Stanford University Summit Program


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Stanford University Summit Program

  1. 1. SAN FRANCISCO, CAAPRIL 28-30, 2010New APPROACHNew eCONOMYRealizing the Potential of Social Enterprise
  2. 2. 1Welcome to San Francisco and the Social Enterprise Summit!And welcome to this historic confluence of North For more than a decade, the Social Enterprise SummitAmerican and international social enterprise. Three has been the nexus of the movement in the Unitedyears ago a global steering committee set out to stage States and Canada, a gathering place for the pioneersa series of international social enterprise forums rotating in the field. The Social Enterprise Alliance itself hasthrough five different continents from 2008 through grown from a fledgling organization into the voice of2012, and this year is our turn. We are honored to be the industry across 50 states and 10 provinces. Moreco-hosting the 11th Social Enterprise Summit and the 3rd than 5,000 people have attended our annual eventsSocial Enterprise World Forum this year in San Francisco and participated in more than 500 plenary sessions and– and we are delighted that you are here to join us! workshops.The theme for this year’s expanded event is “New But our work has just begun. We’ve expanded ourApproach, New Economy: Realizing the Potential of offerings this year to reflect the international nature ofSocial Enterprise” – and it’s appropriate for such an the industry, with numerous speakers from around theexciting time in the evolution of our field. As the current globe. And we’ve divided our breakout sessions into fiveand incoming Chairs of the Social Enterprise Alliance distinct tracks to provide the type of experiences you’veBoard of Directors, we find ourselves looking back at requested over the years.more than a decade of growth – and forward towarda boundless horizon. Social enterprise is no longer an Perhaps the most important part of this gathering is theisolated experiment: It has moved into the mainstream chance to meet like-minded social entrepreneurs fromacross the globe. For-profit and nonprofit social around the world. To celebrate our successes, learnenterprises are proliferating; the public sector is paying from each other (and from our failures), and renew ourattention to our brand of social innovation; academic efforts to heal the world. Please take the time to use theinstitutions are offering courses and degree programs; networking opportunities we’ve built into the Summit tosocial investors are knocking at the door; the media has introduce yourself to as many of them as possible. Shareenhanced its coverage; and a rising generation of young confidences. Forge alliances. Build the eco-systems wepeople is energizing the field. need to take the industry to scale during the second decade of the 21st century.None of you would be here unless you believed in yourheart and soul that social enterprises can simultaneously So: Have fun, enjoy the city and cherish the camaraderieand successfully pursue social purpose and financial of your friends and allies. Then return to the trenches,viability. The social needs we are facing worldwide are fortified, and keep making this world a better place!not new, just more pressing than ever before, but the oldmodels are not keeping pace. Traditional businesses dowhat they can through their efforts at corporate socialresponsibility, but they rarely address social needsthrough their products and services. Nonprofits struggleto survive, beset by a pincer movement of rising costs,diminishing resources, increased needs and a clamorfor results. Public sector resources in even the wealthiestof countries are being strained by one economic crisisafter another.But social enterprises offer new hope: They have provento be one of the most promising ways to grapple withthe challenges confronting our planet and its people, Jim Fruchterman, Bill Strathmann,whether it be a $400 million social enterprise in Chair (2008-2010) Chair (2010-2012)Bangladesh or a $30,000 social enterprise in Tulsa. Youhave been out there on the streets proving that it works— and many, many others are joining our ranks.
  3. 3. Strengthen Better communities world today. tomorrow. Citi is proud to support Social Enterprise Alliance’s 2010 Social Enterprise Summit. We commend Social Enterprise Alliance and its members for their commitment to helping build and revitalize communities. © 2010 Citigroup Inc. Citi and Arc Design is a registered service mark of Citigroup Inc. Citi never sleeps is a registered service mark of Citigroup Inc.625757 Social Enterprise Alliance Ad.indd 1 3/19/10 1:10:15 PM
  4. 4. Thank You to Our Sponsors Acknowledgments 3 Social Enterprise + World Forum Summit Steering Committee Consortium MembersSummit Partner Jerr Boschee, Anne Wunderli (Chair), Pine Street Inn Social Enterprise Alliance, USA Tom Triplett (Vice-Chair), David Brookes, Fieldstone Alliance Managing Director, Social Traders Gordon Floyd (past-Chair), Ethel Côté, Childrens Mental Health Ontario Canadian Centre for Community Renewal/Social Enterprise Council of Canada, Canada Rick Aubry,Summit Supporter Rubicon National Social Innovations Lee Davis, David LePage, NESsT, Central Europe Enterprising Nonprofits (Canada) Nicole Etchart, Gerry Higgins, NESsT South America CEIS (Scotland) Gerry Higgins, Daniel Stokes, CEIS, Scotland Fair Trade USA Peter Holbrook, Marc Spencer, UK Social Enterprise Coalition, UK (Host Committee liaison)Policy Track & Scholarships Claire Kearney, Juma Ventures Social Ventures Australia, (Australia) Summit Host Committee Marc Spencer (Chair), David Lepage, Juma Ventures Enterprising Nonprofits, Canada Antonio Aguilera, Jan Owen, CVE Inc. Executive Director, Social Ventures Australia Paul Lamb, Peter Stadler, ZeroDivide Director, Fachberatung für Arbeits- undFinance Track Firmenprojekte gGmbH Rob Wexler, Adler Colvin Susan Steinman, in partnership with the Orange University of Johannesburg, Jan Cohen, South Africa Consulting & Training for Nonprofits County Community Foundation Board Members C.J. Hayden, Wings for Business Jim Fruchterman, ChairSocial Enterprise Showcase & Reception Benetech Jenny Kassan, Katovich Law Group Bill Strathmann, Vice Chair Network for Good Steve Hon, Buckelew Julann Jatczak, Secretary Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation Shelley Norris-Alvarez, BuckelewGeneral Support Kevin Lynch, Treasurer Summit Program Committee Rebuild Resources, Inc. Jack Glade (co-Chair), Keith Artin, Tutorial Center Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers, Inc. (“TROSA”) Sonia Pouyat (co-Chair), kidsLink Tony Deifell, KaBOOM! Cecily Jackson, Esq. Tamra Ryan, Gordon Floyd, Women’s Bean ProjectThursday Plenary & Banquet Children’s Mental Health Ontario Suzanne Smith, Marc J. Lane, Social Impact Architects Marc J. Lane Wealth Group Norma Strachan, Kevin McQueen, Aspect Brody Weiser Burns Lisa Watson, Tim Robinson, Downtown Women’s Center UPSSocial Enterprise Angels Forum Staff Jim Schorr, Vanderbilt University Jerr Boschee, Interim President/CEO Tom Triplett, Fieldstone Alliance Paulina Migalska, Community and Event Coordinator Anne Wunderli, Pine Street Inn Sarah Park, Communications Specialist Leadership Awards Committee Lorraine GroganMedia Partners Anne Wunderli, Pine Street Inn Global Account Executive, ConferenceDirect® Cynthia Russell, Krista Powell, Connecticut Housing Investment Fund Summit Registration Coordinator Caryn Capriccioso, Corinne Gray, interSector Partners, L3C Summit Marketing Specialist Drew Tulchin, Ronia Holmes, Social Enterprise Associates Summit Marketing Specialist David Carleton, Megan Murphy, FareStart/Kitchens with Missions Summit Marketing Specialist
