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  • Maya - Closely integrated with University, Focus on “Creative” and PR (mi
  • 10min UB pitch

    1. 1. Michael Sarlitt Matt Joanou Team, Clients, and Vision
    2. 2. Core Team Matt Joanou CP Sr. Student – Economics major with Entrepreneurship concentration and Psychology minor Background: Non-profits, Start-ups, Networking Michael Sarlitt CP Graduating Business Student – Finance, Marketing, & Entrepreneurship concentrations Background: Sales, Online Marketing, Social Media, Market Research Tools Jordan Evans Westmont College (SB) Recent Graduate – Business, Economics, & Spanish Background: Business Development, Market Research, Forecasting Common Themes: Passion for entrepreneurship, come from families of business owners
    3. 3. Extended Team Jonathan York Head of Entrepreneurship department at Cal Poly Over 25 years experience as a CEO in multiple industries Michael Gunther Founder and President of Collaboration, SLO consulting firm Strong connections in San Luis Obispo community Vice-Chair to the SLO Chamber of Commerce
    4. 4. Current Clients Market Research Projects Location: Santa Barbara, CA Industry: Engineering Firm Objective: Comprehensive market analysis of new niche industry Location: Santa Barbara, CA Industry: Telecommunications Objective: Analyze consumer segments and demographics
    5. 5. Current Clients Social Media Projects Location: San Luis Obispo, CA Industry: Winery Objective: Launch a cutting edge social media campaign Location: San Luis Obispo, CA Industry: Web-Based, Inventors Objective: Create web content and social media campaign
    6. 6. Current Clients Business Plans Women’s Shoe Store (Paso Robles) Location: Paso Robles, CA Industry: Retail Objective: Create a comprehensive business plan for new shoe/wine bar concept Competitive Edge - Market Strategy - Sales Forecast - Management Summary - Financial Forecast
    7. 7. Short-Term Expansion Vision SLO SB OC SF Timeline Feb ‘10 Aug ‘11 Aug ‘12 Initial Pilot (small market) Universities Cal Poly, SLO 1st Expansion (medium market) Universities UCSB Westmont College 2nd Expansion (large markets) OC Universities UCI CSU Fullerton CSU Long Beach SF Universities UC Berkley Stanford SFSU
    8. 8. BOS 2012 CHI 2012 NYC 2013 LA 2013 Long-Term Expansion Vision Target markets saturated with Universities
    9. 9. Potential Harvest Options Hold private indefinitely Benefit from continuous cash flows Buyout by large consulting firm (long-term)
    10. 10. Potential Partnerships Consulting Firms Provides UniBridge with • Referrals • Tutelage • Resources (office space) UniBridge provides consulting firm with • Link to young talent • Revenue sharing
    11. 11. Research Determining a Need Proof of concept Developing surveys Pricing Initially trial by fire Currently developing Conjoint Analysis survey
    12. 12. 1st Level Competitors Wildbloom Small business and non-profit focus One active group at Yale (Maya) Nexecon U of Michigan student-run consulting group (not- for-profit) Focus on consulting (vs. business projects)
    13. 13. 2nd Level Competitors Established Consulting Firms Temp Agencies Independent Contractor $$ $$$$ $$$
    14. 14. Financials Period: Startup Costs 1 12 Total Project Volume (units) 5 15 161 Monthly Project Comp. 500 900 8,800 Gross Project Revenue 2,500 13,500 122,300 Variable Costs Team (20%) 500 2,700 24,460 University (5%) 125 675 6,115 Total Variable Costs 625 3,375 30,575 Total Fixed Costs (593) 163 163 2,543 Operating Profit (loss) (593) 1,713 9,963 89,775