Extending the reach of your Microsoft Dynamics AX Application with the next-gen tools


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Extending the reach of the business application to more users in the organization leads to better data management and better access to information.
After a short intro on Microsoft Dynamics AX you will learn about the new MS Office Add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics AX and discover the mobile capabilities for end users within the travel and expense module.
Learn how to create state-of-the-art, self-service BI solutions for Dynamics AX 2012 using SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot for SharePoint, BISM and Power View.

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  • DescriptionIn het volgende voorbeeld gaan we een sales director hebben die maandelijks moet rapporteren aan de board of directors. Eén van de rapporten die hij daarboor gebruikt is een lijst van de opportuniteiten AxSales and Marketing > Common > Opportunities > All opportunitiesExport to ExcelExcelFilter toepassen op de status (status active)Veld toevoegen (estimated revenue)Integratie met Excel (Formule =F2*D2/100 + celopmaak $ + conditional formatting data bars)
  • DescriptionIn de volgede demo moet de IT department een tool aanleveren om de budgetten te beheren. Aangezien alle afdelingen over excel beschikken wordt excel als herkenbare client gebruikt. De wijzigingen vanuit excel worden in Ax doorgevoerd.AxShow Connection to AxShow CEU/Budgeting/Common/Budget register entries  draftsExcelAdd Datasource: Budget serviceAdd fields Enterynumer / Default date / Budget model / Budget codeAdd fields Entery number / Date / Line number / Currency / LedgerDim.MainAccount / Comment / Transaction currency amountFilter comment !””status draftEdit linesPublishShow modification in AxGroup in ExcelCreate matrix Original voor budgetCreate matrix Adjustments voor Adjustment coderename Tab 1 to Detailrename Tab 2 to OverviewAdd matrix Original / Addjustmenton Tab OverviewAddComment on TabOverviewEdit the adjustment on taboverviewShow new values on the Tab DetailShow update in Ax
  • DescriptionIn de volgende demo maken we een brief om nieuwe klanten te verwelkomenWordOpen TechDays_NewCustBlanco.dotCreateconnection in WordAdd datasource Accounts Receivable CustReplace bookmarks in wordShow Developer modeSave the documentEPGo to the portalUpload document to document libraryAxGo to CEU/Organizationadministration/Setup/Document TypesShow template VBActivate new templateGo to CEU/Accounts receivable/Common/Customers/AllcustomersGenerate templateToon document automatisch toegevoegd via documentbeheer
  • AxSales and Marketing > Common > Opportunities > All opportunitiesExport to ExcelExcelFilter toepassen op de status (status active)Veld toevoegen (estimated revenue)Integratie met Excel (Formule =F2*D2/100 + celopmaak $ + conditional formatting data bars)
  • Kenny Peetermans:SQL Server and BI consultant with a focus on the integration with Dynamics AX.Jeroen  getting data in AX and editing itKenny  getting that data out and analyzing it
  • Data often resides all over the companyExcel sheetsCustom appsDynamics AXBI:Gathering data from multiple sources transform it1 unified view on your datadecision makers have a single version of the truth
  • Dynamics AX clientAOTQueriesTECH_CustomersTECH_CustomerTransactionsOrganization AdministrationSetup  Document Management  Document Data SourcesExcelPowerPivot WindowShow data source possibilitiesFrom Data Feedshttp://localhost:8101/dynamicsax/services/odataqueryservicePulls data into workbook memoryCreate PK for CustomerCreate FK for CustomerTransactionCreate relationship FK to PKPull in DateTable Excel file (use first row as column header !!)Rename Date sheetFormat datesCreate relationship in Diagram View from transdate to dateCreate PivotChart on existing worksheetExcelsheetToo many fields availablePowerPivot WindowHide recid, PK and FKExcelsheetRefreshRename sheet to CustomersDrag AccountNum, CustGroupSlicer DataareaidRename second sheet to SalesCreate PivotTable with custgroup, customername and amountmstHide other sheets and remove filtersFile  Save & Send  Save to SharePoint  PowerPivot Gallery  CustomerSalesWhile saving, open Internet ExplorerSharePointhttp://devtalkPowerPivot GalleryOpen CustomerSales  Slice and Refresh  Analysis Services for loadingClose CustomerSalesShow buttons and mention ability to automate refreshCreate Power View reportPower ViewAdd title Customer Sales ReportDrag Customername and amountmstResize and sortDrag AmountmstChoose scatterX  invoiceY  amountmstSize  accountnumColor  CustGroupPlayAxis  MonthNameDrag amountmst and countryregionidChoose column
  • Extending the reach of your Microsoft Dynamics AX Application with the next-gen tools

