Chinese New Year- Gary & John
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Chinese New Year- Gary & John






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    Chinese New Year- Gary & John Chinese New Year- Gary & John Presentation Transcript

    • Chinese New YearChinese New Year is on the 23rd of January.Chinese New Year last for 15 days.It went on since 2000BC.They used bright lights and firecrackers to get the Dragon away. They gather around for a union to see who died and who survived.
    • • Love there firecrackers.Facts • Red colour for happiness:) • Chicken is for good luck. • Fish is for wealth. • They leave the head and the tail for the beginning and end.
    • Chinese lanterns Chinese lanterns are let of on the 15th day of Chinese NewYear. They let of loads of them.
    • Chinese calendar Chinese calendar has been incontinuous use for centuries. Inuse at the present , which goes back only some 430years.
    • Chinese animals There are 12 animals :the namesTiger, Snake ,Horse, Ox, Rat,Sheep, Dog ,Dragon ,Chicken ,Rabbit ,Pig and Bull.
    • Chinese leap Year It was a Leap Year: unlike the westerncalendar, where one extra day is added inFebruary, one whole leap month is added in a Chinese Leap year.2010 is the Year 4707 in the Chinese calendar, 2009 is the Year 4706 in the Chinese calendar. Justthink if you get paid by the month instead of working an extra day for nothing you would get an extra pay!!!!!!
    • Chinese New YearThe Spring ceremoniously commenceswith a practice of offering a sacrifice to the kitchen God is a deity sent from Heaven to each house to take charge of family affairs and make a report on what the family has done in the pastyear to heaven annually on the date of the twenty-third. So with the preparations of feeding the kitchen God the celebrations of the Chinese
    • The dragon As far back as 3000BC, Chinese dragons have stood fertility, happiness, procreation, immorality and activity. These mythological creatures have theamazing ability toward off all evil spirits and in ancient days, they were even thought of a scared animal. The Chinese have four divine creatures including the dragon, unicorn, tortoise and phoenix. Unlike the evilness that is represented by the western dragon, Chinese dragons are very gracious creatures.
    • Hope you enjoyedTHE END