MLB and Geolocation


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Business case for MLB's use of geolocation. Although MLB is developing a proprietary check-in application there is still a need to utilize a geolocation application with a strong user base.

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  • That's actually pretty genius! I never thought of that with foursquare. Foursquare has a ton of potential.
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MLB and Geolocation

  1. 1. Engaging Fans at Home or the Ballpark For MLB Advanced Media By Matthew Settipane June 1, 2010
  2. 2. Overview foursquare Helps Find New Ways to Connect With Customers • MLB can be first major sport’s organization into the geolocation market • Launch Summer 2010 • Take advantage of foursquare’s buzz (i.e., NBC Today Show partnership) • Open new channels to market to fans
  3. 3. Mobile Access Reach customers at the ballpark or the local pub • foursquare allows simple check-in at the ballpark • Engage fans during the game (e.g., seat upgrades, discount burger in the 8th inning) • Partner with local “team bars” for cross promotions when fans check-in locally • Leverage the 5 billion cell phone users in the world and almost 90% of households in United States
  4. 4. Process Flow – User at Ballpark 1. User arrives and selects “Check-In Here” on phone - they can see who else they know at the ballpark, get tips on which food stand serves the crispiest French Fries and softest pretzels 2. Local teams control what offers they give frequent visitors, mayors and everyone else (free hotdogs and ice cream or perhaps a seat upgrade) Simplicity makes it fun and usable
  5. 5. Desktop Access Reach Customers at Their Desk and Bring the Ballpark to Them • Customized MLB page on foursquare Major League Baseball • Controllable team pages • Push messages to baseball fans • Update fans on events at the ballpark • @ Yankee Stadium: It’s bat day for the first 10,000 fans. Watch the Yankees take on the Boston Red Sox. Game starts at 7:30PM. Allow fans to earn team specific badges @ Nationals Park: Win or lose come enjoy the • Challenge fans to earn all 30 team badges fireworks after the game on 4th of July. Oh, if you didn’t know Strasburg is pitching tonight. @ Dodger Stadium: It’s going to be sunny. Well of course, it’s LA. Come to the park and watch Manny do what Manny does. Let fans be fanatical @ Rangers Ballpark: Doubleheader this weekend. Cheer on the Rangers as they close out their homestand.
  6. 6. Effort Big Bang Launch • Kick-off with all 30 MLB teams • Provide marketing material and selection of potential check-in specials • Co-market / announce with foursquare MLB’s partnership • Launch all locations at once Test Case Launch • Select a few teams and restaurants/pubs • Provide marketing material and selection of potential check-in specials • Quiet launch and collect feedback • Fine tune and prepare for full launch
  7. 7. Cost Effort and Cost to Setup and Maintain foursquare Project Effort Cost Examples foursquare MLB Landing Page Free Provided by foursquare, MLB responsible for updating page Individual Team Landing Pages Free Provided by foursquare website, Stadium Signage (Check-In Here in homerun Advertising Minimal territory) and big screens, broadcast booth announcements on radio and TV Training Time Teleconference training Process for designing check-in specials and measuring success at Documentation Time all locations Goods Provided Various Attempt to push sales to underselling items foursquare provides the infrastructure and user base
  8. 8. Benefits Measure Results Type Special Metric Result Check-In $1.00 off Souvenir Cup Soda # Souvenir Cups Sold Increase sales to specific products Mayor Seat Upgrade # Repeat Check-Ins Reward loyalty, create buzz Frequency Free Pretzel (every 5th visit) # Repeat Check-Ins Increase repeat business # Coupons Used, Wild Card 20% off Souvenir Shop Coupon Drive unexpected sales Sales Made Make a fan happy (let everyone else Mayor Photo on big screen # Repeat Check-Ins know about MLB’s geolocation effort) Check-In Welcome to ballpark text Total # of check-ins Increase attendance at ballpark
  9. 9. Know Your Customer Statistics Provided by foursquare Once a team claims their venue on foursquare, they'll be able to check real time stats about their venue, including: • Track how “specials” are working • Most recent visitors • Most frequent visitors • Time of day people check in • Total number of unique visitors • Histogram of check-ins per day • Gender breakdown of customers
  10. 10. Engage with foursquare Summary • Fans compete against fans to be mayor of their favorite team • Increase revenue at ballparks and local retail shops • Allow teams to collect usable data on fan base • Partner and build relationships with restaurants, pubs and clubs • Utilize foursquare (and other social media channels) like you would email or the telephone