  5. 5. Contents 4 1 | Welcome 3 | Acknowledgments 5 | Information 6 History of the Social Enterprise Alliance 7 Defining the Movement 8 Hotel Floorplan 9 Schedule 10 Exhibitors 12 | Networking Opportunities 13 Happenings at the Summit + Forum 13 Opening Showcase & Reception 13 Social Enterprise Alliance Membership Meeting 13 Chapter & Affinity Group Meetings 14 Summit + Forum Entertainment UPS is proud to support the 15 Dine Arounds Social Enterprise Alliance. 16 | Leadership Awards 21 | Education 22 Pre-Conference Workshops 23 Social Enterprise Tours 26 Succeeding at Social Enterprise, the new book from the Social Enterprise Alliance 27 Book Sales 30 Keynote Speakers 31 Plenary Panels 35 Social Enterprise Angels Forum 36 Session I 38 Session II 40 Session III 42 Session IV 44 Session V Stay current on all Summit + Forum happenings: Fan Page: Social Enterprise Alliance hashtags: #socent10 and #socent Group: Social Enterprise© 2009 United Parcel Service of America, Inc. UPS, the UPS brandmark, and thecolor brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved. Group: Social Enterprise Alliance
  6. 6. 5Information
  7. 7. History of the Social Enterprise Alliance 6In 1998, six nationally known advocates of social We see social enterprise as a primary engine forentrepreneurship convened a “gathering” in Colorado creating a more sustainable world that works to supportSprings of people interested in the field. Innovators and all people, communities and the environment.leaders who previously had operated in isolation cametogether for the first time to discuss best practices, share Social enterprise has an important role to play inknowledge and advocate for a National agenda. At strategies for addressing a number of social andthe 2nd National Gathering, attendees voted to create economic policy association to build support for the social enterpriseapproach, and the Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) was SEA engages its community of established enterprisesborn. with a robust advocacy strategy to help policy-makers understand the importance of social enterprise as a toolSince its inception, SEA has served as North America’s for tackling key social challenges and to design relevantleading association for the field. Our members are policies and initiatives.motivated above all else to improve society usingthe tools of business. During our existence, we have SEA also enlists supporters within the field, includingseen a radical positive shift in public interest in social funders, lenders, social capital investors, educators,entrepreneurship. researchers and technical assistance providers to engage in this vital agenda and to help us shape aOur ultimate vision is that one day, businesses created conducive business and political climate in support ofto advance a social mission comprise a significant social enterprise.portion of the total number of businesses started andoperated. help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world. The Social Enterprise Alliance is building the largest community of organizations advancing social or environmental missions using business methods. join the movement Become an SEA member during the Summit and get 10% o . Be sure to sign up at the SEA exhibit table! After the Summitt, sign up at:
  8. 8. Defining the Movement 7 answering questions about social enterprisesWhat is a social enterprise? Why do people launch social enterprises?A social enterprise is an organization or venture that Many nonprofit organizations see social enterpriseachieves its primary social or environmental mission as a way to reduce their dependence on charitableusing business methods. The social needs addressed by donations and grants whilesocial enterprises and the business models they use are others view the businessas diverse as human ingenuity. Social enterprises build a itself as the vehicle formore just, sustainable world by applying market-based social change. Whether Download a timeline of keystrategies to today’s social problems. structured as nonprofits events in the evolution of the or for-profits, social social enterprise sector:What is the Social Enterprise Alliance? enterprises are simply launched by socialThe Social Enterprise Alliance is the only member evolution.pdf entrepreneurs who wantorganization in North America to bring together the to improve the commondiverse field of social enterprise. It serves as advocate good and solve a socialfor the field, hub of information and education, and problem in a new, more lastingbuilder of a vibrant and growing community of social and effective way than traditional approaches. Theyenterprises. are conceived and operated by visionary entrepreneurs who recognize potential where others may not see itAre all social enterprises nonprofits? and who apply discipline, pragmatism, courage andThe social enterprise movement includes both nonprofits creativity to pursue their solution in spite of all obstacles,that use business models to pursue their mission and toward a world that is more abundant, secure andfor-profits whose primary purposes are social. Social inclusive for all.mission is primary and fundamental; the organizationalform depends on what will best advance the socialmission. Your social enterprise needs a business plan.Where do “social entrepreneurs” fit in? You need Business Plan Pro.Social entrepreneurs are individuals who pursueopportunities to create pattern-breaking change ininequitable systems, whether through social enterprises Business Plan Pro® Social Enterprise Editionor other means. SOFTWARE FEATURESWhat about corporate social responsibility? More than 500 Sample Plans Over 8000 Industry Ratio ReportsMany companies whose primary purpose is to create EasyPlan Wizard®value for ownership are also committed to adopting a Print to PDF, MS Office, or your printerwide range of socially and environmentally responsible Customized instructions while you write your planpractices in their operations. Because their social Built-in Spell Check, Search & Replace, Enhanced Textmissions are not primary, they are not considered social Editing and moreenterprises. Integrated financials for running “What-if?” scenarios Vista CompatibleWhat are the kinds of business models that socialenterprises use? Visit our exhibition table for a demo!Social enterprises use an array of business models SEA Members: $174for the common good, including: retail, service and Regular: $199manufacturing businesses that help people overcome Order online: barriers; contracted providers of social and Or call: 877.886.0998human services; fee-based consulting and researchservices; community development and financingoperations; and even technology enterprises.
