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Introduction To Law And The Economy
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Introduction To Law And The Economy


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Introduction to Law and The Economy
    • This unit will introduce students to basic economic concepts and the Law.
    • Students will be able to gain practical knowledge that will assist them in making sense of this type of issue as it arises and is reported in the media, and;
    • Will provide an excellent insight into the nature of the V.C.E. subjects of Economics and Legal Studies
  • 2. Introduction to Law and The Economy
    • This unit has two clear branches.
    • The first will introduce students to economic concepts, emphasising the role of the Government in the economy
    • It will also allow investigation of inflation and unemployment .
    • Students will also gain a general understanding of the operation of the legal system in Australia in particular how it affects young people.
  • 3. The Economy
    • We will learn about nature of scarcity,
    • How the allocation of resources is achieved and
    • How prices are set in a market economy such as Australia’s
    • Inflation and Unemployment will be examined as important social and economic issues
  • 4. The Role of Government
    • We will develop an understanding of what the Government is attempting to achieve in managing the economy
    • We will also explore the role of the social welfare system in Australia – things like unemployment benefit payments.
  • 5. The Law
    • We will explore the basic structure of the Australian Legal system
    • We will distinguish between types of law (Civil and Criminal Law)
    • We will examine how the law affects young people and will experience the operations of the Magistrates Court and,
    • We will examine the impact of the law on all aspects of owning and driving a motor vehicle.
  • 6. In a nutshell . . .
    • In this elective students will gain:
    • valuable practical knowledge and skills that can be applied in real life situations in a legal and economic sense
    • A valuable insight into the V.C.E. subjects of Legal Studies and Economics