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The Power of Social Networks as Storytelling Media
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The Power of Social Networks as Storytelling Media


This slide deck was the basis for two workshops at the Boys & Girls Clubs 2010 Wisconsin Area Council

This slide deck was the basis for two workshops at the Boys & Girls Clubs 2010 Wisconsin Area Council

Published in Business
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  • Medium restricts the messageMedia liberate the message
  • Let me briefly introduce myself: I’m Matt Sabljak, Mark’s son, and I became involved with The Clubs two years ago when I joined the A-Board—which is now defunct.Six months ago, Terri Isabel delivered that news—that the A-Board would be disbanded—and I took that opportunity to ask some pointed questions, namely, “How are The Clubs leveraging social media?” I must have made an impression because a few months later I received a call from Jacquelyn, and now—after working with Jacquelyn’s wonderful team for the past couple months—we’re here today. This is very exciting.To be clear, I’m not so much passionate about social media as I am passionate about social media’s storytelling potential. Through my experience, I have learned that the The Boys & Girls Clubs of Milwaukee save lives, plain and simple. That’s a powerful story to tell, and social media will allow The Clubs of Milwaukee to tell it in a fresh way to a new audience. So, without further ado, we are going to tell you why social media are so powerful, and how we plan to leverage them to increase engagement—including volunteering & donating—with The Clubs.
  • “Right now, your customers are writing about your products on blogs and recutting your commercials on YouTube. They're defining you on Wikipedia and ganging up on you in social networking sites like Facebook. These are all elements of a social phenomenon — the groundswell — that has created a permanent, long-lasting shift in the way the world works." “Made to Stick” = CONCRETENESS is one of the six qualities of a sticky idea. How can we get people to care enough to volunteer their time or money? Show them firsthand what they’re supposed to care about: the kids!
  • Social media open up a whole new world in terms of an organization’s ability to broadcast dynamic and engaging stories. Previously, these stories could not be told because of economics; the price of distribution through the dynamic media channels—radio and television—was too high.
  • Putting a “Face” to Social Media: Facebook Growth in users What Facebook is and how people use itPersonify the mission of the clubs in Milwaukee through the members —kids, employees, and volunteers
  • We will use Facebook to personify our mission:The Facebook page will become a storytelling channel—for the Clubs and for our members. This approach and this medium will reach a younger generation of potential donors and volunteers. We’ll create value through regular activities such as:Posting timely videos, photos, events, Post video stories be told in short, interview-style segments (no longer than 1.5 minutes each); they’ll feature members in their own words about how the Boys & Girls Clubs impacts their lives.Feature updates about opportunities to volunteer and occasional solicitations for donations at highly selective times (e.g. Wrap Party in December and Camp in May).Post news articles about the Clubs and other relevant information such as cause-related marketing activities (e.g. Bakers Square promotion).We’ll post thought-provoking/engaging questions to encourage two-way interaction in the discussions section.
  • Connect and interact with donors, volunteers and alumni – expand our reach: Cultivate current and future donors. Provide real time information to a larger audience.Have fans connect us to their “friends”Access to and build awareness with emerging donors: We want to build two-way communication relationship with them. Promote upcoming events and campaigns:Influence and increase our donations and volunteer base in the long-term.Fundraise for specific events: Use cause application in addition to directing fans to official Web siteBe an innovator: we already have a reputation as innovator in the Boys & Girsl Clubs Movement. We want to become a Facebook innovator by using the medium strategically.