  9. 9. Hotel Floorplan 8 ATRIUM LEVEL San Francisco 5 Embarcadero Center San Francisco, CA 94111 Phone: 415.788.1234 Bay LevelAtriumBoard Room A Seacliff A/B Seacliff C Seacliff D Golden Gate Marina Bayview A STREET LEVEL Bayview B PACIFIC LEVELGrand Foyer: REGISTRATION & EXHIBITSMarket Street Foyer: NETWORKING AREA & EXHIBITSRegency A: SEA OFFICESGrand Ballroom Pacific B/C Pacific N/O Pacific L/M
  10. 10. Schedule 9 For complete details about every event please see our online program SeSSION TRACk keY i Investment & finance Booklet at: h t t p : / / w w w. s e - a l l i a n c e . o r g / s u m m i t _ 1 0 p r o g r a m . p d f m Models & Strategies progrAm SCHeduLe p Policy & Advocacy san Francisco, ca L Leadership development & education APRIL 28-30, 2010 C Communications & Storytelling Tuesday, april 27 1:00pm–5:30pm Finding Common Ground: Job Creation and/or L preview the new recruits documentary golden gate Job Training Social Enterprises* i social enterprise angels Forum Bayview B 12:00pm-6:00pm Social Enterprise World Forum Meeting* m the dc central kitchen growers consortium – a new way to Fish seacliFF d i tools for Financing social enterprises paciFic l/m Wednesday, april 28 * invitation only m using technology to scale: success stories in Bringing transparency to global value chains seacliFF c REGiSTRaTion dESk opEn 7:00am–7:00pm 9:00am–12:00pm Tour Package 1 — ashbury images, Global Exchange, 4:00pm–4:15pm transition time pedal Revolution 4:15pm–5:15pm Keynote SpeAKer: Chip Heath, co-author of switch: 10:00am–3:00pm Tour Package 2 — people’s Grocery, GRid alternatives, how to change things when change is hard grand Ballroom Brower Center, Rubicon Bakery 5:15pm–6:30pm Break 12:30pm–5:30pm Pre-conference Build Your Venture from the Mission Up! GoldEn GaTE 6:30pm–7:45pm BAnquet dinner & LeAderSHip AwArdS grand Ballroom 1:00pm–4:00pm Pre-conference are We Making a difference? 7:45pm–8:45pm pLenAry pAneL — shaping a new economy Exploring Social impact Measurement and Evaluation SEaCliFF C (what are we aiming for?) grand Ballroom 1:00pm–4:00pm Pre-conference is it Right For You? 8:45pm –11:30pm SoCiAL enterpriSe Summit pArty featuring “wake an introduction to Social Enterprise SEaCliFF d the dead,“ a celtic all-star grateful dead Jam Band Bayview a/B 1:00pm–4:00pm Tour Package 3 — Community Housing partnership , CVE, Mission pie, Treasure island (Toolworks) 1:00pm–4:00pm SEa Board Meeting BoaRd RooM a fRIdAY, APRIL 30 registration open 7:30am–1:00pm. exhiBits open 8:00am–4:00pm. 5:00pm–7:00pm Social EnTErPriSE ShowcaSE & rEcEPTion aTRiUM 7:30am–9:00am continental Breakfast grand Ballroom 7:00pm–12:00am Young professionals party offsite 7:30am–8:30am chapter and affinity group meetings grand Ballroom 7:00pm dine-arounds offsite 8:30am–9:00am membership meeting/networking grand Ballroom 9:00am–10:00am BReAkOUT SeSSIONS IV Thursday, april 29 p assessing impact for investing public Funds in social enterprise seacliFF a/B REGiSTRaTion opEn 7:00am–7:00pm. ExHiBiTS opEn 8:00am–4:30pm. i Burning a hole in the Fog – shedding light on the avant-garde 8:30am–9:45am Opening plenary Catalyzing the Field (How does the public legal structures for social enterprises Bayview B sector support social enterprise in the United kingdom, L “coming up For air” how to work smarter, not harder, to advance Canada and the United States?) GRand BallRooM your organization marina 9:45am–10:00am Transition Time m design and test your Business model Before you plan your Business Bayview a 10:00am–11:00am BreakOuT sessiOns i i innovative models for scaling social enterprise paciFic l/m c Building Buzz for Your Social Enterprise: low-Cost, High-impact C kitchens with mission – how to document and share a Marketing SEaCliFF a/B successful social enterprise model paciFic n/o i disruptive philanthropy: Empowering individuals & Crowds paCiFiC n/o i social enterprise angels Forum seacliFF d M localizing Enterprises internationally: How Context Matters in the m social enterprises in africa seacliFF c Replication and international Transfer of Social Enterprises GoldEn GaTE i social enterprise loan Funds expedite private Financing paciFic B/c P purposeful purchasing: new Market opportunities for Social Enterprise Through procurement BaYViEW a C stories from australian social enterprises: key learnings from the Journeys of practitioners golden gate i Recycling your Economic Model for new Growth SEaCliFF C 10:00am–10:30am transition time M Screening and Selection for Strategic Success paCiFiC l/M 10:30am–11:30am BReAkOUT SeSSIONS V i Social Enterprise angels Forum BaYViEW B L developing a career in social enterprise golden gate M Social Enterprise in Emerging Markets MaRina m seven strategic Blunders: why social enterprises Fail and M Think about it Early: legal and Tax Basics for Social Enterprise paCiFiC B/C entrepreneurial nonprofits stumble Bayview a l Transforming dreams into action: Young Social Entrepreneurs SEaCliFF d L social enterprise and corporate partnerships paciFic n/o 11:00am–11:30am Transition Time i social enterprise angels Forum seacliFF d 11:30am–12:30pm BreakOuT sessiOns ii m social enterprises in the middle east & north africa marina P Can You Hear Me now? influencing policymakers to Hear Your Call p state and local government efforts to support social enterprise for increased Support paCiFiC n/o & social innovation paciFic l/m l Good Board Governance – an aspect of Risk Management SEaCliFF d i sustainable impact investing exchanges paciFic B/c M Green Business, Worker Co-ops, anchor institutions, and C track and express your success using leading edge technology tools Bayview B Social Enterprise: the Cleveland Experience MaRina m where to Begin: the use of collaboration in social enterprise, M Growing Your Social Enterprise: Business planning