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    Aleem S Aleem S Presentation Transcript

    • CURRENT EVENTS BY: Aleem Sutar
    • EDUCATION  I chose the article “ Obama backs teachers merit pay” for the education category because the article talks about merit pay. Merit pay is when the kids in the teachers classes take a test to see if the teachers are teaching the kids what they are suppose to be teaching. If the kids do bad on the test the teachers salary will decrease or the teachers will be laid off.
    • HEALTH/FOOD  The article that I have chosen for health/food is “More Peanut Butter Products Recalled”. I have chosen this article for the topic because peanut butter recall was when peanut butter products were taken back to the manufactures because of Salmonella. Salmonella is a bacteria that makes people sick. Since the peanut butter recall happened many people got sick and died. This recall has to do with your health and the food you eat.
    • Most Amazing and Outrageous  I think the most amazing and outrageous event that happened in the past year was the Airplane Crash in the Hudson. I thought it was amazing because usually when a plain crashes Ina river many people die. When the plane landed in the river no one died. Also the people on board were lucky because the pilot was well experienced and knew how to handle the situation.
    • MOST TRAGIC  The Binghamton massacre was a very tragic event. It was tragic because many innocent people were killed. A man opened fire at the American Civic Association in Binghamton. The man also took many people as hostages. The man also killed himself. This is why this event was a tragic moment for many people.
    • MOST CONTROVERSIAL  The closing of Guantanamo Bay was a very controversial event. It was controversial because there was an island that had so called “Terrorists”. The prisoners were tortured and treated cruelly. Some people felt that because there was no proof the prisoners should be released but others thought they should stay in jail.
    • MOST MEMORABLE  I think the election of 2008’s presidency was very memorable. I think it was memorable because it was the first time in the United States of America that a African American became a president. If you look back two years ago no one would have thought that this would happen. It is the first time in the United States that we had a colored president. I think that is a big thing to remember in our history.
    • MY OPINIONS  One thing that I really did not like when I was doing my current event project was looking for the articles. It was very hard to find the perfect article that fits your topic. One thing I did like about this current event project was making my PowerPoint. It was fun to create all the animations. I think this current event project was fun at points and also not fun at points.
    • THE END