    1. 1. Software solution Project Financial Management & Management AccountingIntegrates Supply Chain Management Production
    2. 2. Small and midsize businesses Navision - Customizable, specialized ERP for the mid-market Great Plains - Full feature, “out-of-the-box” Small and ERP (primarily the US market) midsize Solomon - World class project accounting businesses and feature rich distribution ERP for the mid-marketEnterprise organizations AX - Tailorable, enterprise ERP Enterprise organizations
    3. 3. • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is designed for enterprises with 200 to 7,500 users.• It includes rich industry and core ERP capabilities in a single, global solution.• Supports global organizations by managing multisite operations through shared master data and business processes, as well as country specific capabilities, in a single instance.• Ad hoc reports and streamlined workflows with a Microsoft Dynamics Role Tailored user interface
    4. 4. • Expand business opportunities, modify processes, and differentiate your business with comprehensive ERP software that provides unprecedented agility.• Natural modeling to continuously plan, visualize, and change your processes• Flexible deployment options that can change as you grow• Agile technology that makes it easy to change and differentiate your business
    5. 5. • Drive user involvement and innovation with a business management solution that is simple to use, deploy, and manage - and deliver easy access to data and processes.• Empower employees to innovate with quick access to information and business processes• Integrated, self-service collaboration capabilities for employees, customers, suppliers, and partners• Application life-cycle management to streamline IT processes from initial deployment through continuing change
    6. 6. Capabilities
    7. 7. Solution overview Industry-specific Capabilities Manufacturing Distribution Retail Services Sector Public Sector Horizontal Capabilities Procurement SCM Inventory Projects Financials GRC HCM: HR & Payroll Sales and Marketing Application Foundation Master Data Reference Data Global Engines Framework Server Tools Client Microsoft Technology Stack
    8. 8. Framework Server Tools ClientServers & Tools:• Workflow incl. graphical workflow editor, work item queues• Services (Sites, payment and commerce)• AIF• Role-based security and segregation of duties• Pluggable user authentication• New programmability concepts (models)• Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012• Simplified installation experienceClients:• Enhanced Role Tailored user interface (UI) including new Role Centers• Microsoft Office add-ins – bi-directional integration (Word and Excel)• Enterprise Portal based on SharePoint 2010 technology• Country-context support• New help system
    9. 9. Service-based integration Budget Service Metadata Asset Service Queries Business ... Documents
    10. 10. Demo
    11. 11. • Create simple ad hoc report• Always up-to-date• Use Excel features
    12. 12. Demo
    13. 13. • Use data sources• Build Excel spreadsheet• Create matrix• Update AX from Excel
    14. 14. Demo
    15. 15. • Create custom template in Word• Upload to the SharePoint document library• Use the template in AX• View attached document library
    16. 16. Demo
    17. 17. Extending the reach of MicrosoftDynamics AX with Microsoft BI
    18. 18. •SharePoint integrated analysis tool for end-users Power View •Central storage and management of PowerPivot workbooksPowerPivot for SharePoint •Freely distributed Excel add-in •Gather data from numerous sources PowerPivot for Excel •Build datamodel by creating relationships •InMemory data analysis (VertiPaq) •WCF •Expose data from AX to other applications ODATA Query Service •Enforces AX security •Business logic Application •Security •... Object Server •SQL Server Microsoft Dynamics AX database
    19. 19. Demo