BaYViEW a tools for complex environments seacliFF a/B c income & outcomes: innovative data Management, Metrics and m youth-based ventures from around the world seacliFF c Models for SE’s paCiFiC l/M 11:30am–12:00pm transition time M Recycling Ventures SEaCliFF C 12:00pm–1:00pm lunch grand Ballroom M Social Enterprise in South East asia GoldEn GaTE 1:00pm–1:45pm Keynote SpeAKer: dan pallotta (thinking different: how does i The l3C: Social Enterprise’s powerful, new Capital Formation Tool paCiFiC B/C the way we’ve been taught to think about charity and social i To profit or not to profit: Methods of assessing Financial change stand in the way of the causes we love?) grand Ballroom profitability of SE’s BaYViEW B 1:45pm–2:45pm pLenAry pAneL — thinking Bigger (what does “scaling” l What’s Hot & Why You Should Care: an ignite-Style overview of really mean?) grand Ballroom Hot Trends impacting Your Social Enterprise SEaCliFF a/B 2:45pm–3:00pm pASSing tHe BAton 4th social enterprise world Forum, south 12:30pm–1:30pm lunch/WOrld café aTRiUM africa; social enterprise summit 2011, chicago, il grand Ballroom 1:30pm–1:45pm Transition Time 3:00pm–3:30pm Break 1:45pm–2:45pm PlEnary PanEl – Engaging all Sectors (Can systems thinking 3:30pm–6:30pm sea Board meeting Board room a help us gain traction?) GRand BallRooM 3:30pm–6:00pm Tour Package 4 — glide memorial church, yo! 2:45pm–3:00pm Transition Time youth outlook, delancey street Foundation 3:00pm–4:00pm BreakOuT sessiOns iii 3:30pm–6:00pm Tour Package 5 — renaissance entrepreneurship center, M Build a Venture in 60 Minutes – Strategies for proof of Concept, reliatech, goodwill networking and Early Funding BaYViEW a 6:00pm Tour Package 6 — Baseball and social enterprise P Creating an Enabling policy Framework for Social Enterprise paCiFiC n/o l Entrepreneurial Thinking: it’s an organizational Cultural Thing SEaCliFF a/B SATURdAY, MAY 1 c Happily Ever after: The art of Cause Storytelling MaRina california sage competition oFFsite c Measuring Social Return on investment: a Case Study on seattle social enterprise visit program (may 1-4) oFFsite Using this Tool. paCiFiC B/C2010Summit_MiniBroch_4.25x6-PREFERRED_edited.indd 2 4/8/10 8:16 AM
  11. 11. Exhibitor Spotlight 10 booths are open Thursday 29, 8am-4:30pm & Friday 30, 8am-4:00pmStanford Social Innovation Review Nonprofits’ Insurance Alliance of insurancefornonprofits.orgSSIR is an award-winning journal for executives at The Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group is composed ofnonprofits, foundations, and socially responsible four distinct 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that providebusinesses. Published by the Center for Social a broad range of reasonably priced liability insuranceInnovation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, coverages to other 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. TheSSIR bridges theory and practice, providing innovative Group includes the Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance,solutions to social problems. Risk Retention Group (ANI), and Nonprofits’ Insurance Alliance of California (NIAC). NIAC and ANI workFeelGood exclusively through insurance brokers. Please visit transforms students into life-longChangemakers. Our mission: End world hunger in Partners for Change, Incour lifetime. Our process is simple: a grilled cheese partnersforchange.netsandwich. FeelGood empowers college students to run Partners for Change provides tools and solutions fornon-profit Delis on their campuses, specializing in grilled nonprofits to build capacity and operate more effectively.cheese sandwiches. At these Delis, students develop the We are authorized distributors for a new, affordableskills necessary to run a business and initiate dialogue web-based application called TouchStone for Nonprofits.about hunger, and our responsibilities as global citizens. This innovative software provides all the knowledge, structure and system solutions necessary to build aIdeaEncore Network strong, efficient, and sustainable organization. visit us and discover how to take your nonprofit “to the clouds”!IdeaEncore Network ( is an onlinelearning marketplace (like eBay or iTunes) for nonprofits,social enterprises and those who support them to share, Practice Pay Solutionssell, and buy all types and forms of practical knowledge practicepaysolutions.comand information assets— including ready-to-use tools, Practice Pay Solutions provides a complete suitetemplates, training content, policies, procedures and of ePayment and eCommerce tools to simplifyplans and automate day-to-day business. Thousands of professionals accept credit cards, operate an onlineMeridian University cart and maintain a dynamic web presence with services and support. Through the latest technology and education, we fulfill your operational demands whileMeridian University offers Bachelor’s Completion and ensuring the success and sustainability of your practice.Graduate Degree Programs that educate students www.practicepaysolutions.comto engage the professions of Psychology, Business,Education, and the Arts in creative and transformativeways. These degree programs provide a cumulative, RainWorks OmniMedia LLCemergent, and integrated curriculum, empowering rainworksomnimedia.comthe student’s transformation both personally and RainWorks OmniMedia LLC is a producer of travelingprofessionally. Meridian offers its Bachelor’s, Master’s, museum exhibitions for science and natural historyand Doctoral programs in two formats: Residential and museums, and events for the parent and teen markets.Hybrid learning format. This benefit company aims to make rain for girls literacy and clean water programs in Asia and Africa through its benefit recipients: Room To Read, CAMFED USA,, Charity: Water and Action Aid. www.
