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AngelLara Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Most memorable: Obama’s Inauguration Barack Obama has made history by becoming America’s first African American President. This inauguration is especially memorable, because it shows a change from the years of segregation and slavery in our past to the present reality, that America is now being led by a black president. This shows people and children across the world that you can accomplish anything you dream of, and nothing is too far-fetched, no matter what race or religion you are. The Democrats are also now slowly becoming the majority in our government, giving America a change in views and politics.
  • 2. Most Outrageous: Rod Blagojevich attempts to sell senate seat. Rod Blagojevich has been arrested by federal because of allegations with sufficient evidence made against him. Blagojevich has been accused of attempting to sell the senate seat of which Obama occupied previous to his presidency. Blagojevich has been charged with corruption, bribery, and mail fraud( Illegal persuasive materials designed to trick consumers.) This is the most outrageous event of the year because this governor, who should be leading Illinois in the right direction, is actually setting one of the most corrupt examples ever. Fortunately, legal actions have been taken, and Blagojevich has been summoned to attend a trial. Unfourtanetly, Blagojevich refused to attend his own trial, which only raised suspicion and anger in American citizens. Also, Rod Blagojevich has been impeached, and banned from running for office again. It was corrupt, and wrong of him to do something like that, which makes it stand out to many Americans.
  • 3. Most Tragic: Earthquake in Italy This year Italy has suffered both a great loss, and a great tragedy. Italian residents have been victims of a series of highly underestimated earthquakes. In fact most residents were aware that a series of earthquakes were coming, they just did know the magnitude of the earthquakes. This is because the were falsely assured repeatedly, that the earthquakes were nothing to concern themselves with. Perhaps, if residents had been more accurately, the earthquakes would not have affected as many people as it did. This series of tremors and earthquakes caused hundreds of deaths, and resulted in 17,000 people becoming homeless. This forced people to find other source of food and water, along with the task of having to seek shelter with friends or relatives. Lives were not the only things lost, Italy lost history and culture. Many historical sites collapsed, and museums were destroyed.
  • 4. Most Controversial: Embryonic Stem Cell Research Embryonic stem cell research has been a very controversial topic for many years, starting with Clinton allowing stem cell research on already discarded in vitro fertility experiments, but not on existing embryos, going to George W. Bush’s vetoing of several bills allowing stem cell research, and then coming to now, when President Obama recently passed a bill allowing stem cell research. Many people are in opposition to this new bill arguing that it is murder, because to them, an embryo is already considered a human life, that it is morally unacceptable. They also argue that there should be testing on adult embryonic stem cells instead, so there would be no theoretical “murder”. Those in favor of this bill argue that this could save hundreds of lives. Most scientists seem to think that embryonic stem cells can treat and hold many potential cures for many diseases and disorders such as spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, hundreds of rare immune system and genetic disorders and much more. Those in favor argue that if these diseases can possibly be cured, that many future generations can be healthier, and that an embryo is not a life yet, until it is born, so it is not actually murder. These two sides make very good points, and this subject has caused many arguments and debates.
  • 5. Most Scandalous: Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme Bernie Madoff formed a gigantic Ponzi scheme, operating over the span of 20 years and cheating many people out of billions of dollars. It is perhaps one of the largest frauds of Wall Street’s history. Many foreign banks, charities, celebrities, and even regular people invested their savings in Madoff’s investment firm. He hired many inexperienced workers and told them to create false documents and records, moved money from bank to bank to make it seem like there was active trading, and told lies to his investors.
  • 6. Most Unexpected: Swine Flu Although the magnitude of the swine flu has been exaggerated, swine flu still is a very dangerous illness. In fact, locally (long island) there have been a few recent deaths. The swine flu was unexpected because, it was not a slowly developing epidemic, it appeared when Mexicans who were more susceptible to the disease crossed the border and appeared their illness. Even though some people’s deaths have been linked to the swine flu, it is only because they had underlying illnesses previous to the swine flu. Since Mexicans are native to the disease border security is being tightened, in efforts to prevent the illness from becoming worse. What makes this unexpected illness even more dangerous is that it is airborne, so people can get it very easily if they are near someone who is unaware that they have swine flu. Scientists are now in a race for the cure.
  • 7. Most Ironic: AIG bailout bonuses A.I.G’s actions in the past year have proved to be the most ironic. In this time of slow economic activity, A.I.G’s workers are being granted huge bonuses. The irony in this situation is that the unit that contributed the most to the company’s possible collapse is the unit that is being granted the largest amount of bonuses and the largest salaries. A.I.G received $170 billion in tax payer’s money. Out of the $170 billion, they are giving $165 million away in bonuses, to the executives in charge of thee unit mentioned previously. Also ironically, though A.I.G’s workers have caused their own downfall, we as American citizens have to pay to clean up their mess, and yet A.I.G’s chief executives and lawyers feel that is their obligation to pay their workers bonuses for a job that was horribly executed. Unfortunately, even though many, including the president, have tried to put a stop to these bonuses, A.I.G has hired some of the best lawyers to defend and win their case.