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  • 1. The good and the bad of the year By Ronnie Chung
  • 2. Most memorable
    • The most memorable of this year’s events is the inauguration of our first African American president, Barack Obama. Many people would not choose to be president during this time since we are facing an economical crisis and he would have to deal with this as being the new president.
    • The reason I choose this article is because this is a moment that most people and their descendents would not forget since this is the first time in all of U.S history of having an African American president. Although they all started at the bottom as slaves and indentured servants Obama proved that any person can reach the highest rank in the U.S as long as they have hope.
  • 3. Most outrageous
    • The most outrageous of this year’s events is the biggest ponzi scheme in Wall Street history created by Bernie Madoff. By scamming most Americans of their money it is just worsening the lives of them in today’s current economical depression. Although he was able to convince them by taking their money and giving back more he should’ve known that he would be caught in the end.
    • The reason I chose this as the most outrageous is because the victims of his scheme will now suffer for his own mistakes making their lives worse which wouldn’t help the nations economy in any way. It amazes me that someone who was former chairman of a stock exchange would stoop so low to a scheme like this to satisfy their own personal gains. It is horrible for people who fell victim into his scheme and then just to suffer for his mistakes.
  • 4. Most tragic
    • In my opinion, the most tragic incident this year would be the earthquake in Italy. About 150 lives were lost, 1,500 were injured and more than 17,000 people were left homeless. Among the destruction included: many houses and some historic buildings including the 16 th century statue: Ascending Madonna.
    • I chose this event as the most tragic because natural disasters like these occur almost unknowingly. Many kinds of disasters occur around the world but natural disasters are one of the worst; they cannot be stopped. Thanks to the power of “Mother Nature”, many lives were lost leaving behind only tragedy.
  • 5. Most controversial
    • Currently the most controversial, in my opinion, would be mayor Bloomberg running for a 3 rd term as mayor. Although stated that the mayor can only run for two terms there was no constitutional objection about running a third term as mayor, allowing mayor Bloomberg to be the first mayor to run more than two terms in N.Y.
    • I had chosen this article since powers like these are normally limited. The reason there are term limits is so that the abuse of power would not occur as often. A government that is abusive will lead to a horrible society. Bloomberg running a third term would put fear in some citizens in N.Y since they fear he may began to abuse his powers.
  • 6. Most Horrific
    • The most horrific even would be the murder/suicide in a hotel. A Manhattan lawyer had rented a hotel with his wife and two daughters and then beat and suffocated each of them at time. The beating had taken hours, not minutes showing that he was in no hurry to beat them. After he had beat them he then cut himself and had then bled to death. Police suspect that he had done this since he had financial problems and that he might be doing another shady investment opportunity.
    • This can be classified as horrific since he did not have to involve his family in this. He himself should be the only one to take the fall instead of him and his family. If he had just avoided these shady activities he might not have been caught in that situation. It disgusts me that in today’s society people like him would stoop that low for their own personal gains.
  • 7. Most epidemic
    • Swine flu has begun to spread on most U.S citizens but this isn’t the first outbreak of swine flu. Back in 1918 a swine flu outbreak occurred and became pandemic. Although that strain was different the today’s swine flu they did create a vaccine for the earlier swine flu.
    • Although swine flu had killed and infected very few people in the U.S it is still a threat. Even though a vaccine, and cure has been created many people don’t have time to be treated. Doctors are very limited in Mexico and not many people can be cured there on time which could lead to more infections.