  12. 12. Exhibitor Spotlight continued 11 booths are open Thursday 29, 8am-4:30pm & Friday 30, 8am-4:00pmRebuild Resources, Inc. The npEnterprise npEnterprise.netRebuild Resources produces a full line of custom npEnterprise is the official listserv partner of the Socialapparel and branded promotional items such as Enterprise Alliance. With almost 7000 subscriberslogoed t-shirts, polos, hats, tote bags, pens, mugs, flash worldwide, npEnterprise has become the leading onlinedrives and awards. Our businesses provide transitional resource where nonprofit managers go to discuss andemployment for people recovering from chemical learn more about earned income strategies. It has beendependency and serve as the economic engines which highlighted in major publications including the Chroniclesustain our growth. of Philanthropy and the Stanford Social Innovation Review. It is owned and operated by Rolfe LarsonThe Coaches Training Institute Associates (; the moderators Rolfe Larson and Michael Whitehead-Bust.Changing People Changing BusinessChanging Lives... Care2Engaging in powerful conversations, creating care2.comalignments, and working in collaboration to inspire staff With over 12 million members, Care2 is the largestand grantees are cornerstones to CTI’s groundbreaking online social network for people who want to “makeCo-active coach and leadership skills model-- taught a difference.” Care2 is a preferred vehicle for socialglobally in 14 countries and internally in nonprofits and enterprises seeking to engage with consciousFortune 100 corporations. Experience the CTI difference consumers, especially civically active, well-educated women whose purchases and donations support theThird Sector Foundation Uganda environment, human rights and other causes.Third Sector Foundation is an apex body that promotessocial economy by providing a range of Social AperioEnterprises that includes Sales and Marketing of social aperio.usenterprise products such as arts and crafts there by Aperio is a management consulting firm based in thecreating enterprise, employment and empowerment of U.S. and Canada that works exclusively with the socialmany underivested and underprivileged communities in sector. Our objective is to enable our clients to recognizeUganda. their most important challenges and opportunities, and create and implement strategic solutions to addressSocial Enterprise Alliance them. Aperio’s services include strategic planning,San Francisco Bay Chapter partnerships and social entrepreneurship. Our clientsThe SF Bay Chapter of the Social Enterprise Alliance was are non-profit organizations, charities, governmentofficially established in November 2009 with the goals agencies, associations, foundations, and social purposeof: providing value to Bay Area social enterprises and for-profit companies.SF Bay Chapter members, being the go-to resource forthose involved in social enterprise in the Bay Area andsupporting advocacy for social enterprise. We invite youto take full advantage of the educational, networkingand information exchange available to you as amember of our SEA chapter and to get more involved byjoining our Google Group ( and/or by volunteering to serve on acommittee. With your collaboration and contributions,the SEA San Francisco Bay Chapter is defining themovement and building the field, starting right here inthe Bay Area.
  13. 13. 12 NetworkingOpportunities
  14. 14. Networking Opportunities 13 happenings at the Summit + ForumThe Summit was designed to provide plenty of Rubicon National Social Innovationsnetworking opportunities so you can make new Happy Hourfriends and find new colleagues. Take advantage Wednesday, April 28, 7pm-9pmof Summit meals, transition times, social events, Location: 848 Folsom St, Suite 201, SFand offsite happenings to connect with the people Join us to mingle with friends old and new and enjoyyou’ve been wanting to meet. scrumptious food and drinks from two of the Bay Area’s premier social enterprises: Fresh Starts Catering, aSocial Enterprise Showcase & Opening program of Homeward Bound of Marin, and Rubicon Bakery. Space is limited. Please RSVP by Friday, April 23rd,Reception to, April 28, 5-7pmLocation: Atrium Lunch/World CaféThe SEA - San Francisco Chapter is hosting the Summit Thursday, April 29, 12:30-1:30pm2010 + World Forum kick-off event with a special reception Location: Atriumfeaturing exhibits of social enterprises. During the We are pleased to introduce this semi-structuredreception, community leaders and conference attendees opportunity for conference attendees to further connectare invited come see the breadth of the social enterprise with speakers and one another over lunch around eachmovement. Organizations will be displaying and sharing of the conference tracks: Investment & Finance, Models &information and networking about their social ventures Strategies, Policy & Advocacy, Leadership Development &at tables in the atrium lobby of the Hyatt. The Showcase Education and Communications & Storytelling.will feature brochures, photos, table top exhibits, andother illustrations of products and services from these Social Enterprise Summit Partysocial ventures. In keeping with the Showcase theme Thursday, April 29, 8:45-11:30pmof “I left my heart in San Francisco”, attendees will get to Location: Bayview A/Bvote for exhibiting organizations who best epitomize the Featuring “Wake the Dead,” a Celtic All-Star Grateful Deadfollowing categories with their ventures: Most Innovative, Jam Band! See the next page for more information aboutBest Marriage of Mission and Money, Overall Sweetheart “Wake the Dead” and other Summit entertainers!(favorite) and Most Likely to Succeed.Light hors d’oeuvres and cash bar will be provided. Chapter & Affinity Group Meetings Friday, April 30, 7:30-8:30amYoung Professionals Party Location: Grand BallroomWednesday, April 28, 7pm-12am Find other social enterprise leaders and supporters inLocation: Temple Nightclub your area! We’ll help you find your nearest SEA Chapter orJoin other young professionals for a party to celebrate meet with others from your community who may want toSocial Enterprise! Come party with students and young form a networking group.professionals à la Social Enterprise. DJ Hey Man! will bespinning in the context of the Third Social Enterprise World SEA Membership Meeting & NetworkingForum – We will be celebrating the winners of the Next Friday, April 30, 8:30-9:00amGeneration Awards. The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Location: Grand Ballroomof the SEA in partnership with Sparkseed invite you to Please join the SEA President, Board and SEA members atjoin the movers and shakers of Social Enterprise in this the annual meeting of members. Learn about becomingenergetic and inspirational experience. This event is open an SEA member, meet your new board representatives,to all. Please RSVP mindfully, space is limited. RSVP at learn what SEA accomplished in the last year, and find out what’s ahead!DJ Hey Man!, Darian Rodriguez Heyman (former E.D. ofthe Craigslist Foundation) spins conscious R&B, hip hop, California SAGE Competitionand downtempo grooves from around the world. Darian Saturday, May 1, 7:30am-7:30pmworks with Michael Franti & Spearhead on their annual Location: Hyatt Regency San Francisco AirportPower to the Peaceful festival and his efforts on the dancefloor and off connect inspiration to action through music. Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) interscholastic tournament.
