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    Slafleur Slafleur Presentation Transcript

    • GAMBLING by Sam LaFleur
    • All Too Common Result
      • She got caught up in the television poker craze
      • She spent a fortune gambling in casinos
      • Her family life was ruined
    • What is Gambling?
      • "According to new advent gambling or gaming is staking of money or other thing of value on the issue of a game of chance. it thus belongs to the class of aleatory contracts wich the win or loss of the parties depends on an uncertain event. It is not gambling in the strict sense if a bet is laid on the issue of a game of skill.
    • Thesis Statement
      • The Catholic Church teaches that it is more important to spend money on necessities than taking chances of losing it by gambling.
    • Can Gambling Be Beneficial?
      • States use gambling taxes to help budgets
      • Pay Educations Costs
      • Help pay Government Employees
      • Help fund transportation projects like new roads and bridges
      • Help support senior citizen programs
    • Can Gambling be Regulated?
      • Make internet gambling legal so it can be regulated and taxed
      • Form an Internet Gaming Commision to look over online gambling
      • Prevent access to underage gamblers
      • Educate parents to watch for signs of gambling amongst their children
    • Where to Find Gambling
    • ART
    • Opposition to Gambling
      • Casinos are the biggest threat to families
      • Increase in crime
      • Higher incidence of bankruptcy nearby
      • Alcoholism
      • Divorce
    • How Gambling Destroys Family
      • The spouse suffers
      • The children do not get basic needs
      • Abuse is common to all family member
      • Cheating, lying, stealing becomes more common
    • What the Church Says
      • Gambling is unnacceptable when it keeps people from providing for their family's basic needs.
      • Gambling is not bad itself but the actions people do that take away from the family is wrong.
    • Church Teaching
      • Gambling takes time that the gambler should be fostering values with their family.
      • Love
      • Religion
      • Charity
      • Family Values
      • Togetherness
      • Teaching by Example
    • Definitive Statment
      • Even though society accepts gambling, The Catholic Church teaches that it is more important to spend money on necessities than taking chance of losing it by gambling.
    • What Happened to the Woman
      • She got the casinos to ban her from entering
      • She got help from counselors
      • She has been free from gambling for 20 months
      • She is trying to put her life back together
    • Gambling- Good or Bad?
      • It can help states pay bills
      • It is a form of entertainment
      • It definitely leads to increased crime
      • It can tear apart a family
      • The Church teaches us to take care of the basic family needs first
      • Questions from Audience