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  • “These staffing arrangements seem to work well for the library, but Middleton said she would like to have another staff member available full time for busier periods”.
  • Woman’s most recent Organization Chart. Note the Medical Library is under the Senior Vice President of Medical Staff Services. Furthermore, the Medical Library is a part of the Regulatory Compliance department.
  • 7403 medical library at womans presentation

    1. 1. Medical Library at Womans Site Visit Project Rebecca Kelley, David Laatsch, Cara McHugh, Mac Scarle
    2. 2. Medical Library at Woman’sUSERS
    3. 3. Users• Main users are physicians and nurses• Library is open to all staff members – Our visit saw usage from physicians as well as a maintenance staff member, obviously for differing reasons• Woman’s has around 2,500-3,000 staff members• Library is not open to patients or family members – Can be used by patients or family members upon physician request
    4. 4. Medical Library at Woman’sSERVICES AND PRODUCTS
    5. 5. Print and electronic journals• Primarily for doctors, nurses, current patients• Subscriptions based on user needs (nursing, reproductive medicine, fertility and infertility issues, anesthesia and surgery, pediatrics, and overall women’s health)• Off-site access available only to doctors, nurses• Library offers electronic reference
    6. 6. Interlibrary loan• Member of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine consortia• Participates in document delivery and sharing, DOCLINE interlibrary loan, and access to other scholarly publishing resources• NNLM membership saves cost and time of the user
    7. 7. Patient Information Library• Ready reference room• Will offer brochures, journals, medical reference books, and a computer terminal equipped with appropriate medical databases for users’ personal research
    8. 8. Nursing Reference Center• ANA-granted magnet status for nurses• Membership grants nurses research and writing assistance, information discovery services
    9. 9. Medical Library at Woman’sSTAFFING
    10. 10. Staffing• One full time employee, one part time employee• FTE responsible for: interlibrary loan, collection development, budget, and the design of the new library room• PTE responsible for: electronic records and basic filing and organization of the collection• Temporary/unpaid volunteer positions
    11. 11. Medical Library at Woman’sFACILITIES
    12. 12. Current location• Inaccessible location• Little parking• High-congestion area• Needs more space for researchers
    13. 13. New location• Room for Patient Information Library• New reading chairs, study tables, book and pamphlet displays, two employee offices• Prime location near doctor/nurse offices and delivery wing• Small “archive” area• Ample parking
    14. 14. Medical Library at Woman’s HospitalBUDGETING
    15. 15. Budgeting• Medical Library is “blessed with a good budget”• “Size dictates what you can buy”• Stretches budget to meet the library’s needs• Has avoided budget cuts (so far), unlike other medical libraries• Bundles journal subscriptions to save money
    16. 16. Budgeting• Collection Expense = $110,000 • Includes monographs, journals and database subscriptions• Interlibrary Loan Expenses = $4,300 • $3,000 for ILL purchases ($10-$12 per article) • $1,300 for Ariel software (secure transfer of ILL docs)• Integrated Library System = $3,400 • EOS (Electronic Online Systems) hosts: – OPAC and modules for Cataloging, Circulation, & Serial Acquisitions
    17. 17. Budgeting• Office Supplies Expense = $1,300• Minor Expenses- telephone, repairs & printing• Expenses that Hospital pays (doesn’t come out of Library’s Operational Budget): • Capital budget items: new computers, printers, etc. • Electricity, Insurance• Salaries & benefits: • Mean salary for medical librarians is $60,000 (MLA 2008 Salary Survey)
    18. 18. Medical Library at Woman’s HospitalCOLLECTION DEVELOPMENT
    19. 19. Collection Development• Collection consists mostly of medical journals: • Obstetrics, gynecology, pe diatrics (infant) & general women’s health• Reference areas for both physicians & nurses• Minor collections: • Pharmacology, anesthesia, surgery and oncology
    20. 20. Collection Development• Database subscriptions: • CINAHL, nursing database • DynaMed, evidence-based clinical reference database • Cochrane Collaboration, full text reviews of evidence- based medicine• PubMed is great resource from NLM• Collection is weeded annually• Collection Development Policy overdue for update; time constraints
    21. 21. Medical Library at Woman’s HospitalMARKETING
    22. 22. Marketing• Variety of marketing techniques• Printed promotional materials: • Bookmarks with Top Health Web Sites • Instructions for using databases• Monthly emails to physicians; includes table of contents for latest medical journals• “elevator speech” about library’s services; build relationships• Host raffle fundraisers for charities
    23. 23. Proving Value within Hospital• Tries to prove value everyday • Goal: to provide answers to all research questions in timely manner• Provides annual report to VP & Board: • Includes statistics on types of research requests, database usage, interlibrary loans, variety of users • Demonstrates library’s value to upper management • Lacks return on investment component • Example of report on next slide
    24. 24. Proving Value within Hospital• Woman’s Hospital Organizational Structure: • Library reports to Senior VP of Medical Staff Services (see next slide) • Previously under IT, was “not a good fit”• Medical Library is valued by Hospital: • No recent budget cuts • Providing larger space in new hospital
    25. 25. Medical Library at Woman’s HospitalA DYNAMIC WORKPLACE
    26. 26. Typical Days• There are no “typical days” at the Medical Library• Principle responsibility is information requests – The possibilities for different requests is almost infinite• Rapid pace of change and requests means that staff must be adaptable and ready for challenges• “One does not schedule emergencies”
    27. 27. Room For Improvement• State of transition: preparing for new library• State of flux leaves many opportunities and issues for new location• Most important is new patient library• Marketing and staffing are other concerns
    28. 28. Problems and Difficulties• Budgeting – specifically costly journal subscriptions• Staffing• Physical space – Somewhat helped in new location – Many users prefer print – Requires smart collection development