  15. 15. Networking Opportunities 14 14 Summit + Forum entertainment‘Til Dawn: Wake the DeadThursday, April 29, 6:30-7:30pm Thursday, April 29, 8:45-11:30pmLocation: Grand Ballroom Location: Bayview A/Bduring the Banquet Dinner and Leadership Awards World’s Only Celtic All-Star Grateful Dead Jam BandThis 16-member a capella group, ages 14-18. is As an expression of cultural joy, you can’t top an Irishan inspiration for many young people, using a wake. And what is a wake but a celebration—a toastcontemporary song list to make a cappella accessible of appreciation—an expression of love—and a goodto audiences of all ages. ‘Til Dawn is widely recognized party?for exposing young audiences to this musical art, fortheir vocal and performing abilities, and for impressing So when eight top Bay Area musicians realized theyupon audiences the power, passion and capability of shared as deep a love for the songs of the Gratefulyouth. Youth in Arts is a non-profit organization that was Dead as they did for traditional Celtic tunes, somefounded in 1970 in response to drastic reductions in the brand-new music sprang up and started partying.arts education budgets in public schools. Wake the Dead is a romp that flows seamlessly from rock grooves to hot Irish reels, and from haunting airsAs a program of Youth in Arts, ‘Til Dawn performs to achingly beautiful melodies familiar to Deadheadsregularly at public schools, benefits and a variety of everywhere. “Sugaree” in waltz time, bracketed by ancommunity events, serving as an illustration of Youth in ancient harp tune and infused with a poignant CelticArts’ mission to expand the minds and open the hearts longing. “Bertha” thundering out of “China Cat” on aof children by enriching their lives with arts experiences. mandolin tidal wave. The eerie lilt of the uilleann pipes,In its sixteen year history ‘Til Dawn has appeared live giving a glow to “Bird Song” as if it was always meant tobefore 100,000+ people at over 300 events. They have be there. Groove jams to keep the tie-dye swirling. Vocalalso sung live on KFOG 104.5 FM and KTVU’s “Mornings harmonies that float like clouds. The music takes off,on 2”. ‘Til Dawn has developed a repertoire that breaks and the band follows, grinning all the way.the boundaries between rock, pop, jazz, soul and R&B,and provides an outlet for young people that celebrates These aren’t worlds colliding—they’re worlds meshing,the value of the arts and inspires children of all ages to coalescing—creating a whole new world of possibility,dream, create and reach out to others! and true to the spirits of the Grateful Dead and the eternally hopeful Celts. Wake the Dead has wowed concert and festival crowds from San Francisco’s Fillmore Auditorium to the Oregon Country Fair. National radio play and concert tapers are spreading the music wider every day. The first album is a huge success, and the second, Buckdancer’s Choice, is now everywhere on Redwing Records. So kick back, join the party, and wake the dead!
  16. 16. Networking Opportunities 15 dine aroundsTake advantage of our ever popular dine-arounds Dining Pricesfrom 7-9pm on Wednesday, April 28. Enjoy dinner For full menus and prices, be sure to check theat a local restaurant with other Summit attendees! restaurant website.Sign-on to the Summit Network at http:// Price scales for dine around restaurants are based on a to organize a group entrée item only.for dining or check the registration bulletin board $ Less than $10for others looking to dine! $$ $10.01-$20Participants are responsible reserving space at the $$$ $20.01-$30restaurant and for the cost of their own meal. San $$$$ Greater than $30Francisco is full of wonderful dining options. Here youwill find a few recommendations within walking distance MarketBar $$of the hotel. Or, you can catch a trolley one block from One Ferry Building, Suite 36the hotel ($3 pp) to Pier 39 or Pier 41 and choose from Phone: 415.434.1100 | http://www.marketbar.comnumerous eateries — a quintessential San Franciscodining experience! For information about the Piers, and Part of the recently renovated historic Ferry Building onto see a list of dining and attractions, visit: The Embarcadero, offering a seasonal menu inspired by the fresh produce at the farmers market. & http://www.pier41.comNeed help getting around? Be sure to check out San Mexico DF $$$Francisco’s trolley information at: 139 Steuart Street Phone: 415.808.1048 | Mexico DF serves authentic Mexican cuisine prepared with fresh, seasonal, often locally sourced and organic Summit 2010 Social Network ingredients. The DF designation (Distrito Federal) references the Mexico City culinary regionalism that the expand your Summit networking. menu showcases. SEARCH attendee photos & profiles Perry’s on the Embarcadero $$$ CONVERSE 155 Steuart Street discussion board Phone: 415.495.6500 | PLAN Known for its classic American food, its warm interactive calendar & activity wall personable service and a fun, bustling bar. Get connected. Stay connected. The Plant Café Organic $$ Pier 3, Suite 108,The Embarcadero Phone: 415.984.1973 | Solar powered waterfront café and restaurant, 100% organic ingredients, local farms. Fresh juices, salads, sandwiches, pizza, sustainable food, organic poultry, beer, wine, cocktails. Waterfront Restaurant $$$$ Pier 7, The Embarcadero Phone: 415.391.2696 (for reservations) Featuring fresh seafood and California cuisine. Zagat “Restaurant of Distinction” award winner.
