you in class everyday
    • Your final grade for this assignment will be determined by a project.
  • 3. The Project
    • You may choose one of the following to showcase the book that you read. All projects must be turned in and ready for presentation on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd. All projects are technology based! If you have questions or other ideas (that are also technology based), please see me. The sites and programs suggested are just that—suggestions—however, they are all able to be viewed at school. If you are going to use something different, let’s check it out to make sure it’s compatible and not blocked especially those of you who are MAC people.
  • 4. Talkies
    • On this website, you choose an image, record sound, and make your image “speak.” You can choose a picture of yourself, main characters, animals, etc. Your blabbers should summarize the book, cover the main characters and the theme. You are limited to 30 seconds per blabber, so you will have to do at least 4 to accomplish your goal.
    • Example:
  • 5. Movies
    • Movie. Using Windows Movie Maker,,, or any of the other programs the kids are using to make the movies these days, create a “movie” about your book. The movie can be a dramatic recreation of part of the book, or it can be a highlight video that covers plot summary, main characters, themes, etc. A movie trailer for a film based on your book is another way to go. Minimum two minutes long.
  • 6. Website/Blog
    • Website. Create a website using,,, or about your book. You have really two different options for this. One, you can create a blog/website as if you were one of the main characters and write about the book from their perspective. Two, you can dedicate your blog/website to the entire book, covering plot, themes, main characters, etc.
    • Example:
  • 7. Podcast
    • Podcast. Record a book talk about your book. (Similar to option 1, but without the graphic.) Audacity is a free program that works for windows and macs that will record if you have access to a computer with a microphone. (Many have them embedded.) You should summarize the book, main characters, themes, etc. Minimum two minutes. Be creative.
    • Example:
  • 8. Photoalbum
    • Photo album. Create a photo album for one of the characters in your book. Put it together as a smartboard presentation. You must caption your photos so that we understand their purpose. Think about photoshop and as creative ways to do this. Minimum 15 pictures and captions. is another way to do this.
    • Example: