Become a Windows 8 and Windows Phone App Developer at TechDays


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Become a Windows 8 and Windows Phone App Developer at TechDays

  1. 1. Follow me or Kitty gets it!!!
  2. 2. Common UX Design Platform
  3. 3. SESSION: DesignPutting the Microsoft Design Language to workLaurent Bugnion Mar 6 – 14:30-15:45 Room 6The new Microsoft Design Language (formerly known as Metro) has taken the tech world bysurprise. It brings a refreshing change from hyper realistic design, and offers a welcomedalternative to the other mobile platforms. From Zune and then Windows Phone, the MicrosoftDesign Language is now used on a number of platforms and devices, notably on Windows 8apps. In this session, we will see how we can practically convert the five design principles andput them to work, by studying real life applications and understanding how they were applied.
  4. 4. The Single Largest DeveloperOpportunity Ever
  5. 5. Marketing to match theengineering investment
  6. 6. Store: Better for Your Business  CC, PayPal, Carrier Billing (WP only)  Spotlight promotion  OEM Storefronts and preloads  Microsoft Advertising SDK  Use 3rd party SDKs or your own solution  Paid downloads and in-app purchases  Trials (Time and feature-based)  Detailed Analytics on app usage and referrals  Keep 70% of revenue (80% above 25k, W8 only)  Aggregate demographic information
  7. 7. New ways of finding apps Hero App Quick Links Smart Lists 8 in Spotlight Collections For You
  8. 8. Immersive experiences
  9. 9. World-class development experience
  10. 10. SESSIONS: ToolsDiagnostic Tips and Tricks for Building & Testing a Windows 8Windows Store Applications using App, making use of TFS andVisual Studio 2012 Microsoft Test Manager 2012Brad Sullivan Kevin DeRudder, Pieter Gheysens, Mar 6 – 17:45-19:00 Mar 7 – 16:15-17:30 Room 2 Room 6With Windows 8, developing apps for the Windows Store is the hot Visual Studio 2012 offers you all the required dev tools to build nicenew thing. Visual Studio 2012 enables you to get a high quality looking Windows 8 Applications, but together with the Applicationapplication deployed to the Windows Store quickly be providing a Lifecycle Management tools in Team Foundation Server 2012, youbroad set of tools that can be used to quickly find and fix bugs in can now also easily setup a distributed team developmentyour applications. This session will demonstrate a wide variety of environment with version control, work item management, buildtips and tricks using the Visual Studio debugger and profiler to automation and test case management. In this session, you will getdiagnose correctness, reliability, and performance issues in your a quickstart to develop a Windows 8 app, making use of Teamapplications. This session is applicable whether you are developing Foundation Server in the cloud (TFS Preview). We will also demoyour application with C#, VB, C++, JavaScript, or a combination of the advanced testing features in Microsoft Test Manager 2012 to runthese. Exploratory Tests on Windows 8 applications to detect potential bugs and to capture rich visual debugging information for the development team.
  11. 11. Welcome info Timesheets due 0 Contoso_hr, Jan 12, 2012Career 4Development #contoso on twitter contosocial, Jan 5, 2012HR & Benefits 8Holiday Calendar Holiday party info contosocial, Dec 5, 2011 0Community Company of year Contoso_hr, Dec 1, 2011
  12. 12. SESSIONS: Cross-Platform DecisionsBuilding SPA’s (Single Page App) Building Cross Platform Mobilewith Backbone.js Solutions (Sponsor Session)Richard Griffin Gitte Vermeiren Mar 7 – 14:30-15:45 Mar 7 – 10:45-12:00 Room 6 Room 2The aim of the session will be to provide an overview of Backbonejs Mobile is hot, but developers wanting to target as many platforms asand how you can build a SPA using this JavaScript framework that is possible often need to rewrite entire code bases. A lot can begaining popularity. Using the code base from the x-Device, x- achieved by utilizing HTML5 and JavaScript solutions likePlatform SPA we will port to WinJS and discussing the changes to PhoneGap, but this way of working is inherently slower than usingthe code that need to be made in order to support the design and native code. Also, developers prefer sticking to their favoriteexperience differences that are required to turn your SPA into a language. For .NET developers, we also have the option of usingWindows 8 store app. And of course this all works in Expression MonoDroid or MonoTouch, using your own language with the powerBlend of developing for a native platform. In this session we will build a cross platform mobile solution from the ground up. Giving you tips and tricks to get the highest form of reuse.
  13. 13. Platform for buildingWindows Store Apps
  14. 14. Windows reimagined
  15. 15. Great experience across all hardware
  16. 16. Windows 8 ExperienceFast and fluid user experienceResponsive, alive, beautifulImmersive and full-screenFocuses attention on your appsTouch-first with full keyboard and mouseEnables your choice of interactionWeb of apps working togetherApps are connected to each other and the cloudExperience for all PC devices and architecturesNo compromise across new form factors, desktops and laptops
  17. 17. Platform Investments
  18. 18. SESSIONS: Choose your languageLive coding: The Windows Store Blazing Fast Windows 8 AppsApps showdown - C# vs JavaScript using Visual C++Iris Classon Tarek Madkour Mar 6 – 13:00-14:15 Mar 7 – 13:00-14:15 Room 2 Room 2Join me on an intense live coding session where I create the same Come and learn about the latest and greatest C++ performanceWindows Store App using two different languages, C# and JavaScript. features. Windows 8 opens a new world of Windows applicationsWe will cover everything from core concepts to more advanced targeted at tablets and mobile devices. Visual C++ enablesconcepts while highlighting and comparing similarities and differences developers to create amazing Windows 8 applications that are fastbetween the two implementations. Be prepared for an entertaining, split and fluid even on the thinnest, lightest and most restricted devices.personality type of technical session as the two languages show their This talk will describe how Visual C++ helps you take advantage ofway of doing things. You wouldn’t want to miss this showdown! the advancements in hardware from Intel, ARM and AMD to provide best-in-class application performance. We start with automatic performance features such as auto-vectorization and auto- parallelization, then progress to PPL and finally tie in the new C++ AMP language extensions.
  19. 19. Key Investments
  20. 20. Traits of a great app experience
  21. 21. A new Windows UI where touch is a first-class Designed from the chipset up for multiple form-citizen along with full mouse-and-keyboard factors – tablets, laptops, desktops & all-in-onessupportThe Windows Store on every device with a full New development models built on WinRT, includingcommerce platform and flexibility native support for HTML/CSS/JS, C#/XAML, C++/DirectX
  22. 22. SESSION: Windows 8Beat the Clock: Background Tasking in Windows 8Jeff Prosise Mar 7 – 09:00-10:15 Room 6Windows 8 apps that aren’t in the foreground are suspended by the operating system, but thebackground task API allows these apps to execute code in the background. This session introducesbackground processing in WinRT and provides numerous examples of its use.
  23. 23. 8 Things DevelopersMust Know AboutWindows Phone 8
  24. 24. SESSION: Windows Phone OverviewWindows Phone 8 for Windows Phone 7 DevelopersJeff Prosise Mar 6 – 16:15-17:30 Room 2Windows Phone 8 combines the best of Windows Phone 7 with the best of WinRT, resulting in a platformthat provides more opportunities than ever for mobile developers. Join the fun as Jeff leads a guided tourthrough the new features of Windows Phone 8 and provides the quick start you need to start writing appstoday.
  25. 25. Shared WinRT Core
  26. 26. Shared WinRT Core
  27. 27. Windows Phone 8 Programming APIs WP8.0 Games DirectX/Direct 3D & C++Windows Phone 8 supports WP8.0 XAML & C#/VB with Direct3D Graphics + C++ Managed app dev using the WP7.1, WP8.0 .NET and WP8.0 XAML & C#/VB + C++ Windows Phone Runtime APIs WP7.1 XNA & C#/VB Native app dev using WP7.1 XAML & C#/VB Windows Runtime and Win32 Games dev using the WP7.1 XNA framework .NET API for Windows Win32 & Games dev using Direct3D or Windows Runtime COM DirectX Phone Managed Managed & Native Native
  28. 28. Investment in Windows Runtime API Networking Proximity In-App Purchase Sensors Location File System Core app model Threading
  29. 29. SESSIONS: Building for BothWindows 8 and Windows PhoneApplied MVVM in Windows 8 Sharing code and best practicesapps: not your typical MVVM in Windows 8 and Windowssession! Phone 8Gill Cleeren Laurent Bugnion Mar 7 – 14:30-15:45 Mar 7 – 13:00-14:15 Room 8 Room 6For some time now, the community has been touting the MVVM In a perfect world, we would write code once and run it everywhere.pattern as being the best way to build XAML-based applications. By Well this is not a perfect world, but we are getting closer. Windows 8now, you should be convinced that MVVM is really the way to go. and Windows Phone 8 both run on XAML and C#, and allow reusingBut then, you start building a real-world Windows 8 application and tools, skills and a fair percentage of code. In this session, Laurentyou encounter all kinds of challenges you hadn’t thought about Bugnion, the creator of the MVVM Light Toolkit and an expert inbefore. How do I properly structure an application? How do I XAML development, will present ways to share code (such as usingimplement navigation? How do I manage tiles or contracts from the Portable Class Libraries) and how to structure your applicationsMVVM? And how do the new data controls in Windows 8 work in to minimize the amount of non-reusable code. We will also leveragecombination with MVVM? A whole list of questions that this session modern development tools (Visual Studio, unit testing, Expressionwill aim at answering! Blend) to see how we can adapt our skills and build apps for multiple platforms.
  30. 30. Native Code for Killer Games
  31. 31. Native Code for Killer Games
  32. 32. Native Code for Killer Games
  33. 33. Internet Explorer 10
  34. 34. Speech
  35. 35. Proximity APIs
  36. 36. SESSION: NFCTap and Go: Proximity Networking in WinRTJeff Prosise Mar 7 – 10:45-12:00 Room 6Tap two devices together and transfer data between them? You bet! Learn about theNear-Field Communication (NFC) API in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and see howto put them to work to connect devices more easily than ever before. The future ishere, and it is spelled NFC.
  37. 37. Nokia Map Technology
  38. 38. Pictures and Lenses
  39. 39. MyThe Start Screen
  40. 40. 3 Tile Types
  41. 41. 3 Tile Sizes
  42. 42. Lock Screen Access
  43. 43. More than an app
  44. 44. Push Notifications withWindows Azure Mobile Services
  45. 45. What is Windows Azure MobileServices?
  46. 46. Windows AzureCloud enable your Windows Store Apps withMobile ServicesNick Harris Mar 6 – 14:30-15:45 Room 2Join us for a demo packed session, as I demonstrate how to build a Windows 8application and bring it to life with the connected power of Windows Azure MobileServices. We’ll look at how easy it is to add authentication, secure structured storage,send push notifications to update live tiles, integrate with Windows Azure Store partnerssuch as Twilio & SendGrid and more!
  47. 47. What do I do next?
  48. 48. Publish to 191 markets (free or paid)
  49. 49. Monetize on your own terms
  50. 50. A Better Monetization Equation Higher Business Model x Market Reach x Payment Methods = Monetization Per User Credit CardDownload to Own Debit Card Try before you More Models 63 ->191 Phone Billing Buy x x = More Places markets Microsoft Gift Advertising More Ways to Pay CardIn App Purchase PayPal4x the revenue 3x the reach 2x the payment coverage
  51. 51. Next StepsStart with Windows Start with Windows Phone Download the Win 8 SDK  Download the WP8 SDK Create your first Win 8 app (C#)  Create your first WP8 app or Port an existing app (iOS)  Port an existing app Design a high quality Win 8 app  Design a high quality WP8 app Register to publish on Win 8 Store  Register to publish on the WP8 Store Test your Win 8 app  Test your WP8 app Publish your Win 8 app  Publish your WP8 app
  52. 52. Follow me or Kitty gets it!!!