  17. 17. Leadership Awards 16As part of our shared commitment to highlighting The following 2010 Leadership Awards willexemplary practice, the Social Enterprise Alliance be presented:is pleased to present the 2010 Social EnterpriseAwards. These prestigious awards honor superior The Social Enterprise Leadership awards (domesticachievement, visionary leadership and high- and international) are presented to the nominees whoimpact innovation in social enterprise, and provide most clearly demonstrate the core characteristics of ainspiring examples for the field. leader, including vision, courage, the ability to inspire others, make good judgments and stay the courseWhat is a “social enterprise”? over time in leading and building an effective socialA social enterprise is an organization or venture that enterprise.achieves its primary social or environmental missionusing business methods. The Social Enterprise Innovation award is presented to the nominee(s) who has introduced a method ofSocial enterprise includes both nonprofits and for-profits advancing his or her primary social or environmentalthat operate businesses to address critical problems mission through entrepreneurial strategies that isin the areas of education, environment, health, human effective and genuinely unique, either not done before orrights, at-risk youth, employment and workforce not previously applied to social enterprise.development, women’s economic empowerment, andmany others. The Next Generation Social Entrepreneur award recognizes the outstanding work of a leading social entrepreneur in the United States, aged 35 or under. The selected individual will be a successful practitioner whose contributions to the field of social enterprise has had far reaching impact and is helping to define a new generation of social entrepreneurs. For 2010, the Alliance has chosen to present the award to two Next Generation winners. Banquet Dinner & Leadership Awards Ceremony: Thursday, April 29, 6:30-7:45pm Grand Ballroom
  18. 18. Leadership Awards 17 Leadership Award Leadership Award (domestic) (international) Barrie Hathaway Sunny Bhattacharjee The Stride Center Technable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Barrie Hathaway is the Sunny Bhattacharjee is Founder Executive Director for the Director of Technable Solutions Pvt. Stride Center an Oakland Ltd., a for-profit social enterprise based workforce development based in Kolkata, India. Technable nonprofit organization providing delivers an end-to-end solutioninformation technology career and job placement involving job opportunity awareness development,assistance to extremely low income individuals with career counseling, employability assessment, trainingbarriers to employment. The Stride Center operates a needs analysis, need-based training and providingsocial venture business, ReliaTech providing technology employment linkage (in that order) to marginalizedconsulting services to individuals and small to medium youth at an affordable price by forming an ecosystemsize businesses. A former supply chain management of corresponding stakeholders and thereby attemptsexecutive in the high technology sector, over the to address and resolve one of the most criticallast twenty-five years Mr. Hathaway has worked for problems facing India, unemployment. Prior tocomputer and telecommunications firms including Technable, Sunny had 18 years of extensive experienceSun Microsystems, Bay Networks and Marconi in Telecommunications and IT industries in the USACommunications. Barrie is the president of the board of spanning from hands on systems development anddirectors for Care Through Touch, a homeless services solutions implementation to corporate managementnonprofit in San Francisco and president of the board of and then entrepreneurship. Sunny started hisdirectors of the Community Technology Network of the entrepreneurial journey in 1994 in Richardson, TX. SinceBay Area. In addition, he is an appointed member of then he has been in the boards of several start ups.the Richmond Workforce Development Board. Barrie is Sunny holds an MS in Computer Science Engineeringalum of the Leaderspring Executive Fellows program and from the University of Texas at Arlington and a BS ina graduate of the University of San Francisco where he Mechanical Engineering from NIT, Rourkela, India.completed a B.S. in Organizational Development and a Technable’s mission is “Enabling People, EmpoweringMaster of Nonprofit Administration. Business, Enriching Society”. greening your conference. SEA is working to be socially responsible by reducing the environmental impact of the Summit. Here’s what we’re doing this year: • Full program book available online-only • Attendee list & Summit Network provided online for networking • Conference materials in recycled folders instead of tote bags • Water carafes instead of bottled waters • Name badges collected & reused • Bed linens and towels replaced for guests by request only
  19. 19. 18 Innovation Stacy Ratner Next Generation Open Books Ltd. Jodi Rosenbaum More Than Words In 2006, Stacy Ratner founded More Than Words Open Books Ltd., a nonprofit (MTW) is a social social venture dedicated to enterprise that enriching lives through reading, empowers youth who writing, and the INNOVATIVE are in the foster carepower of used books. Beginning in her basement, the system, court involved,organization set about collecting used books to sell homeless or out of school, to take charge of their livesin its retail bookstore and using the proceeds to help by taking charge of a business. Jodi Rosenbaum pilotedfund its signature literacy programs for students of all MTW as an online bookselling venture with a fewages. Today, Open Books has grown to encompass 4 teenage boys in foster care in 2004, and then workedsignature programs, 10 program locations (including with youth to launch and grow MTW into a vibrant retail3 full classrooms at what the press has dubbed “the and online bookstore, café and transformational vehiclemost beautiful bookstore in Chicago,”), 7,000 hours of for youth that includes intensive case management andannual program time, 4,000 students served, 3,000 transitions services. Jodi has over 14 years of experiencevolunteers, 9 full-time staff, and more than 300,000 working with youth in the juvenile justice system, publicbooks put towards literacy instead of landfill. Prior to schools and youth development field, including withher work with Open Books, Stacy spent a decade as a Teach For America. Jodi has a political science degreefor-profit serial entrepreneur and helped take 3 startup from Emory University with a focus on juvenile justicecompanies from idea through a combined total of $30 policy and a master’s in education in risk and preventionmillion in committed venture funding. She holds degrees from Harvard. She has taken supplemental courseworkin literature and law from Brandeis University and in Business and Social Enterprise at Harvard and MIT,Boston College Law School, and a Certificate in Nonprofit and served as a guest speaker at Bentley and BabsonManagement from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Universities, the Social Enterprise Alliance, and TeachSchool of Management. Stacy is a 7-time Winner of For America conferences. She serves on boards of bothNational Novel Writing Month and monitor for Blogathon, the Arlington Area and MA State Department of Childrenand looks forward to welcoming all of you at Open and Families as well as the MA chapter of the SocialBooks when you visit Chicago! Enterprise Alliance. She was selected as the Advocate of the Year by the MA Providers’ Council and MTW received the People’s Choice Award at the 2007 SEA Conference, and was selected as a Social Innovator in 2009 by the Social Innovation Forum. Jodi is passionate about her work and in her limited free time loves hiking with her dog and husband.
