Deep Dive into Entity Framework 6.0


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Deep Dive into Entity Framework 6.0

  1. 1. Deep Dive intoEntity Framework 6Diego VegaDeveloper LeadMicrosoft
  2. 2. Deep Dive into EF6 | Agenda Runtime Open & Release Demo Post EF6 Source Designer details features
  3. 3. EF Overview | What is EF? • Recommended technology to connect .NET Microsoft’s applications to databases Object/Relational • LINQ against disparate relational databases Mapper • Make .NET & Windows Azure the best platform for data centered apps Product goals • Be the most productive data access API
  4. 4. EF6 | Open Source DevelopmentLook mom, it’s Open Source!!! Git repository at Code under Apache 2.0 license Nightly builds available Accepting contributions  Only EF team has commit rights to repo  Contributions go through same code review process as internal changes  13 pull requests, 9 accepted Currently working to add designer to out Git repoOnly affects how we develop, not how we ship Same Microsoft branding, license, quality and support at RTM
  5. 5. EF6 Runtime | Fully Out-Of-BandEF5 Runtime EF6 Runtime Core bits in .NET Framework  All classes in NuGet package  In the GAC  Core classes copied into new namespace Some bits in NuGet package  Most applications should just work with (DbContext, Code First, Migrations) recompile, some namespace changes  Providers, frameworks and tools typically  Bin-deployable need more updatesMajor features required .NET All of enums, spatial, TVFs andFramework Changes!  EF5 performance improvements now work on .NET 4! 
  6. 6. EF6 Runtime | New FeaturesAsync query & save Code First improvements .NET 4.5 Only  Custom conventionsConnection resiliency (auto-retry)  CUD stored procedure mappingDependency resolution  Migrations history table customizationCode-based configuration  Multiple contexts per databaseConnection & transaction More performance improvementsmanagement in DbContext
  7. 7. EF6 Tooling Unification Model First & Database First (EF Designer) Code First – Existing Database (EF Power Tools) Code First – New Database (No Tooling)
  8. 8. Getting EF6Updating existing applicationsCode First Stored Procedure Mapping for CUDAsync Query and SaveCode-based configurationCustom Code First Conventions
  9. 9. EF6 | Release TimelineAlpha 3 of the runtime available now on NuGet Will keep shipping preview versions every 1 or 2 months Nightly builds available from NuGet feed on MyGetEF 6 Tools preview within next couple of monthsRTM In the box in Visual Studio vNext EF6 Runtime available on NuGet  Works with VS2010/.NET 4 onwards Downloadable tooling update for Visual Studio 2012Updates to runtime and designer can be shipped between VS releases
  10. 10. Post EF6 potential features - vote @ef.mswish.netEF for Windows Store Apps with More flexible LINQ translationSQLite for local data  Implicit boundaries Also Windows Phone support?  Expression variables supportBatch updates Data caching (2nd level cache)SQL generation improvements First class DDD aggregatesMore flexible mapping Disconnected graphs support Mapping to fields SQL Federations & Sharding Type conversions Micro-O/RM-like capabilities Shadow state Unique constraints Untyped objects Serializing to BLOB columns Query hintsLifecycle hooks ???
  11. 11. EF | ResourcesLearn Follow us  @efmagicunicornsContribute  @divega   
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