  • 1. The Power of Social Networksas Storytelling Media
    Presented by
    Matt Sabljak &
    Jacqueline Zeledon
  • 2. Hi, I’m Matt Sabljak
    First question: Who cares?
    I am NOT a social media guru or expert
    So what did I bring to the table?
    I am a storyteller. In the last year I have…
    Produced a short film
    Co-founded a company that creates multimedia stories online
    Co-founded a live storytelling event series in Milwaukee
  • 3. Storytelling & Social Media
    What are social media?
    Definition: all the different tools online that allow users to interact with each other
    Where did it all begin?
    Chat rooms
    Message boards
    Leave a comment or review
    Most popular now
    Facebook – over 500 million active users worldwide
    MySpace – 66 million
    Twitter – 190 million
  • 4. Storytelling & Social Media
    What are people saying about social media?
    Critics: It’s a waste of time. I don’t care what kind of sandwich my friend just made.
    Marketers: It’s difficult to measure the impact of social media campaigns.
    Fans: It’s an amazing way to connect with anybody I want, anywhere in the world, any time!
    Artists: I can engage my fans like never before.
    THE BOTTOM LINE: No consensus whatsoever.
  • 5. Storytelling & Social Media
    Like any new media, social media is…
    Scary: It has upset the status quo
    Some people stand to make a lot of money… and they have:
    Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is a 27-year-old billionaire
    “The Social Network,” a major motion picture coming out this Fall
    Some people stand to lose a lot of money… and they have
    Wikipedia all but killed Encyclopedia Britannica
    Exciting: New possibilities!
    The Rise of The Prosumer: now anybody can produce & broadcast media, not just consume it
    Flickr, YouTube, blogs
    Think TV in the 50s vs. TV now
  • 6. Storytelling & Social Media
    What is the relevance to telling a story?
    BEFORE: Choose your medium
    NOW: Take your pick
    Words & Pictures
    Audio & Music
    BEFORE: The medium restricts the message
    NOW: The media liberate the message
  • 7. Jacqueline Zeledon
    Communications Manager
    5+ Years with BGCGM
    “The Duchess” of BGCGM’s Social Media Team
    Media Queen—IMC Disciple
  • 8. social media &the boys & girls clubs of greater milwaukee
    presented by jacqueline zeledon & matt sabljak
  • 9. Social Media is an Opportunity
    “Most companies see it as a threat. You can see it as an opportunity.”
    Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li, two of Forrester Research’s top analysts & authors of Groundswell
    It is an opportunity to…
    Participate in a dynamic, two-way conversation with your audience (i.e. B&G Clubs volunteers, members, & donors)
    Tell the B&G Clubs story in a new & exciting way
  • 10. A Revolutionary Channel
    Imagine if you could…
    Broadcast as much video as you could shoot
    Print as many photos as you could take
    Publish as many stories as you could gather
    Connect with thousands of people “one-on-one”
    Dynamically adjust your marketing messages based on real-time feedback
  • 11. Facebook: Most Dominant Platform
    On Facebook, companies & organizations can…
    Create an online persona or “page”
    Unite fans & critics alike
    “Eavesdrop” on conversations about their brands
    Communicate directly about new products & events
    Create additional value around their brands
  • 12. Other B&G Clubs are Using Facebook
    Most have fallen into the usual pitfalls, namely relying on users to create value
    No overall strategy
    Sporadic updates
    Mostly just casual banter between members
    The B&G Clubs of Milwaukee will be innovators
    Researched best practices
    Formulated a cohesive strategy to create value for all visitors
  • 13. The B&G Clubs of MKE & Facebook
    We will use Facebook to personify our mission
    Members (kids), employees, & volunteers will have faces and voices
    We will create value by…
    Regularly posting photos & short videos
    Providing updates about volunteer opportunities
    Linking to media hits about The Clubs & members
    Responding to questions & participating in conversations with our “friends” & “fans”
  • 14. Goals of our Facebook Strategy
    Connect and interact with donors, volunteers, & alumni
    Access and build awareness with emerging donors (18-34 year-olds = core Facebook users)
    50 people as fans, 50% of photos/videos
    2% of Facebook fans visit our official Web site
    Promote upcoming events and campaigns
    Fundraise for specific events like “Wrap Party”
    Be an innovator: strategic use of social media
  • 15. Social Media Concerns
    Who’s responsible for creating the content?
    How much of a time investment will this be?
    How will content be controlled?
    What about security?
    5-Person Social Media team created
    Team meets twice monthly – shares daily updating & posting responsibilities
    < 3 hours per week
    Only 4 removals (spammers) in a year
  • 16. Our Facebook Goals and Results
    GOAL: 400 fans
    RESULT: Almost 1,400 fans to date
    GOAL: 60% of posts get “liked”
    RESULT: Successful—photos get most responses
    GOAL: 5% of Facebook fans will visit BGCGM website
    RESULT: 7% of Facebook fans go to website
  • 17. Storytelling & Social Media
    There is some amazing stuff happening
    Transmedia: stories told across multiple platforms:
    The Web
    Mobile Devices
    Video Games
    Books, Comic Books, and Magazines
    Now the audience becomes part of the story:
  • 18. Storytelling & Social Media
    “Why So Serious” = multimillion dollar campaign
  • 19. The Next Level for BGCGM
    Partner with Marquette University
    “Digital Storytelling” Classes
    Mini-documentaries about standout BGC members
    Create more value for Facebook fans
    Expand Outreach
    Drive donors to Virtual Online Toy Drive