Atlantic City PPAI: 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success
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Atlantic City PPAI: 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success






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Atlantic City PPAI: 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success Atlantic City PPAI: 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success Presentation Transcript

  • 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success Matthew Scott, M.S. Founder & Managing Director The Life’s Work Group, Inc.
  • WHEN: June 10 @ 2PM Central Standard Time WHERE: “CLICK TO REGISTER” WHAT: Post-Meeting Q&A
  • This presentation is designed for small business owners
  • How many of you in business still plan on being in business 6-months from now?
  • { }
  • You are in the marketing business... ---->>
  • ... no matter what you sell.
  • Day in life of small business owner- Discussion • kids off to school. • fix the copy machine. • run personal errand. • check email • make payroll • ship stuff
  • Attention
  • Entrepreneur Illumination: That which got you there will not keep you there
  • Entrepreneur Reality • being really good at something and starting a business is not a predictor of success. • overlook sales & marketing.
  • Godfather of Marketing guides our way...
  • Small Business Owner Pain: • Overwhelmed w/stuff • Marketing flavor of month • Resistant to paid help--> complacency zone
  • What small business owners want and need is a...
  • systematic & affordable
  • marketing is...
  • marketing is getting people with a specific challenge to know, like, trust, and refer you.
  • buy ! rep like refer ea trus know t tr y t
  • Matthew LIVES here...
  • ...and here.
  • and WORKS here...
  • Matthew THINKS here...
  • With people FROM here...
  • Matthew LOVES family...
  • and the girl he had a crush-on in 7th grade...
  • marries girl (23yrs)...
  • My FRIENDS & I like to...
  • and...
  • CHALLENGE each other...
  • EAT & DRINK my...
  • I have a GLOBAL FOOTPRINT... 27 countries & counting...
  • Matthew drives this...
  • With my dog “Surf”
  • and this
  • Matthew WORKED as...
  • His OFFICE was ...
  • Just Like his father...
  • Matthew TRANSITIONS...
  • COMBAT BOOTS for...
  • Wing-tips...
  • AND then...
  • { Sold for 16x Earnings }
  • Consulting Coaching
  • 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success are...
  • Focus 1
  • Ideal Customer
  • Ideal Customer • Start with i.d. is not your ideal customer • Current customers & common characteristics. • Competitors • Picture • Where are more people who look/act...?
  • Law of Customer Attraction < >
  • My ideal customer is...
  • 2 Find & Communicate Difference
  • [er] Marketing
  • Features & Benefits
  • “There will always be someone who is willing to go out of business faster than you!”
  • “What do you do?”
  • Talking Logo
  • The pattern for the Talking Logo is: Step #1 Action Verb (I show, I coach, etc…) ! ! ! + Target Market (divorced mothers, GREEN landscapers, etc…) ! ! ! + How to XXXX (solve a problem or meet a need) must be...
  • Related to your ideal customer market & You can deliver!
  • Ideal Response is... “How do you do that?”
  • Examples • I teach small business how to double what they charge. • I coach sales forces how to double their appointments using promotional products. • I show home owners how to get the most from their thermostat.
  • Be Bold & Not Lame Talking Logo Practical Exercise
  • Package & Process 3
  • men@pause
  • Customers Love Protocol and...
  • Process
  • Step #2
  • Step #2
  • 4 Marketing Materials That Educate
  • ? ? rather...
  • { Marketing Kit }
  • “Old-School” Marketing Kit Tri-Fold- 1 document Flexible/Personalized Doc. Lame Mission Statement “Our Difference Statement” Your Words Actual Customer Words Customer Testimonials Customer Case Studies Features & Benefits The Story Customer Process “jiba-jaba” Outrageous Guarantee Trash Can Ready On-Line Ready
  • 5 Lead Generation Trio 1. Advertising 2. Referral System 3. Public Relations
  • Hank’s Auto Repair Service Location near you: Booger Holla Amityville Buck Tussle Call us! 1-866-Dill-Weed!
  • The sole purpose of small business advertising should be.... to...
  • ... gain permission to communicate and/or educate Imagine...
  • ... come here & give me permission to give you complimentary and relevant information
  • What is Free & Valuable ? ~ The Secrets of Hiring a Roofing Contractor Without Getting Burned ~ The Legal Tax Cuts That Your Accountant May Not Even Know About ~ 101 Ways to Get More from ACT! Software ~ What Your Pediatrician May Not Be Telling You About Car Seats ~ 10 Surefire Methods to Help You ~ Evaluate Your Auto Mechanic’s Ethics ~ How to Buy Everything at 50% Off ~ How to Squeeze Every Drop of Value from Your Attorney ~ Professional Mover’s Secrets to Packing Your Household Possessions So Nothing Gets Damaged ~ 10 Must Know Health Tips for People Over 40 ~ How to Be Sure You Pay the Absolute Lowest Health Insurance Premium ~ 10 Things You Must Know Before You Lease a Car ~ How to Create a Flood of New Business in 7 Simple Steps
  • Referral System • make an expectation for doing business as part of your process. customer testimonial line on audio acrobat • teach people what to say • capture testimonials
  • Public Relations • Most believable because someone else is saying... • Media Pitch-They could give a “rip” about your business. They want a relevant story. • P.R. releases direct to ideal customers. • What are your clients reading?
  • 6 Automate & Dominate
  • Automate • On-Line Shopping Cart • Opt-in & Auto-Responder • Ezine Newsletter
  • You only need a website if...
  • ...want customers
  • You only need a blog if...
  • ...want community
  • web presence vs. web site
  • Live by Marketing Calendar 7
  • Coach?
  • 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing is h ? Success T n t io W n an tat re se Matthew Scott, M.S. P Founder & Managing Director The Life’s Work Group, Inc.
  • PPAI PPT Presentation Oh Captain, My Captain, Please send me a copy of your PPT Presentation on 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success. Thanks, Donald Trump