  20. 20. Leadership Awards 19 Next Generation Suzanne Smith Social Impact Architects Suzanne Smith defines her career by being an “architect of ideas.” Suzanne brings more than a decade of experience at not only generating innovative ideas, but building successful programs and initiatives withinthe social sector. She started her career in governmentrelations for Phoenix House and the American HeartAssociation. While at Phoenix House, she workedclosely with nonprofits and government organizationsin Dallas, Austin, and Houston/Galveston. While at theHeart Association, she championed the early efforts tobuild an integrated and outcome-driven platform thatendeavored to combat childhood obesity. In that role,she co-founded the Alliance for a Healthier Generationand worked on building strategic alliances with like-minded organizations, such as the National FootballLeague, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,and the National Governors Association. In additionto a love for the nonprofit sector, she also has an MBA Subscribefrom Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business whereshe was the CASE (Center for the Advancement ofSocial Entrepreneurship) Scholar. Before starting SocialImpact Architects, she was a Senior Consultant with theWashington DC-based firm, Community Wealth Ventures.She was recently awarded a research fellowship at theCenter for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurshipat Duke University and was selected into the prestigious to Social ChangeSociety of Organizational Learning (SoL) founded by Subscribe to Stanford SocialPeter Senge. Innovation Review, the premier magazine for executives at non- profits, foundations, and socially responsible businesses. To subscribe visit: Save 23% with our online discount and pay just $39.95 for a year!
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  22. 22. 21Education
  23. 23. Education 22 pre-conference workshopsBuild Your Venture from the Mission Up! Is it Right For You? An Introduction to SocialWednesday April 28, 12:30pm-5:30pm EnterpriseLocation: Golden Gate Wednesday April 28, 1-4pmPrice: $269 SEA Members, $299 for all others Location: Seacliff DNote: you must register for this workshop through Criterion Price: $40 SEA Members; $45 for all othersVentures website: With the momentum for social enterprise growing locally,(lunch is included) nationally and around the world, how do you know if it’s right for you and your organization? This interactive,Structure Lab is an easy-to-engage, day-long process three-hour workshop will:that helps social ventures take advantage of innovationsin capital formation, revenue streams, corporate forms, • Provide an overview of key concepts and current trendsand independent regulation to promote and protect in social enterprisevalues and mission. Click to experience the Structure • Help you clarify your goals in exploring socialLab. With support from Hanson Bridgett LLP, Criterion enterprisedesigned Structure Lab to explore the range of legal • Assess your current readiness and capacity to launchstructures available for your venture, whether it’s still on a successful social enterprisethe drawing board or poised for growth. Come create • Identify potential opportunities that build on yourthe optimal legal structure for your social venture to resources and strengthsthrive. • Avoid the most common challengesFacilitator: Jackie VanderBrug, Criterion Ventures • Develop an action plan of next steps for your organizationAre We Making a Difference? Exploring Participants will leave with a toolkit for furtherSocial Impact Measurement and exploration of social enterprise. Included with theEvaluation workshop is a one-hour free follow-up phoneWednesday April 28, 1pm - 4pm consultation with the facilitator for individuals andLocation: Seacliff C organizations who want to further explore theirPrice: $50 SEA Members; $55 for all others readiness.(This workshop has a minimum requirement of 40 participants)Increasingly, social enterprise organizations are Previous participants who are new to social enterprisebeing asked to provide more than outputs when have described this workshop as an ideal introduction tocommunicating the effects and impacts of their work. the conference, helping them to select the sessions thatThis shift to collecting data on outcomes presents many will be of most value in moving their work opportunities as well as challenges. Understanding Facilitated by: Janine Vanderburg, J.D., President, JVAhow an organization is making progress towards its Consulting, and Regional Facilitator for the National Center forgoals, is critical for obtaining funding, being competitive, Social Entrepreneurs. She has facilitated this pre-workshopand making adjustments to their strategy. Participants session at the two past SEA conferences.will learn new ways of designing and implementing ameasurement and evaluation system that producesmeaningful, timely, and actionable information formultiple stakeholders. Content includes definitions ofterms and concepts, theory of change and logic models,overview of performance measurement and evaluationapproaches, developing strategic evaluative questions,and an introduction to various data collection methodsand reporting strategies.Facilitators: Hallie Preskill, Ph.D., Executive Director of theStrategic Learning and Evaluation CenterJennifer Splansky, Senior Consultant, FSG Social Impact Advisors