Worksheet: The Social Media Mindset - Tapping into WHY it Matters


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This worksheet is designed to accompany the presentation The Social Media Mindset: Tapping Into WHY it Matters. That presentation can be found here:

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Worksheet: The Social Media Mindset - Tapping into WHY it Matters

  1. 1. WORKSHEET: The Social Media Mindset: Tapping into WHY Social Media Matters Chrissanne Long – MSB Local This worksheet is designed to accompany the presentation found here: Why does your WHY matter? Your why is your focus – it will keep you (and your employees) motivated. When you know WHY, you can put up with any “how” and do “what” ever it takes to overcome any challenges/objections that might get in the way. Your WHY enables daily progress Your WHY inspires others to want to follow (aka “buy” from) you. Your WHY clarifies YOUR. ONE. THING – What’s most important to you and your organization. Your WHY creates a culture around your brand that cultivates raving fans. These questions are designed help you identify YOUR. ONE. THING.and maintain focus on your WHY – Your personal passion. The value of knowing your WHY: “Very few people or companies can clearly articulate WHY they do WHAT they do…. By WHY I mean what is your purpose, cause or belief? WHY does your company exist? Why do you get out of bed every morning?” - Start With Why, Simon Sinek Chrissanne Long MSB Local Copyright, 2014
  2. 2. Your Golden Circle: Identify your WHY, How and What. Questions to assist in helping discover your WHY: Personal Assessment: 1. What are you seeking, what do you want to accomplish? (Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to be famous? Do you want to educate others? Better lifestyle? Fun?) 2. How do you view/define yourself? (A Leader, Business Owner, teacher, coach, speaker, service provider, IT solution, salesman, etc.) 3. Do you feel compelled in a specific direction, a “calling” of Chrissanne Long MSB Local Copyright, 2014
  3. 3. some kind? 4. Are you seeking to get away from something or get closer to something else? 5. About what are you passionate (and/or) what makes you really angry? 6. What are you good at? What do others say you are good at? 7. What values, character, qualities, priorities are important to you? 8. What gives you energy during the work day? 9. What legacy do you want to leave? 10. Who do you admire? Who do you choose to emulate in business and why? Business Assessment: 1. Why are you in business? 2. What is the “core” offering of your business? 3. What are the “extra” value-added services/products your business Chrissanne Long MSB Local Copyright, 2014
  4. 4. offers? 4. What differentiates your business from others? 5. What is your competitive advantage? 6. What makes a customer buy YOUR product or service over the competition? 7. Who is your target market? (Hint: everyone is not your target market!) Action Steps: 1. Watch Simon Sinek’s TED talk (Google “start with why” and/or Simon Sinek 2. Complete the personal and professional assessments above. 3. Ask 5 loyal customers to answer the business assessments for your business. 4. Write down YOUR. ONE. THING. 5. Think of 5-10 people/influencers that share your common interest. Follow them, like them, friend them. Listen to those who share your passion and begin cultivating your Social Media Mindset around THIS TOPIC! 6. Optional: Enroll in a Local Facebook/Social Media 30 Day Challenge to build the HABIT to support your WHY. Note: The best WHY campaigns are loosely related to something that can naturally connect your passion to your business, but this is not Chrissanne Long MSB Local Copyright, 2014
  5. 5. necessary to begin developing your social media strategy. As long as your WHY is clear (and strong enough) you can begin implementing “What” and “How” When you understand your why, there is no HOW or WHAT that will keep you from attaining any social media (or other) goals. Seek out those who share your passion and you will develop relationships that will propel you forward in developing/strengthening your Social Media Mindset . Chrissanne Long MSB Local Copyright, 2014