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Coca De Recapte 3 B
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Coca De Recapte 3 B


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Power Point made by 3rd ESO B

Power Point made by 3rd ESO B

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. “ COCA DE RECAPTE” Jesús Marro, Idoia Redorta, Júlia Masana, Laura Masana, Ona Maya
  • 2. Ingredients For the dough: -500 g of flour -30 g of yeast -Salt -1 cup of water -1 dl of olive oil.
  • 3. Ingredients For the garnish: -3 Tomatoes -3 Onions -3 Peppers -6 Sardines (or sausage or tuna, or herring) -Parsley -Salt -Olive oil.
  • 4. Preparation 1-We work with the dough until the oil is sufficient consistency. 2-Allow about three hours to ferment. Meanwhile it is the "escalivada" (Roast the peppers and eggplant in the oven. Peel, seeds are cleaned and cut into strips).
  • 5. Preparation 3-Re-mix the dough and oil. 4-Allow again about thirty minutes.
  • 6. Preparation 5-Finally, stretching the dough into a baking sheet and top with thin sliced onions, tomatoes, and sardines “escalivada” and parsley sprinkled on top. 6-Now we have bake about thirty minutes at 180 º C.
  • 7. Propieties of ingredients Olive oil. The oil of olive, much the virgin like the extra, are rich in vitamins A, D and K. Also it prepares some types of cancer . It's rich in vitamin E. Contains monoinsaturada fat that collaborates in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Also it prepares the cholesterol.  
  • 8. Red peppers. Employ frequently in the kitchen. In some place employ like medicine. Also his content is prominent of provitamina A. At the organism transforms into vitamin A as needs, folatos and of vitamin E, and in minor quantity there are present other vitamins of the group B as the B6, B3, B2 and B1. His content in the mentioned vitamins C and E, together with the carotenos, they turn to the pepper in an important fountain of antioxidant, substances that take care of our health.   Propieties of ingredients Composition for 100 grams of eatable portion Energy (Kcal) 19,3 Waters down (g) 92 Proteins (g) 0,9 Hidratos carbon (g) 3,7 Fiber (g) 1,4 Potassium (mg) 210 Phosphorus (mg) 25 Magnesium (mg) 13,5 Folatos (mcg) 25 Vitamin C (mg) 131 Vitamin To (mcg of Eq. of retinol) 67,5 Vitamin And (mg) 0,8 mcg = micrograms (millionth part of a gram)
  • 9. Propieties of ingredients Eggplant. Has vitamins  A, B1, B2, B3, C and folatos. Its energetic and nourishing value is small compared with other fruits, vegetables and vegetables. It contains scanty vitamins, hydro-carbons, proteins and minerals, being the majority component in its weight the water, in 92 % of his composition. The most abundant mineral is the potassium and in small quantities phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron. It has vitamins To, B1, B2, B3, C and folatos. Hydro-carbons: 2,7 g Vitamins: Vit To U. I.: 10 Vit B3: 0,6 mg Folatos (mcg) 16 where mcg=microgramos (millionth part of a gram)
  • 10. Pictures of “Coca de recapte”
  • 11. The End