cloud value for application development


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cloud value for application development

  1. 1. Cloud Value for Development Michael Koester | Microsoft
  2. 2. Cloud Value for Application Development • Cloud Computing Patterns • Development Infrastructure Building Blocks ‒ Team Member Desktop ‒ Team Collaboration Environment ‒ Pre-Production ‒ Production • Cloud Value by the Numbers ‒ Sample Scenarios ‒ Licensing: MSDN and Enterprise Agreements (EA) ‒ Case Study: Telenor
  3. 3. VPN
  4. 4. OurTestingtakestoolong! Wewanttogetfaster. WethinkContinuous Deployment wouldreally makeusmore agile! Our Serversare overloaded allthetime andcustomersareunhappy.
  5. 5. Spin up powerful virtual machines in less than 5 minutes Standardize the team member desktop Lock down and secure the team member desktop Create specific development environments for different projects Use the full power of Visual Studio from other OSs, low-power devices or tablets Access your development environment from anywhere, anytime, any device
  6. 6. Design, develop and deploy applications using ALM services accessible anywhere, anytime Ramp up a new project in minutes Host code and project data in the cloud Integrate external resources and stakeholders Use shared cloud services for load testing and build Extend your ALM infrastructure to the cloud for massive scale
  7. 7. Plan, build, deploy and manage app development using a comprehensive suite of services accessible to the team wherever, whenever.
  8. 8. BACKLOG REQUIREMENTS No infrastructure overhead | Pay as you use services | Available anywhere | Connected IDE Agile Portfolio Management Kanban customization Work item tagging Work item charts Team Rooms Code discussions Flexible version control Cloud load testing Web-based test management Continuous Deployment Automated builds and CI Application Insights Stakeholder feedback requests Browser-based lightweight IDE
  9. 9. Cloud Load Testing Create and run performance and load tests without complicated test harnesses and expensive infrastructure. Load tests scale to whatever level you need to make your test run realistic. Easy to get started. Cloud Build Create and execute automated builds using hosted build controllers/agents. Build image provided; no need to spend time/money maintaining build machines. A clean build environment every time. Application Insights Proactively monitor your applications and ensure they are available and performing as expected. Gather information that helps to continuously improve your applications and prioritize future investments.
  10. 10. 3) New cloud-only monthly user plans 2) Included for MSDN subscribers Increased value to existing and new MSDN subscribers User plans purchased via Windows Azure. 1) Completely free for small teams FREE: 5 users FREE: 60 minutes Cloud Build per month FREE: 5 users Additional users $20/month All users $45/month Max 10 per account with this plan Includes use of the VS Pro IDE All users $60/month
  11. 11. Application Insights Pricing and Offerings TBD Cloud Load Testing FREE: 15,000 virtual user minutes per month $0.002 per virtual user minute thereafter Requires Visual Studio Ultimate Cloud Build FREE: 60 minutes per month $0.05 per minute thereafter
  12. 12. Each developer can self-provision snapshots that mirror the production environment Developers perform unit and integration testing in isolated individual environments Production issues or incompatible code are discovered earlier Individual resources can be provisioned for free using MSDN credits Increase agility by provisioning on-demand environments when needed
  13. 13. Agility through self-provisioning of lab and test environments Realistic scale testing in environments that mirror production Lift and shift application environments to the cloud Connect cloud and on-premises resources for hybrid applications Save money by eliminating over-provisioning
  14. 14. Challenges - Move from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013 across 18 different business units, spread across 12 countries - Quickly create a large SharePoint farm for Dev/Test within time and cost limits Benefits - Scale: Limitless resources for Dev/Test - Speed: Build a farm in days, not weeks - Cost: scale up/down as needed - Agility: Familiar tools and automation - Portability: On-premises or hosted ”Weneededtotakeanew approachandWindowsAzure VirtualMachinesprovided theright solutionforourbusiness.” AndreasHogberg, Telenor Efficient-Cost-saving-Development-and-Testing-of-company-wide-SharePoint-2013-Platform/710000002349
  15. 15. Team Member Desktop Team Collaboration Pre-Production Production On-Premises Cloud + Shared Services Virtual Machines Roles Storage Networking (*) # VPN to network On-Prem and Cloud resources. Visual Studio Online Shared Services Totals Total US$/month* Development Team - # of team members in Dev Org - # of applications under development - # of deployments and releases/month - Typical application pattern(s) Needs - ... (*) equals yearly EA committment of Total US$