English III Orientation
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English III Orientation



An introduction to how to work in English III online

An introduction to how to work in English III online



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English III Orientation English III Orientation Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to English III !! Carole Ezell Home Office: 727 619-0078 Fax: 239 334-3705 [email_address] Did you know? All FLVS courses are provided free of charge to any student in the state of Florida!
  • Surfing through the Orientation
    • Navigating the course
    • How to submit work
    • Good Communication
    • FLVS Policies
  • Entering FLVS
    • Go to FLVS website
    • Sign In with Username & Password
    • Go to VSA (Virtual School Administrator)
    • Sign In with same Username & Password
    • Sent to Dashboard like Main Hallway at School
    • Select Options
      • Go to Student Records like Guidance Office File Cabinet
      • Go to VSA Mailbox (school wide mail) like School Locker
      • Go to Specific Course ~ English III Virtual Classroom
  • English III
    • English III is a full-credit course, consisting of two half credits in Segments 1 and 2
    • You may be enrolled in Segment 1, Segment 2, or both
    • Each segment is designed to take 18 weeks at the traditional pace, or 36 weeks for the full credit
  • How can I tell if my course is Active?
  • How do I know my grade, how long I’ve been in the class, and when to contact my teacher?
    • Course Details
      • Date Course Started
      • Weeks Active (use with Pace Chart)
      • % of Course Completed
      • Current Grade
    • Last Contact
      • Student + Guardian + Instructor
      • Red ? Monthly Call Overdue
    Call Right Away!
  • Accessing the Course Once you log in through the Dashboard, you’ll see a screen that looks like this
  • Start with Pace
    • You may choose to work at the Traditional or Accelerated pace
    • Print out your pace chart from the Course Information area and fill in your due dates
  • What is a Pace Chart?
    • The pace chart will help you manage your assignments to complete the course. It is a good idea to put a start date for each week so that you will always know what is due when.
    6/10 6/17 6/24 7/1 7/8 7/15 7/22 7/29 8/7 8/13 8/20 8/27 9/3 9/10 9/17 9/24
  • Tracking (Find this pace chart in Ms. Ezell’s Corner of Discussion Group)
    • Your work is due on Sunday.
    • I have a paper pace chart with your name on it.
    • I check on Fridays and then again on Mondays to see if you’ve submitted the minimum amount of work due.
    • You’ll see a reminder from me on Friday if you haven’t turned in the minimum work due yet.
    • Work ahead whenever possible. Do more than the minimum!!!
  • For basic questions about submitting assignments, accessing the lessons, and so on, Course Information should always be your first stop. You’ll find great tutorials and valuable information. Visit Course Information and read through the Educator Orientation Now What?
  • Get Started Segment 1: Modules 1-4 Segment 2: Modules 5-8 Click here Then here
  • Module Layout
    • Vocabulary words are used throughout each Module culminating in a vocabulary test
    • Reading, writing, and creating exercises fill the Modules
    • Modules 1, 2, 4, and 6 end with an Oral Assessment
    • Followed by an Exam
    • Followed by a Module Survey
    For success it’s very important to do lessons in order.
  • Finding Your Lessons Select the Drop Down Menu of the Module in which you are working next
  • Lesson Layout Read the lesson carefully! Introduces Lesson In depth information Assignment Answer all the questions. next
  • Assignment Guidelines
    • Write in complete sentences
    • Spell check your work
    • Answer all the questions
    • Number all the questions
    • Label all the parts (A, B, etc.)
    • Include your name on the assignments
    • Save the assignments with a name and number . (Example: Lesson 103 William Bradford)
    • DO NOT use any punctuation in your lesson numbers
    Remember to submit a minimum of 3-4 Assignments per week
  • How do I submit assignments?
  • How do I save files before submitting?  Save the file with the Module and Assignment number using an underscore.  Save the file with an .rtf extension. This ensures that your teachers will be able to open and read the file. RIGHT WAY 2_01 WRONG WAY 2.01
    • When your assignment is graded, you will be able to see the grade and the feedback in your grade book
    • Many assignments
    • can be revised, so
    • you may submit again.
    • For a grade below
    • a C, revision is
    • expected.
    Click here Then here Check your Gradebook!
  • What is my grade? Information on individual assignments Information on your overall grade
  • Your Responsibilities
    • To stay active in English III you must:
    • Access the course and submit the minimum number of assignments each week (usually two to three on the traditional pace)
    • *remember to submit more than minimum whenever possible
    • Fulfill communication requirements – monthly phone calls and oral assessments
  • Oral Assessments
    • At the ends of modules 1, 2, 4, and 6
    • Call when you get there, or email
    • to set up an appointment
    • Do not skip over oral components
    • Might want to review notes before calling -- you won’t be asked to remember specific dates or places, but you should should be comfortable talking about the authors and lessons in the module.
  • Communications from your teachers
    • Check your Email at least every couple of
    • days, if not daily!
    • Also, check your Gradebook at least once a
    • week to review grades and feedback on
    • assignments you’ve submitted.
    • We will need to have a monthly phone call where
    • I’ll speak with you and a parent/guardian.
  • Communicating with my teachers
    • Oral quizzes are required to pass the course. Call when you come to one in the course.
    • Call back as soon as you can when I have left you a message.
    • When leaving a message, include your name and phone number with the area code.
    • You are allowed 2 weeks to use for vacation or emergency reasons, but please remember to let me know when you will be taking time off.
  • Want a little help? Check out Ms. Ezell’s Corner in the Discussion Groups. I’ve posted files to help with tricky assignments, notes, study guides, and other things I think might help you. Check it out!!
  • Technical Problems? Submit a help ticket http://help.flvs.net Speak directly to tech support: 1-866-322-8324 Be sure to let me know asap if you are having technical problems that keep you from submitting work in the course
  • English III – American Lit. 1492 present In English III, we study American literature from the Colonial period to the present. We study the literature within the context of the time period in which it was created, so you will study both literature and history. The theme of the course is organized around a newspaper, so you will also learn about being a reporter, the different elements of a newspaper, etc.
  • Required Books You will need To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee for Module 6 You will need T he House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros for Module 7
  • FLVS Policies
    • Monthly Phone Calls
    • 28-Day Grace Period
    • Academic Integrity
  • Monthly Phone Calls
    • You and parent/guardian must speak with a teacher once a month.
    • I send out notification at least a week before
    • Call or email me
    • to set up time
    • I’m available
    • 8-8 every weekday
    • Trial period
    • If you are withdrawn at any
    • time in first 28 days, no
    • grade
    • Withdrawn after grace period, a
    • WF (withdrawal failing) will appear on transcript
  • Importance of Staying on Pace
    • It is very important that you stay on pace and complete assignments each week, in order to successfully complete the course!
    • If you fall more than two weeks behind pace, you may be dropped from the course.
    • Communicate with me if
    • you are unable to complete
    • work or need help with an
    • assignment.
  • Academic Integrity
    • In registering for this class, you agree to submit your own authentic work, not borrowed from another student or another source without giving them credit
    • FLVS policy is you may be removed from the course if you don’t abide by this policy
    • We use programs like turnitin.com to verify that your work is your own
  • Turnitin.com
    • Instructors utilize technology where we can check for authenticity of student work.
  • Feeling Confused?
    • No worries…that is what I’m here for, to help guide you!
    • I’m available from 8am-8pm.
    • Phone calls and emails will
    • usually be returned within 24 hours and assignments graded within 48 hours!
    • Questions?
    Carole Ezell Home Office: 727 619-0078 Fax: 239 334-3705 [email_address] Yvetta Jones Home Office: 954.628.4639 yjones@flvs.net