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  • 1. OUR FAVOURITE JOBS E41-E42 “ICT Project” 2nd Term 2013-14
  • 2. Joab Chemical Pharmaco Biologist Title of School, Scientific High School , a career on Medicine and Chemical. Ethical actitude, social commitment, respectful of biodiversity and environment, applied knowledge in different fields of biology and abiliity to generate and organize information. Investigate rare diseases, improve some patents, practice with chemical ingredients… I choose this job because, i really love chemicals, and all which is relationated with Medicine.
  • 3. Joan B • Portrait school, fine arts Painter Plastic arts high academy. Good drawing skills. Good perception of what you see. Draw/paint portraits to the customers. Work at home, in house of the customer or at street. Work with pencils, with paints or with ● other tools. I love drawing and portrait drawing is one of my drawing skills and maybe the most useful. • • • • •
  • 4. Damian Title of Graduate School, High School, Vocational Degree, Driving licenses B, C, Pass the oposittions, First aid course, Hight : 1,60 m for woman and 1,70 for man. Good physical condition, strength and speed, work well in team, fast mind. Help people, extinguish fires, help accidents, treat wounded people. I like help people and its a good job that always i like to.
  • 5. Albert Broker ● Social Science high school, Economic degree or Business University degree. High level of English. ● Hard-working, work well in a team, be honest. ● Perform formalities of buying-selling on the stock market. You can do it in an office or at home. ● I like all the things related to the Stock Exchange.
  • 6. Blanca
  • 7. Jeweller Graduate in High School and Technical course of Jewels. Have a good hand with jewels. Repair and create jewels. My dad is a jeweller
  • 8. Lluís 1.- Technological high school - Architecture degree (university) 2.- - Technical drawing - Good maths - Imagination to design 3.- Design buldings (block of flats, houses...) Work in a office 4. - I like design buildings - Good and a nice job
  • 9. Veterinary -Scientific high school, medicine, veterinary and if you want to become specialist in one animal you have to study more. -Be patient and steady hand. -To cure ills, to operate and they work in a hospital. -I like animals. Henar
  • 10. Human Rights Lawyer Irene -GCSE, “Batxillerat and a career at university. -Very hard-working, to have good memory and know how to convince people by only talking with them. -Use the law in favor of the cause. -I enjoy helping people who really need it.
  • 11. NURSE · GCSE, “Batxillerat” High School A levels, University Medicine Degree (6 years). · Be pacient, nice, reliable, outgoing and happy with the patients, and work well in a team. · Cure people, do operations, treat patients, apply medications among others in hospitals, old people’s home, health centre... · I have chosen this job because my mother works like a nurse, and it’s dificult. Marta P
  • 12. Industrial Engineer To be an industrial ingeneering I need to make the technical high school and get a degree in industrial engineering. Good workmanship, know about engineering and technology. Patience at working with the others. Handle large industrial machines for the production of goods. Produce cars and fix if any failure. I chose this job because since I was a kid I really like MIGUEL
  • 13. Doctor ·GCSE, scientific high school and medicine degree. ·Be outgoing with all the patients,very patient, happy, mature, work well in a team... ·Could help the people with her illness, operate patients… ·Helping people.
  • 14. Joan F. Vázquez • • • • • PROFESSIONAL PHYSICAL TRAINER Scientific high school, university INEF degree. Ambitious, experienced, fit, works well in a team. Helping professional sportsmen for rehabilitating or when they have injuries to get in shape. I love this work but sometimes I regret he shoots or PE teacher or I doing the exam for the scientific police. I choose this job because I like sports and keep fit, police theme I really like too and the subject of teaching is a possibility.
  • 15. INSTRUCTOR LEISURE - GCSE, Hich School A levels “Batxillerat”, University Instructor Childrens Free time. -Be pacient, outgoing, happy, nice, have imagination and work well in a team. -Youth club, activities for young people. -Energetic to some activities with the children. -Work with young people.
  • 16. PHYSIOTHERAPIST GCSE, High School A levels “Batxillerat”, University Physiotherapy degree. Be patient, nice, quiet, friendly, cheerful, relyable and positive with patients. Help anyone who need it trying to cure them or enhance their quality of life in a hospital. I like to help people but I’m not clear on what I want to dedicate.
  • 17. Judith DOCTOR -Secundary studies, university entrance examinations and a degree (6 years). patient, kind, above all nice person. -Responsible for maintaining and restoring the health of patients. -I used to play doctors and I like helping other people.
  • 18. Claudia 00000000000000000JOURNALIST · GCSE, High School A levels and degree in journalism (4 years) . · Speak well, good pronunciation, know different languages if it is possible, be outgoing, be polite and of course don’t be shy. · Inform society, travel around the world to get some informtion to a TV programme and do interviewing. · I choose this job because I really like to interact with people , know different cultures, people,etc. And I would like to work on TV too!
  • 19. Clara: Sports Journalist - Primary School, “ESO”, humanistic “Batxillerat” and degree in journalism. - You must be polite and outgoing, know to speak different lenguages, like sports, don’t be shy. - Doing interviews, presenting the sports news in a set or commenting matches in the stadium. - You can travel around the world and whatch matches. - Because I like sports and I would like to appear on TV.
  • 20. TEACHER - GCSE, High School A levels, teacher training university degree. -A lot of patience, work well in a team, know how to treat children and be responsible. -Teach children to read, add, count with fingers,to paint and write…(and more)