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Off the Cuff: How Fashion Bloggers Find and Use Information
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Off the Cuff: How Fashion Bloggers Find and Use Information


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Presented at ARLIS/NA 2013 in Pasadena, California on April 28, 2013 as part of a panel discussion entitled "Fashion Blogs from Creation to Preservation."

Presented at ARLIS/NA 2013 in Pasadena, California on April 28, 2013 as part of a panel discussion entitled "Fashion Blogs from Creation to Preservation."

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Off the Cuff:How Fashion BloggersFind and Use InformationKim Detterbeck, Purchase College, SUNYNicole LaMoreaux, LIM College / FITMarie Sciangula, Purchase College, SUNYARLIS/NA 41st Annual ConferenceApril 28, 2013Pasadena, California
  • 2. myMETRO
  • 3. myMETRO Process
  • 4. myMETRO ProcessFindings
  • 5. myMETRO ProcessFindings Future
  • 6. METRO
  • 7. myMETRO Researchers
  • 8. Process
  • 9. Process:survey
  • 10. Process:socialmedia
  • 11. Process:literaturereview
  • 12. Findings
  • 13. Findings:Authenticity
  • 14. "The indication of individual identity through thecuration and display of clothing and accessories isin keeping with the ethos of social media, whichemphasizes authenticity above all."-A. Marwick, 2010
  • 15. Findings:Authenticity
  • 16. "I wouldnt [hire a researcher]. Thatwould take a large part of my workaway that I truly enjoy doing."-Blogger A
  • 17. "I prefer to be my own researcher."-Blogger B
  • 18. Findings:AuthenticityFast Fashion
  • 19. Findings:AuthenticityFast FashionMillennials
  • 20. "It’s not difficultto find[information] ifyou knowwhere to look.For me it’s beenthis way."-Blogger C
  • 21. "Nothing ishard toobtain in thisday and ageif you knowwhere tolook.”-Blogger D
  • 22. "I tend tofind all thatI need."-Blogger E
  • 23. Findings:AuthenticityFast FashionMillennialsHypertextuality
  • 24. “With the World WideWeb and the blogosphere inparticular, hypertextualityhas proliferated. It is the verystructure blogs rest on...Fashion blogs constantlyrelate to other blogs, be itthrough directly linking tothem in a post or byincluding them in theirblogroll."-A. Rocamora, 2012
  • 25. “If there are any phrasesor images I would liketo borrow, I alwaysmake sure to cite all mysources by posting thelinks on where thereader may find them.”-Blogger F
  • 26. "In my full knowledge andopinion, it is very muchacceptable for anyone andeveryone to reuse allimages off the WorldWide Web PROVIDEDthey clearly and VISIBLYcite their references and alllinks to where theyoriginally borrowed theimages from.”-Blogger G
  • 27. Future Considerations
  • 28. Future Considerations:Bloggers vs. Journalists
  • 29. Future Considerations:Bloggers vs. JournalistsBlog to Book
  • 30. Future Considerations:Bloggers vs. JournalistsBlog to BookMillennials?
  • 31. Read the report presentation at:
  • 32. ThankYou!Questions?
  • 33. Cited ResourcesConnaway, L. S., Dickey, T.J, & Radford, M.L. (2011). ‘If it is too inconvenient, Im not going after it.:Convenience as a critical factor in information-seeking behaviors." Library and Information ScienceResearch, 33: 179-190.Marwick, A. (2011). Conspicuous and authentic: Fashion blogs, style, and consumption. Presented atthe International Communication Association, Boston, MA. Retrieved from, M. and Pospisil, R. (2005). Proceedings from Australasian Society for Computers inTertiary Education. Brisbane, Australia. Laptops for a digital lifestyle: Millennial students andwireless mobile technologies. Retrieved from New York Library Council. http://metro.orgRocamora, A. (2012). Hypertextuality and remediation in the fashion media. Journalism Practice, 6(1), 92–106.Image Credits1. Flickr User dyniss2. Flickr User mjsonline3. Flickr User wcouch4. Flickr User margaretv5. Flickr User sameold20106. Flickr User glaaasi7. J.J. Threads8. The Art of Manliness9. Flickr User StudioGabe // Gabriel Li10. Novelax Store International